(Clearwisdom.net) In our area we had a central truth-clarifying materials production site, and for safety reasons assigned specific practitioners to transport the materials. When a new item became available I went to the home of another practitioner to make copies of the material. For a time she was tied up with family matters, and so we moved the copier to my house. However, because we normally studied the Fa at my home, I asked if we could change the location of Fa study to avoid having both activities in the same place, but no one offered the use of his or her home for Fa-study.

For safety reasons, we don't distribute new truth-clarifying materials at the materials production site. Since all practitioners come to the site, some were not happy that they had to go to another location to pick up the materials. They complained that I was a fearful person, and I wasn't happy with the group because no one had offered to hold Fa study at their place.

In early 2006, a fellow practitioner suggested that I ask the other practitioners to produce their own truth-clarifying materials. I replied, "Wouldn't this mean that I would be exposing other practitioners to a new risk?" He answered, "Everyone must follow his own path of cultivation. The greater the difficulty, the greater will be the reward. They should not be following you to your home. They need to return to their own homes."

After further consideration I went to a fellow practitioner's home to talk to her about producing truth-clarifying materials. She said, "According to the Fa, I should do it, but I really don't have the know-how." Her daughter heard us talking and said, "I can teach my mother how to do it. Dafa has saved my mother's life and she is in good health now. In fact, she is my babysitter. I should do something for Dafa."

A few days later, they bought all the equipment needed to produce the truth-clarifying materials. They learned the processes, and now they are not only able to produce materials but they also help other practitioners. Furthermore, the daughter became a practitioner, and she has advised all her colleagues at work to perform the three withdrawals.

I also talked with an older practitioner couple about producing their own truth-clarifying materials. They said, "We actually bought all the equipment last year but don't know how to use it. If someone is willing to teach us, we definitely want to do it." It was late in the evening when I left their home. As I looked up at the sky, my mind was filled with gratitude. I was grateful to Master for the opportunity to ask these fellow practitioners to do what they should do. The process also allowed me to gain further insight into my own cultivation.

In 2009 I obtained some Shen Yun DVDs. I normally carry quite a few of them with me and give them to the people I meet. I give a short explanation about what is on the DVD, and most people are happy and thankful to receive it. A few say, "This is more Falun Gong propaganda. I don't want it." I say, "It is a blessing for you to have this DVD. Falun Gong asks people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is a joy to be a good person." In the past I said, "Isn't it a joy to be a good person?" I now realize that the question lacks compassion, so I no longer say that. Master asked us to use compassion to save people.