An Excellent Family Environment Helps Greatly in Assisting Master in Fa-rectification

My family environment is relatively stable, and everyone supports my practicing Falun Dafa and doing things that assist Master and Fa-rectification. However, it was not always like this, and I experienced many tribulations before having this current environment. I think a good environment is created by our own righteous thoughts and actions.

My wife and I met in 2002. It was the peak time of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution. Many people's heads were full of bad thoughts toward Dafa. My wife was poisoned by the CCP as well, and had a very negative opinion of Dafa. For special reasons, my friends and coworkers around me didn't know that I was a practitioner. When I met my wife, I was hesitant about telling her that I was a practitioner. I later thought that since practicing Dafa is an upright thing, there was no reason to hide it. Also, I had the responsibility to clarify the truth to her.

When I told her, she was negative and emotional. I told her the truth about Falun Dafa and the CCP-staged Tiananmen Square “self-immolation,” but she still didn't believe me. She even said that if we were to continue our relationship, I had to give up the practice. I had to choose between her and Dafa. At the time I held only one thought-- that nothing could make me give up Falun Dafa. So I said to her seriously, “First of all, even if I have to give up my life, I won't give up practicing Falun Dafa. So there's no need to bring up this question again. Secondly, maintaining a normal relationship has no conflict with cultivation at all. These are two different things, why do you mix them together? Thirdly, you don't believe anything from my side. We can keep in touch for a while, then you can use your own eyes to judge how good or bad I am, all right?” At that time I felt a righteous energy filling the area around my body, and from her face I could see that she was influenced. Later she agreed.

We kept in touch for a while, and I tried to let her feel the tolerance and selflessness of a Falun Dafa practitioner. Once when I took her home, I stepped on the cover of a well outside of the building on the side of the road, and flipped it. The cover, weighing dozens of pounds, fell on my foot. As a habit formed from my daily cultivation, I didn't think whether my foot was injured; instead, I thought of covering the well, so no one else would get hurt. Therefore I didn't leave the site. Instead, I limped and found a piece of metal to cover the well. I didn't think this was a big deal, since thinking of others at all times is a basic requirement for practitioners. However, she later told me this behavior touched her deeply. In this materialistic society, there are no longer many good people. After two years of our relationship, she felt a broad tolerance from me and changed her attitude toward Falun Dafa because of me. She later became my wife. In the past few years, she has assisted me in changing the attitude of her parents and other relatives, and gradually helped them to quit the CCP. When I was extremely busy, she stayed late at night with me to help make truth-clarifying materials, and she saved money from our frugal living to support the cost of other materials sites.

During the past few years, I have enlightened that I must be tolerant, broad-minded, sincere and magnanimous with my family. In the face of conflicts, communication based on a kind heart is necessary. No matter what we say and do, if we always think first of others, then there is no test that we cannot pass and there is no conflict that cannot be resolved. If we use the standard of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” to evaluate ourselves at all times, it will create a stable and flexible environment for doing the three things, that we need to do well. Also, our families are the people closest to us, their eyes are watching us at all times, and they may make judgements about Dafa based on our words and actions. Therefore, our words and actions impact others, so we should be rational in our daily lives. Our words and actions must be stable and righteous, and we must do the three things well and in an upright manner. We should believe that Master's Dafa is omnipotent. If there are people who don't understand us, we should look within ourselves for problems, and then we'll find that “After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!” (Zhuan Falun)

Firmly Believing that Our Righteous Thoughts Have the Ability to Eliminate the Evil

We cultivate in the human world, and since nowadays we're no longer doing purely personal cultivation, the dimensions and environments are much more complicated. Therefore Master requires us to use our righteous thoughts to command our supernormal capabilities to eliminate all evil that damages Dafa. This is one of the three things required of Falun Dafa practitioners, and it is very crucial. We must firmly believe Master's requirements deep in our hearts. Otherwise it'll become simply a form without a real effect.

My company had a law-enforcement agency as a client, and the company helped them to organize some personnel information. I was in charge of this project. When I obtained the materials, I went over the requirements with the project manager. I saw that one requirement was to collect information on the relationship of these people to Falun Gong. I thought that I could not do it, and that I must push this work off to someone else. However, I then thought that if I didn't do it, someone else would have to. Therefore I started sending righteous thoughts and asked that they not proceed with the project according to the original requirements. Since it happened very quickly, I didn't have many other thoughts, just that one pure thought. A miracle then happened. When the project manager read this requirement, he hesitated and said, “Forget this one, don't worry about it.” I knew this was due to my righteous thoughts. The evil in other dimensions had been eliminated. Also, because of what he said, that person built a good foundation for a relationship with Dafa in the future.

Once when I was printing materials, the printer suddenly wouldn't work. The words it printed were wrong, and the paper didn't feed in properly. I tried to fix it but could not figure it out. I then enlightened that it must be interference from evil. So I sat in full lotus position and sent righteous thoughts to the printer. For just five minutes my brain had no other thoughts but to eliminate the interfering evil and to let the printer recover. Otherwise, I could not finish what I needed to do that day. After I finished and printed again, everything was fine, and the problem was gone. Later I cleaned it inside out, and it never again had a problem.

At one time the CCP was strictly blocking the Internet. One day I accessed the Internet and found that all the software used to break though the Internet blockade was no longer working. I tried various versions and nothing worked. I could only calm down and think about what I could do. Suddenly my righteous thoughts came out. These were all appearances on the surface. In fact it was evil beings who were doing the blocking. As long as I eliminated them, the Internet should work properly. I sat in the lotus position and sent forth righteous thoughts towards the computer. I then tried the Internet again, and it worked.

There were many cases of how sending righteous thoughts worked around me. Sometimes it was to rescue fellow practitioners, sometimes it was to eliminate the illusion of sickness karma. These are only the surface appearances in the human world. What really works are the factors in other dimensions. When our righteous thoughts use supernormal capabilities to change the factors in other dimensions, things in the human world will change naturally. I personally enlightened that first of all we must firmly believe that our righteous thoughts can eliminate evil. Secondly, we know we're in this dye vat of the human world, facing all kinds of temptations and tests at any time. Therefore we must remind ourselves to maintain righteous thoughts at all times so as not to be confused by the appearance of things in the human world. This way our righteous thoughts can be strong and our supernormal capabilities will actually work. Thirdly, as long as the environment allows, we must send forth righteous thoughts with the pose and hand gestures required by Master. It helps to concentrate the mind and focus, reaching the best result.

I sincerely thank compassionate and great Master.