(Clearwisdom.net) I am sixty-nine years old and obtained the Fa in 1995. I read Zhuan Falun in less than two days, and it felt really magical. When I had read less than two-thirds of Zhuan Falun, I no longer needed my bifocals, and could even read the small-size Zhuan Falun under a dim light.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to watch Master's lectures in Jinan on video with fellow practitioners in late August of 1995. Due to the scarcity of lecture videos, I had to go in the evenings to place that was 12 kilometers from my home. After the first lecture, I had to take my bicycle since public transportation had stopped running. With my physical condition, it could have been difficult for me to ride three kilometers. My family and I were worried that I wouldn't be able to make it to my destination, but I was very eager to watch Master's lecture videos. With two male practitioners leading the way, we arrived there without any problems, and I didn't feel any physical discomfort. After watching the lecture, I was able to ride back home. After a few days, I had finished watching Master's lectures. Not only did I not feel any fatigue, but I was feeling lighter day by day. I felt like I had transformed into another person, and as though my body became so light that I could levitate into the air. When I rode a bicycle it was like someone was pushing me forward. I was very happy and delighted.

I had suffered from several illnesses before I started to cultivate. The more serious ones included angina, a heart attack, cerebrovascular disease, etc. I could not move at all when I was having these diseases. I tried Chinese and Western medicine as well as all kinds of Qigong, but all to no avail. But after practicing Falun Dafa for only a few days, I was like a completely different person, and all my diseases disappeared. No words can express my gratitude to Master!

After I had obtained the Fa, I wanted to let my relatives and friends know about Dafa as soon as possible. So I went to the countryside with local practitioners to spread the Fa and teach the exercises. I visited several villages with two practitioners in late December 1998. One time, it was getting dark after we had dinner in one village. In order to visit more villages, we split up and each of us tried to cover one village. The village I was covering was one mile away. After I got closer to the village, I found that the lights were already on. I wanted to take a short cut, so I walked straight towards these lights. A small river blocked my way when I got close to the village. Since the river was frozen and not too wide, I decided to walk across it. As soon as I stepped onto the ice I heard a cracking sound and I noticed that the ice was not very thick. I knew that the water underneath was not deep and so I rushed, since it was getting very dark, and continued walking forward gently. When I reached the middle of the river, I heard the scary sound of ice cracking underneath me. I reminded myself that I was spreading the Fa and Master's fashen was right next to me, so I wouldn't be in any danger. Thus, I was able to cross the river after I had eliminated my attachment to fear.

It was very dark when I entered the village and I found the home of the village head. They were all very caring and asked where I was from. I told them the whole story. They said that nobody had dared to walk on the river. The water flows down from the hydroelectric station upstream. Therefore, the water underneath the ice is not frozen and is more than two meters deep with the shallowest area being at least one-and-a-half meters deep. Hearing that I felt scared. If I had dropped into an ice hole, nobody would have been able to find me. I immediately enlightened that Master was compassionately caring for me!

Master has repeatedly reminded us to study the Fa, study the Fa and study the Fa more. But many times I couldn't study the Fa in a tranquil state. Master has taught us to study the Fa and do the exercises as a group. We take two days every week to read Zhuan Falun as a group and finish all nine chapters. In the beginning we were not in sync when reading, but we got better and better. Our minds were especially clear and we felt very relaxed after reading the book. It is just like Master said in "Seeking Discipleship with Teacher" in Essentials For Further Advancement:

"All of the gong and Fa lie in the book, and one will naturally obtain them by reading Dafa. Those who learn it will change automatically, and they will already be in the Dao when they read the book over and over again. Teacher will certainly have Law Bodies (fashen) safeguarding them quietly. With perseverance, they will certainly achieve Righteous Attainment in the future."

I enlightened that this form of Fa study has laid a solid foundation for us to validate the Fa later. It was the reason why, when the evil was the most rampant, none of the senior practitioners, who have kept studying the Fa, had fallen. And they have done very well in doing the three things.

Practitioner A from our area was illegally sent to a forced labor camp at the end of 2005. One day in late September 2006, practitioner A called and said he had suffered severe maltreatment in the forced labor camp. Local practitioners held urgent discussions to prepare for the rescue of practitioner A. We first asked practitioner A's wife (a fellow practitioner) to visit him in the forced labor camp. Upon visiting him, his wife noticed that he had a lot of difficulty walking. So she asked him what had happened. The policemen there tried to cover this up, and practitioner A said with great difficulty: "This is a result of being maltreated by people in the forced labor camp. They mistreated me because I had recited the Fa and spread Master's articles. The policemen asked inmates to knock my head against the wall. And several people hit and kicked me until I fainted. Now I feel very dizzy and have severe headaches, and I throw up when I eat." The policemen denied their maltreatment, using all kinds of lies.

Four of us immediately uploaded this news to the internet. We also exposed the cellphone and office phone numbers of the policemen, who had mistreated practitioner A. With the help of other practitioners, we made truth-clarifying materials and pamphlets. We then put up more than five hundred posters with pictures in the streets around the forced labor camp. We also took practitioner A's mother, wife and children to deliver legal documents for suing the forced labor camp to the provincial Forced Labor Bureau and Justice Department. At the same time, we mailed these documents to all police and justice departments. The first time we went there they were very rude. We then told them about the great benefits of Dafa. We also seriously told them that it is legal to practice Falun Gong in every country around the world, including China and that persecuting Falun Gong is a crime. We hoped that they could think about their future. Slowly, their attitude changed and they accepted the legal documents. We went to the forced labor camp and forced labor bureau every few days and clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong at the forced labor camp to anyone we met, whenever we had an opportunity. Practitioner A's mother (not a practitioner) was taking care of her four-year-old grandchild. She told everyone that her son delivered mineral water and that many families trusted her son to the point that they gave him their house keys. She used to misunderstand Dafa and thought that anything that the CCP opposed must be bad and she did not allow her son to practice Falun Gong and even asked him to write the repentance statement. However, through rescuing her son from the forced labor camp, together with practitioners, she told the facts to other people, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. Her notions changed and she was very effective in clarifying the truth. Many people who learned abut this condemned the evil CCP. They also started to give her a helping hand.

We went back home when we had finished hanging the posters. A few days later some of our local practitioners and their family members went to the labor camp to ask for the release of practitioner A. Some of us stayed in a hotel to send forth righteous thoughts. When we went to the hotel to register, the receptionist told us that we had done a great thing by exposing pictures of the policemen beating Falun Gong practitioners. We asked her, "How did you know?" She said, "I saw your posters and the pictures." We told her that we were telling everyone we meet about the truth of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted. When we got back to our room my attachment to fear emerged. Everyone knew we had hung the posters and there were police cars parked on the roadside. These false appearances caused my attachment to fear to emerge and it was this attachment that created these false appearances. I enlightened from the Fa that gods walk the earth, validating the Fa. Master is leading us to save sentient beings. Our actions not only helped rescue our fellow practitioner but also saved many sentient beings. Practitioner A's family had misunderstandings about Dafa. After this incident, they came to understand that Dafa is good. His family has participated in rescuing him in may ways. Now most people in the village know that Dafa is good.

This rescue was a collaboration of practitioners from local areas. We all have improved through this rescue effort. We did not promote the rescue effort among practitioners. We just let them know through different ways and practitioners joined by themselves. Practitioner A walked out of the evil's den after four months of collaboration among fellow practitioners.

Fourteen years have passed since I started to walk my cultivation path. Due to my attachments, especially the competitive mentality, I was abducted by the police five times, sent to a forced labor camp twice and once sentenced to three years. I always felt that I cultivated well by not cooperating with the evil forces' requests and by not writing repentance statements. But I did not know how to look inward. I lost my temper when people criticized me, and sometimes this was very serious. In January 2009 when I went to the countryside to help people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, I was reported to the CCP authorities by villagers who did not know the truth. When the police arrived I argued with them and was taken to a detention center. On the road to the detention center, I calmly looked inward. I was not compassionate, so this policeman misunderstood Dafa. I then patiently clarified the truth to him and he listened, and his attitude changed. I also clarified the truth to the head of the detention center as well as policemen and other detainees and they all were receptive. I recited the Fa, did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts while I was being detained. After a few days I went home. I helped nine people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations during these few days of my detention. Fellow practitioners and I mailed additional material to the policemen who had arrested me. I heard that they now understand that Dafa is good.

Upon returning home, I learned that fellow practitioners had sent forth righteous thoughts for me. A thousand miles away, where my daughter lives, practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts for me. I knew it was Master's compassion that led me out of the detention center quickly. I always felt that I was not doing very well and caused Master to worry about me. However, I have made up my mind to walk well the final leg of the journey.

My own level is limited, so please point out anything improper.