We Must Do Well in Saving Sentient Beings

I know the importance of my words and actions in saving sentient beings. People don't just listen to what I say, they also pay attention to what I do. Thus, I always remember Teacher's words,

"...he is full of great aspirations while minding minor details." ("Sage" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Whether at home, at work, or in other social environments, I always remind myself that I am a practitioner and should leave a righteous impression so that people see that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. In this way the evil lies will collapse without any words.

In 2002, after I was released from illegal detention, I left my previous workplace. Since then, I have changed jobs several times. At each company where I have worked, I strictly followed the principle of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, worked diligently and didn't fight for personal interests. Seeing the conduct of a practitioner, many of my colleagues changed their views about Falun Gong.

Four months after I started working at my current job, a colleague told me, "When you first started work, the boss said that he didn't want to hire you since you are a Falun Gong practitioner. He also said he wouldn't give you any business." However, I became the backbone of the company and now my boss worries that I might leave the company. The mighty virtue of Dafa changed him.

When I talk to my clients about Falun Gong, they all accept my words and are thus saved. Every practitioner's workplace should be used to clarify the truth. Everyone we come in contact with is someone with whom we have a predestined relationship. Our words and actions will directly impact whether they will be saved. Therefore, we must do well.

Work Well Together and Coordinate as a Whole

We need to work with other practitioners and coordinate as a whole to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. I worked with fellow practitioners to re-establish a Fa-study site in our region after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution. That led to the "blooming" of other Fa-study sites in our area. For many years, no matter how vicious the environment is, we have never given up our group study environment.

During this process, practitioners at group study sometimes cooperated well and at other times, we could have done better. We found that when we cooperate well with each other, it was because we had given up the attachment to ourselves. However, when we didn't work well together, it was because we insisted on our own attachments. We realized that as future lords and kings of the universes at different levels, we needed do well on harmonizing our environment. When a practitioner has omissions, we should help the practitioner without any complaint; and when a practitioner has a good idea, we should fully support the practitioner selflessly.

In 2008, a local practitioner was arrested by the police when clarifying the truth and talking to people about quitting the CCP. When we learned about the arrest, we didn't analyze the practitioner's shortcomings or where he didn't do well, like we used to do. Instead, we mobilized the whole group of practitioners - some sent forth the righteous thoughts, some put up truth-clarification flyers about the practitioner being persecuted, while others went to the police station to request his release. His family was also active in trying to get him released. In the end, the practitioner was released.

The Process of Truth-Clarification is the Process of Cultivation

As Fa-rectification proceeds, there are many ways for practitioners to tell people about the truth of Dafa and the persecution. Recently, we started a project to send truth-clarification text messages to cell phones. I deeply understood that the process of using cell phones to clarify the truth is also a process for our cultivation. A 25-yuan prepaid card only allowed us to send 50 text messages. We felt that this was too expensive.

When I wanted to give up on this project, I met a practitioner who also worked on the same project. He told me that practitioners in other areas were able to send over one thousand text messages for one card. I was greatly encouraged. He told me to look within. Sending text messages is also part of our cultivation. Why should I be attached to how many text messages I can send with a prepaid card? Sending the text message is not just for the purpose of texting, but to save people. Of course, the more we can send, the better. However, if I can only send one text message using the card, and that message helped one person understand the truth and be saved, then it's worth doing! That person may represent many sentient beings in a huge universe.

After my xinxing improved, everything changed. The number of text messages that I could send using one card changed from 50 to 100, to 200, and now to 500.

November 25, 2009