(Clearwisdom.net) The following are some of my cultivation experiences and understandings. I share them with fellow practitioners here. Please point out any gaps.

In the spring of 1999, I learned of Falun Dafa and started practicing it. Then all my illnesses went away. Because of how I improved, my whole family supported me in studying Dafa and this created a good environment for me to clarify the truth to others.

Having Faith in Teacher and Dafa and Cultivating Ourselves Well

The period for orchard land leases in our village was ending. We would sign new contracts with our village. I then picked up land that other villagers didn't want. It was two-thirds of an acre--hilly, grassy, and hard to walk on. My family asked me not to sign the contract, and even other villagers said, "Why would you take that piece of land? Don't take it!" I replied, "I practice Falun Dafa and live by the requirements of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. I need to keep my promise (I had said I would take the land). There is no difficulty that can stop a Dafa practitioner. Dafa can do anything." So, I signed the contract.

That orchard was full of bumps, hollows, and grass. Even though I am a woman in my 50s, I was able to fill the holes, flatten the ground, and pull out all the weeds in one day. A villager asked me if I was tired. I said, "No, I am not tired." He said, "I couldn't have done that."

I kept the contract for that orchard for nine years. In the first three years, I applied no fertilizer and barely any pesticides. But the fruits from my orchard were better than those from others'. Villagers said, "Heaven is blessing you!" I told them, "Every Dafa practitioner has good fortune."

I follow Master's teachings to think of others first in everything. Once, dark clouds suddenly covered the sky and raindrops fell. My neighbor's cornfield had not been harvested yet. I ran to help her harvest the corn. She was moved, "No one but you came to help me. Dafa is good!" I realized: actions are more powerful than words. I felt very happy to see sentient beings realize the wonderfulness of Dafa.

Displaying Dafa's Wonderfulness and Leading People to Learn Dafa

My sister-in-law is a simple and direct person. You can tell whether she is happy or sad from her face. If she is unhappy, she will say so regardless of whether others will like it or not. My mother, who is disabled, lives with her and her husband. My younger sister, also a Dafa practitioner, and I took turns going to my sister-in-law's home to take care of our mother. One day I brought food to my mother. Seeing me coming, my sister-in-law said coldly to my mother, "Why don't you go back to your own home with your daughter." Then she locked my mother and me outside and left to go to the market. Holding my mother and carrying her bag, I helped her walk step by step to her home. But I didn't have the key. We just stood outside in the cold winter weather. My sister-in-law realized that she hadn't given us the key, so she came back to give it to us. Then she left. It took me quite a while to clean the room and settle my mother down. But I had no hatred for my sister-in-law. I would not have had a mind of such great forbearance had I not practiced Falun Gong. My younger sister and I took care of my mother there.

Misfortunes never come singly. My brother, a construction worker, fell from a high place and became paralyzed. For three months, my younger sister and I went to the hospital to help him, rain or shine. We also tried to teach him to study Dafa. His situation improved quite a bit. Once it snowed, but I still went to see him. My brother said, "My elder sister is over 60, but she still came to see me in the heavy snow." My sister-in-law was moved to tears as well.

A year later, my brother passed away. In his last moments, he said to me in tears, "Sister, Dafa is good. You must continue to practice it." He also said to his wife, "After I leave, you must study Dafa. I am so regretful that my sister gave me the Dafa book a year ago but I never read it. I wouldn't have ended up like this had I studied Dafa..."

My brother passed away peacefully. My sister-in-law got over her grief and started Dafa cultivation. She is diligent in studying the Fa, clarifying the truth, and advising people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Local people say that she has changed into a totally different person.

Helping Practitioners Let Go of the Grief of Losing a Family Member to Advance as a Group

The husband of a practitioner in our neighboring village passed away. That practitioner and her mother-in-law were in tears every day and had no appetite. I invited several practitioners to visit her, encouraging her to get over her grief, to let go of the attachment to sentiment, and to do well the things that Dafa disciples should do. We also helped her in her housework and on her farm. She awakened and soon became rational. The Fa-study group in her family was resumed. She led her mother-in-law and sister-in-law in being diligent.

I know I am still far from the requirements of the Fa. I will continue to be diligent, so Teacher that will not worry about me.

Original Article: February 20, 2010