I read the Minghui article "Believing in Teacher and the Fa, and Becoming Younger and Younger While Cultivating" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/2/13/114604.html) and was motivated to share my own cultivation experience.

I began to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1996. Prior to that, I suffered from all kinds of illnesses from head to toe. I was in my 30s, yet I had a sallow face and wizened skin. My husband bought me a wig to cover my sparse yellowish hair. I had loose teeth and my gums would often swell and bleed. Any sour, sweet, cold, or hot food would give me a toothache. I often suffered from chest pains and fever. My limbs were weak. I also suffered from insomnia, memory loss, gynecological disease, and an anal fissure. I was often in tears because of intolerable pain. My family also suffered with me.

Finally one day, Master Li saved me from this hell and gave me a new life. The changes in me were very visible after I practiced Dafa. My skin became smooth and delicate, and I had rosy cheeks and a fair complexion. I no longer had to spend money on cosmetics. I grew more hair and it was no longer dry. I didn't need the wig anymore. My teeth got stronger and I was even able to eat nuts.

In my workplace, even the men admired my physical strength. I never felt tired at work. I am almost 50 years old and most of my peers my age wear reading glasses at work. They have wrinkles on their faces. I have none of this. Many tell me that I look much younger. This makes it easier for me to clarify the truth to them. Many people are saved. I am not bragging about how well I have cultivated, but rather describing the magnificent manifestations and power of Falun Dafa.

In 2007, a fellow practitioner asked me, "Do you need reading glasses?" I replied, "No." He told me, "I was detained in the labor camp for two years. My eyesight is failing and I cannot read the fine print on a snack bag." I thought, "We are cultivating both mind and body. How can we have failing eyesight? It has to do with the persecution." After he left, I picked up a snack bag. Wow! How come I could not read the fine print either? I had to squint and move the bag far away to see better. I felt a little uneasy. From then on, I kept on hearing others talk about failing eyesight, gray hair, and wrinkles. Sometimes fellow practitioners also chatted about these things.

I refused to acknowledge the failing eyesight. I thought, "No, it does not happen to me. I am a Dafa practitioner. I am on my path to the divine. I am not the same as an everyday person. It must have to do with my attachments." I searched inside and shared my thoughts with other practitioners. I found many attachments, such as to appearance, to pursuit, and the the fear of aging. Life, aging, sickness, and death are normal processes for everyday people. We are on the path to the divine, and we must negate such processes. I must not acknowledge anything that Master does not acknowledge. After finding my attachments, before I knew it, I was able to to read the fine print on the snack bag again. Indeed, we are Master's disciples, we are Dafa practitioners, and we shall become younger as we cultivate.

Thank you, Master, for giving me another opportunity to witness the power of Dafa.

Let's all follow Dafa's requirements, be strict with ourselves, and do the three things well.