(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong before the persecution began. In my more than a decade on the cultivation path, I have gone through good times and bad times. I have also witnessed the extraordinary and miraculous power of Dafa and the compassion and might of Master. I would like to share one of my experiences with fellow practitioners and also express my profuse gratitude to Master for his merciful protection.

I went up the mountain to pick cherries on April 19, 2009 (Lunar Calendar). When I got up there, I saw one of my relatives helping my brother-in-law pick cherries. Seeing me coming, the relative called over, “I will help you once I am done here.” I knew that my relative just trying to be inclusive and responded, “I haven't had the honor to earn your help.” As I almost finished picking the cherries on the end of a twig, the branch I was on broke and I fell to the ground. The cherries in my basket scattered all over the ground. I slowly sat up and thought, “I am alright because I am protected by Master.” All of a sudden, I felt a twinge in the ribs on my left side.

I quickly looked inwards to find my shortcomings. I immediately thought of the time that I spoke to one of my relatives with a slight tone influenced by jealousy, which was not the standard of a practitioner. The old forces took advantage of this loophole to persecute me. I regretted it and at the same time, realized the seriousness of cultivation.

As I tried to get up to pick up the scattered cherries, I heard crackling noises from my left side and I felt a lot of pain. Since I could not pick up the cherries and ride my motorcycle, I slowly walked back home covering my injured ribs with my hand. When I told my son-in-law that I'd fractured my ribs, he did not pay too much attention. My husband even said, “How could you walk home if your ribs are broken?”

April 23 was the 100th day after the birth of my grandson. To make a cake for the celebration, I endured the pain and went out to buy sugar at a local store. I took a bath after shopping, but I could not put my clothes back on after the bath. When my neighbor knocked on the door, I was in too much pain to answer. Instead, I just kicked the door to let my neighbor know that I was at home. My neighbor told of my situation to my younger sister and my daughter. They came over and sent me to a hospital. The X-ray showed that I had four fractured ribs. They wanted me to stay in the hospital, but I refused, insisting that I would be alright because Master was protecting me. My daughter thus took me to her home for four days. I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep well. However, I persistently studied the Fa.

I came back home the next day instead of staying at my daughter's for four days. A fellow practitioner visited me that day and we practiced the exercises together that night. Because the pain prohibited me from extending my left arm during the exercises, I did not have correct posture. But I insisted on practicing anyhow. When I raised my arms in Exercise 2, the pain was suddenly so intense that I fell to the side of my bed. My fellow practitioner told me that I could practice on the bed, but I insisted on standing up. Once I finished the exercises, the excruciating pain miraculously disappeared.

I went up the mountain again to pick cherries for the following few days. I felt a little bit of pain at first, but the pain gradually alleviated and finally vanished one week later. I'd fully recovered from the injury and could ride the motorcycle to sell cherries again.

Master said, “Disciples’ righteous thoughts are strong, Master has the power to turn the tide” (“Master-Disciple Grace” from Hong Yin II)

Seeing that I handled the situation righteously, Master bore the sin for me and helped me overcome the tribulation. I deeply thank Master for his compassionate protection and salvation.

Many people in our village had been deceived by the wicked party's lies. After witnessing two miracles that happened to me, they are no longer against Dafa. They are willing to read the truth-clarification materials given to them. They also believe that what Master said is true. The majority of them have quit the wicked Chinese Communist Party. Some of them have hung banners with “Falun Dafa Is Good” in their cherry orchards. Their cherry trees grew well and they had a good harvest. They were indeed blessed by Dafa.