(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner suggested that I buy a printer to produce some truth-clarification materials back in the spring of 2003. I decided that I should go ahead and do so. However, I had concerns that I wasn't well educated enough because I didn't finish elementary school. I hadn't even touched a printer before. Could I do this? The practitioner encouraged me, "Your education isn't a problem, it all depends on whether you want to do it or not. If you decide to, Master will help you and you will definitely learn how to do it."

At that time, I enlightened that Master was giving me a hint through this practitioner, and I was determined to start to produce materials. With the practitioner's help, I bought a printer in April. In this way, my own materials production site was created.

At first, when I made the materials, I didn't tell my husband and children. After they left for work in the daytime, I took out the printer and started to make the materials. I would put everything away before they returned home.

As time went by, I felt that it wasn't good to hide this from my husband, so I found a chance to tell him about it. He was very scared at the time, so he didn't allow me to make materials no matter what I said. He said, "How could you dare to do this? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is always talking about cracking down on Falun Gong, why would you want to print materials? You will cause trouble for yourself doing this. I can't allow you to do it." I replied, "Our financial situation is better than others. If I don't do it, then who can?" He answered, "We can donate some money to these other people instead of doing it ourselves." Then I said, "I have decided to do it, nothing can change my decision." He was so frightened by the CCP, but still, I will do what I must do. Later, he stopped trying to control me, but he worried about my safety all the time.

Once when I was making the materials, my son returned home from work early. As soon as he saw what I was doing, he became very angry and said a lot of bad things. Two days later, after he calmed down, he apologized to me, but I didn't forgive him and I refused to let him in the house. I didn't let him return home until Chinese New Year's Eve. It was wrong of me to do this, but luckily when he returned, he was no longer against me producing the materials. I also clarified the truth to him and helped him quit the CCP and its affiliates.

Around August 15, 2004, I bought a computer. At first, I couldn't connect to the Internet, so practitioners downloaded materials and copied them for me with flash drives. Later, the Minghui website published the article "From a Farmer's Hoe to a Computer Mouse" by which I was deeply touched, and I had the wish to download materials from the Internet by myself. One practitioner taught me step by step how to download files and another taught me how to type, edit articles, and burn CDs. The materials I made were very simple and beautiful, and practitioners found them acceptable. Even my daughter said, "Mom has entered the 21st century with her skills."

Under Master's benevolent protection, and although I have only attended elementary school, I have kept the materials production site running smoothly for seven years. I thank Master for giving me the wisdom and my fellow practitioners for their selfless assistance. Now I understand more and more about my responsibilities and mission from my prehistoric vows.

I welcome practitioners to point out anything that is improper, and offer my heartfelt greetings, thanks and respect to our gracious Master.