(Clearwisdom.net) In October 1993, I participated in Master's classes in my city. Later I also participated in the second session of classes in Jinan and in the sessions in Dalian and Hefei. It has been 18 years and I have had many magical experiences. Because I cannot write, I asked a fellow practitioner to record it for me.

Returning Home with Master

I have suffered a lot from the time I was a kid. I often felt like I lived in mud, and I wished a ladder would come down from the sky, so that I could get out. Sometimes I really felt there was a ladder, and I would hear a voice saying, “My child, come on up and return home with Master.”

Not long before I obtained the Fa, my family went to visit Mulan Mountain. On our way we met an old lady. She said she was lonely and wanted to walk with us. I agreed and we walked together. She told me that she suffered a lot but she believed in divine beings. I said, “I'm suffering a lot, too. I believe the human world isn't where I'm supposed to be. I want to go to a temple, but they only accept people who are literate.” She said, “You shouldn't just believe in whatever. If you have a heart to cultivate Buddhahood, there will be a Master to take care of you and guide you.”

Soon after, my neighbor Xiaojia obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun and he said it was absolutely wonderful. He told me, “I've got a great book that you will definitely like.” I went to his place right away to borrow it. He then told me, “The master who wrote this book is going to teach classes here and it will be the last time.” I asked, “Do they accept women into the class?” He said yes and that his wife was also going. Just like this, I got to participate in Master's last session in my area. That was the happiest time in my entire life.

Cultivating Dafa and Master's Protection

1. Cleansing Our Bodies

Master cleansed our bodies during the classes. I very obviously felt the rotating Falun all over my body. When I was back home, my urine was very sticky and there was lots of hairlike stuff in it. Xiaojia's wife experienced the same thing. We knew that Master was helping us and cleansing our bodies. We were very thankful to Master.

2. No Need to Use Fans

During the classes it was very hot and a lot of practitioners were using fans. Master asked us to put down our fans. For all of us who listened to Master and put down our fans, we immediately felt the cool air blowing at us. For those who didn't listen to Master and continued to wave their fans, they did not get the cool air. We must listen to Master's words all the time and everything he says is true.

3. Fast-walking Supernatural Ability

When I first practiced Falun Gong, there was a lot of resistance from my husband. He had a very bad temper and often cursed at me. Usually it would take me 20 or 30 minutes to walk between the exercise site and my home. One time, I was trying to get home quickly and it only took me 5 minutes to walk home. I felt that, although my feet were walking, it was as if I was on a conveyer belt.

4. Master Put a Cover Over Me

One winter day, I was waiting for a bus outside. The weather was very bad with mixed rain and snow, and it was very windy. People could hardly hold their umbrellas. Those around me were wearing thick coats, and the snow and rain were going at an angle and blowing on them. A lot of them were so cold that they continued to stomp their feet. However, the rain and snow blew around my umbrella. I was only wearing two sweaters, but I didn't feel cold at all, and once I stuck my hands outside of the umbrella, I felt that it was much colder. I knew that our compassionate Master had put a cover around me. I felt so happy to be a Dafa practitioner.

5. Master Helped Me Pass a Life-and-Death Tribulation

I was doing some small jobs at the time, and I often had to take buses. One time there were a lot of people waiting for the bus, and when it came, it was already packed, but people still tried to get on. I was the last person to get on the bus. Once the bus started moving, I felt something push on my back from behind, which helped me reach farther out to the bar and grab onto it. Just then, the door behind me suddenly opened. It was very scary and everyone screamed. I knew that Master had helped me to avoid a hard tribulation.

Another time I was holding something in both hands as I went to step on the bus. Just as I got one foot on the bus, it started to move, and both my feet landed next to the wheels. Just as the wheels were about to roll over my feet, I suddenly felt a force move my feet and I was able to avoid the wheels. I knew that Master had again protected me.

6. No Scars

One time my husband was arguing with his sister-in-law and they started fighting. I went up to stop them. The walkway was very narrow and there was scalding hot water in a jug on the counter. As I was trying to separate them, the water jug tipped over, and the hot water poured down my leg. After it healed, it left a black, swollen patch. The doctor said that I needed a skin transplant and that it would cost 5,000 yuan. I refused to have it done. Later I felt there was a Falun rotating on it and soon it was all healed. Now the scar is hardly visible.

7. Passing a Life-and-Death Tribulation

Something that I could never forget happened in March 1999. My stomach hurt so bad that I lost consciousness and rolled off the bed. I was bleeding a lot, with a lot of clots. I was suddenly hot and then cold. Sometimes I was so cold that I was shivering under a thick blanket, and when I was very hot, I would be sweating all over. It was so painful that it would be hard to describe with words. My family wanted to take me to the hospital, but I insisted that I would not go. I said to them, “No matter what happens to me, I just have one request. Do not say anything bad about Master.” I asked Master to save me in my mind. Then, I passed out due to the pain and fell off the bed.

The bleeding continued for 14 hours. I heard people talking next to me. They said that I would not be able to recover, so I moved my hands and feet a little under the blanket. They saw that I wasn't dead and asked me to identify the people in the room and I did so correctly. My husband then asked me to count his fingers. They all knew that I would live.

Two days later, I weighed myself and saw that my weight had dropped by about three pounds. How many bad things did Master help cleanse from me!

I enlightened that I had lots of karma and had to go through these tribulations to get rid the karma. Life and death are just due to one thought and it is the difference between being a human and a god. No matter how hard the tribulation, only when we believe in Master and the Fa can we truly pass the tribulation and be saved. I was deeply thankful to Master. I can only cultivate myself well, do the three things well and return home with Master.

The Powerful Righteous Thoughts

Master said,

“Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It’s just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don’t have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person’s True Thoughts come forth they are very powerful.” (“Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I have deeply experienced what Master said here.

I am just an ordinary practitioner, but I feel that as long as I regard sending forth righteous thoughts with great importance, then it will also be very powerful. I will give two examples. One day I went out to clarify the facts about the persecution. Just as I walked out of the building, the wind suddenly picked up, as if it was about to rain. My apartment was over 12 floors up, and I still had a bed sheet hanging outside on the balcony. I looked at it and one side of the sheet was already falling off the balcony. However, I didn't want to go back up there. I quietly thought, “I need to go out to clarify the facts and save people. My supernatural ability, please help me protect the sheet.” I also asked Master to help. When I got back, I saw that the majority of the sheet was on the bar of the balcony. With the force and the direction of the wind, the sheet should have long been blown away. Thank you, Master.

Another day it was about to be the noon time for sending forth righteous thoughts. The neighbor above me was doing renovation work and it was very loud. Another neighbor had a funeral, and fireworks were going off again and again. There was also a kid playing with a big electronic toy that was very noisy. I said, “You all stop. You can be noisy again in 30 minutes, when I finish sending forth righteous thoughts.” The noise stopped. About 30 minutes later, when I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, and they all started again.

Several days ago, the evil Party's neighborhood committee had a meal gathering in our new residential area. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts and sing the song “Falun Dafa Is Good.” I believe that the song coming out my mouth is like lots of arrows that will disintegrate the evil. I am the divine being that will save the people there.

Then, the host was going to play an evil Party song and had already announced it. I said, “It's not allowed to play that song.” They immediately changed to another song. We must pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, insist on sending forth righteous thoughts, and carefully send forth righteous thoughts, until all the evil is disintegrated.

I have cultivated for 18 years and have experienced many things. It is difficult to talk about all of them, and many have faded away in my memory. The Fa-rectification period is coming to the final moment. I will listen to Master, cultivate until the end, do the three things well, and return home with Master.

Since my level is limited, if anything is inappropriate, please point it out.