(Clearwisdom.net) I am a department manager of a large manufacturing corporation and would like to share my cultivation experiences at work.

1. Managing things at work with righteous thoughts

How I conduct myself at work and in the working environment is a reflection of my cultivation state. Once when my attachment to lust emerged, products from our department had quality problems. The problems were solved after I gradually let go of the attachment. Equipment in my department had previously broken down frequently, which delayed production. Workers were unenthusiastic about their work. When that happened, I did not regard those problems as part of my cultivation. I was exhausted from dealing with daily problems at work, so while I did the three things after work, I was not confident that I could walk my path well. However, I had a feeling in my heart that if I could do my job well, I would be paving a path for the future.

Recently, many workers came to me and complained about the pay, and the equipment frequently had problems. I was confused and ashamed about my not doing well. I also faced a test of personal conduct. I had begun receiving small gifts from customers and workers for work-related things. I had gradually become used to these things. I thought that accepting these gifts was conforming to the ways of everyday people. I even thought that I was doing better than other people. Finally, one day, I developed symptoms of a very serious illness. My hearing deteriorated and I developed a sore throat so severe that I could not sleep at night and could not speak. I then realized that I had a huge omission.

Looking inward on my way to work one day, I finally understood that I had a big ego and liked personal gain. I did not handle myself strictly and I was selfish at work. It appeared that I was working hard, but I was seeking personal prestige and gain, and tried to protect my own interests. I had tried to avoid conflicts and responsibilities at work. Identifying those problems made me feel much better, and I knew Master was there to help me.

I held a department meeting where I spoke frankly and sincerely with the workers, letting them know that I would do better for the department, and that I would no longer accept gifts from anyone and would work with everyone. Their reaction was quite positive. It seemed that I had suddenly understood the true meaning of management practice. I felt that my life was changed at the microcosmic level. I was filled with righteous thoughts; and no longer felt fearful. I knew that my life has melded into Dafa, and knew better how to validate Dafa at work. I cultivated myself at work first, to be a better person before managing others. As department manager, I know that I have to be fair, unselfish and have a big, compassionate heart.

2. Offering people salvation at work

I also realized that people whom I worked with might well have a predestined relationship with Dafa. I should offer them salvation. I had previously hesitated to clarify the truth on a broader scale at the workplace because of fear and other considerations. Now, I attempt to explain the goodness of Falun Gong and expose the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution to people in various ways. Once, a customer handed me several thousand yuan as a gift. I told him that I have a specific belief system and should work for whatever I receive, and that I would not accept money that does not belong to me. I also told him of the principle of no loss, no gain. He finally understood. I then told him the facts about Dafa and the persecution. He eventually quit the CCP, and he also convinced his wife to quit, too. We became good friends. I have encountered several situations like that. Each time I make sure that people understood the real facts about Dafa.

I gradually discovered that nothing happens accidentally. People whom I interacted with at work were there to know the facts. A colleague in my department had worked there for a period of time, and we interacted a lot. I had made several attempts to tell her about the facts, but I did not truly speak out for several reasons. One day she told me that she would be transferred. I told myself that I had to tell her the facts, otherwise, she might lose this good opportunity. It happened that I went to work on a weekend , and she was there too. I went to her office and explained all the facts. She listened, understood, and quit the CCP. She left my department the next day. I told another colleague about the facts, and she accepted what I said without hesitation. She told me that she trusts me and believes what I said.

Once, a co-worker spoke disrespectfully about Dafa. I asked him to stop by my office and told him the facts. I also reminded him to stop saying bad things about Dafa and told him the principle of "good being rewarded and evil provoking karmic retribution." On one occaision, I had four to five people quit the CCP in a day. Although some others agreed to quit the CCP, they were not completely convinced. This incident made me aware of my desire to seek a quota. I felt sad when people refused the facts and I thought about giving up. However, I remembered what Master mentioned,

"While they're clarifying the facts some students often run into people who don't want to listen, don't accept things, or are even antagonistic. You shouldn't let one person's opposition be a mental setback for you or make you lose the courage to save sentient beings." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference" 2003)

3. Harmonizing family relationships

I live with my in-laws and did not get along very well with them. They disagreed with my cultivation practice, although they did not prevent me from practicing. My father-in-law did not like me at all, and I had not looked into this before. Recently I gradually discovered my problems. My desire for reputation, prestige and a preoccupation with fear were problems. I also lacked tolerance for others. Having realized my problems, I decided to overcome them. I initiated a conversation with my father-in-law before I left for work and took care of a part of the housework when I returned. My improvement made them change, too. My in-laws used to quarrel with each other; and now they have become calm and quarrel less. My father-in-law became friendly toward me, which makes my mother-in-law and my wife happy. My wife told me, "You have changed and become a better person. I should do like you and be nicer to our parents."

I realized that Dafa has completely changed me, and the cultivation environment truly reflects one's xinxing. I should treasure this environment. Everything reflects what's in our mind. Looking inward and carefully observing one's environment lets one discover problems and provide opportunities to improve xinxing.

I know that I still have a long way to go according to Dafa's requirements; however, I am determined to cultivate Dafa, get rid of my attachments, do the three things well, and not let Master down.