(Clearwisdom.net) People are always amazed by my loud and clear voice, my rosy complexion, and my doing things very fast when they learn that I am 82 years old. When others express their amazement, I tell them that it's all because I practice Falun Dafa.

Before I became a Dafa practitioner, I had several severe illnesses such as Meniere's syndrome, sciatica, heart disease, and long-term headaches. I couldn't eat or sleep well for a long time. I was very skinny and looked pale. My neighbors and friends often worried about me.

In the past, I was aggressive and competitive. When I was a fifteen-year-old girl, my brother once said something bad about me. To prove that I was innocent, I walked several miles that night, carried a Bodhisattva statue from a temple, and placed it at my brother's door (People often used the saying “carrying a Bodhisattva back home” when trying to prove their innocence). When my brother and sister-in-law found it the next morning, they were very surprised that I did such a thing. My brother had to invite people to conduct a Buddhist ritual in order to return the Bodhisattva statue to the temple. One time when I was fighting with my brother, when he hit me, I would hit him back. During the fight, he tore my clothes. After I saw the rips in my clothes later, I went to him and tore his clothes as well.

After I started cultivation practice, I turned into a new person and felt happy every day. Even I was amazed that such a big change took place in me so quickly. All of my illnesses disappeared, and I stopped fighting with people. It was so fast that there wasn't a process. I began to do good things. For example, if it suddenly rained, I took my neighbors' clothes that were hanging outside back home first before my own clothes.

Sixteen years ago, I stood in front of Master's picture and said, “Master, I swear, no matter what happens, I will cultivate with determination until the end.” Sixteen years later, I continue to fulfill this vow.

Master began to adjust my body two or three months after I started practicing Dafa. When I was eliminating karma, my body ached everywhere. I had the symptoms of a fever and felt very chilly. I then fell asleep. After I woke up, all of those uncomfortable sensations disappeared. Since then, whenever I feel uncomfortable in my body, I don't treat it as illness. I never feel afraid of those uncomfortable sensations. They are the karma that I created in the past, and I have to endure and overcome it.

I fell heavily to the ground several times. Although I'm in my eighties, it never took me more than a dozen days to recover. When I had a bad fall and had to stay in bed for several days, I never had any doubt about whether I would recover. I passed these tribulations very easily.

I can't go out every day to clarify the truth like the young Dafa disciples do, but I can still do something at home to save sentient beings. In our local area, practitioners with different cultivation states often come to my house and talk to me. I share my understanding of the Fa with them and encourage them to believe in Master and Dafa and cultivate more diligently. If they can do the three things better and better, I'm also saving people indirectly.

After my children grew up, they moved out of my house. I have since rented my house to people. The tenants usually stay for several months or a year, with the tenants changing frequently. I know they all come to obtain the Fa or listen to me clarify the truth. Even my neighbor's tenants came and talked to me. After they obtained the Fa or withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, they moved out. And then new tenants came. None of these tenants left without understanding the truth.

One of my daughter's classmates is the wife of a college professor. When I met them, I clarified the truth to them. They understood, and the couple agreed to quit the CCP.

It has been a long time since I have gone back to my home village. I had lost contact with my relatives and friends there for a long time. I wanted to save them. When Master saw my wish to save people, He made some arrangements for me. One day I went to visit a good friend. When I was walking upstairs, I heard someone talking with a very familiar accent. I went up and talked to him. It turned out that he came from my home village. He asked me how I do so well in keeping fit, and I told him about Falun Dafa. He accepted the truth very well and also started practicing Dafa very soon after. Not only that, he also introduced Dafa to his mother-in-law and she began to practice later. After he went back to the village, he found my nephew and his wife. He gave them my contact information. Not long after that, my nephew and his wife came to visit me. And very soon after, they also obtained the Fa.

In the past few years, police officers and 610 Office agents, and people from the residential committee have often come to my house and threatened me to try to stop me from practicing Dafa. When they warned me that they might send me to a brainwashing center, I only answered with one sentence: “I won't go anywhere. I'm very determined to practice Falun Dafa.” No matter how they threatened me, I only answered them with that sentence. For those young officers who often came to threaten me, I found opportunities to clarify the truth to them. Many of them have now stopped coming. Several officers still come and check with me, but very often, they leave without saying anything. Sometimes I bring up Falun Gong to them directly and they say to me quietly, “I also hope your Master can protect me.”

It's already the final period of Fa-rectification. I will follow Master's requirements and do the three things better.

I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything that is improper.