I began reciting the Fa daily in 2007 and it had a very good effect. Since then I have experienced breakthroughs in my cultivation, especially in the past year. Sometimes, even when sitting or eating I have a new realization, making me feel that cultivation is wonderful and extraordinary. The way I recite is different from many other people. I recite paragraph by paragraph. As long as I memorize one paragraph without an error I move on to the next paragraph. I don't combine several paragraphs to recite together. After I had finished reciting Zhuan Falun once like this I began reciting it for a second time from the beginning.

I have experienced significant improvements in my cultivation while reciting the Fa in this way. When looking at practitioners around me, I often worried about them. They wanted to improve and remain diligent, but didn't know how to cultivate. Their sense of improvement prior to 1999 was no longer there, and some even had difficulty studying the Fa. It was just like Master said,

"There are many people who would like to practice cultivation toward high levels. They have such thoughts and wishes, but they have not obtained the right methods for cultivation, thereby causing great difficulties and many problems." ("Lecture One" in Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version)

Many practitioners in my area understood the Fa only superficially, and few could study the Fa well. Once the persecution began, many practitioners were severely interfered with by impure thoughts when studying the Fa. Many practitioners who were previously diligent were no longer able to step forward, and the evil persecution continued on. This has made the environment in my area grim. We did many things to rescue sentient beings, but due to limited Fa-study, the effect was poor.

Master said,

"It was only yesterday that I told those in charge of the Changchun assistance centers: 'Your most important task is to create for our students a stable cultivation environment that's free of disturbances. This is your greatest responsibility.'" ("Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun" in 1998)

My thoughts revolved around how to help other practitioners truly improve and be very clear about one thing. As long as one truly studies the Fa well, everything can be resolved, and everything can be done well. I began helping each practitioner individually on Fa-study and did as much as I could. I then began helping practitioners in each county to establish Fa-study sites.


Master said,

"Walk the last steps of your path well and with determination, study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do." ("Greetings" to the Canada Fa Conference, 2009)

Though this path was difficult, I had occasional successes. Helping everyone to study the Fa well was the main goal. Because, as Master teaches, good Fa-study is the foundation of everything else, I told other practitioners my own experiences in reciting the Fa. I also encouraged everyone to recite the Fa so that each of us could improve and walk the path well.

This is what I have been doing in the past years. I knew only a few practitioners when I began cultivating in 2003. With help from Master I came to know many practitioners in different regions. We went to many places in my area. I frequently had to drive more than ten hours back and forth by myself. Later, when I was pregnant, I continued doing this. When staying home I sometimes had discomfort because of pregnancy. When stepping forward to validate the Fa, all the uncomfortable feelings disappeared. When going to rural areas I was energetic, even if sleeping one or two hours a day and driving for more than ten hours back and forth.

Our efforts paid off. After sharing and discussions, many practitioners realized the importance of Fa-study. Some began to recite the Fa and were able to keep doing it. I encountered many different situations during these years, and the experiences are beyond description. One thing I do know is that if one wants to help others, he has to cultivate himself well and look within.

There was severe interference from other dimensions. Everywhere we went we could feel the pressure from other dimensions, as if things around the entire region were holding us back. We could actually feel bad elements in other dimensions. One practitioner with his celestial eye open told me that every time we did this it was a battle of righteousness and evil in other dimensions. Upon arriving at home afterward I felt exhausted each time, but after reciting the Fa for several hours I could sense the sacredness.

Remaining Steadfast

There was a critical turning point on my Fa-validating path. My father was a high-ranking official in the communist system. In mid-2009, he had a conflict with his opponent, which resulted in my father being fired. My family was shocked and unprepared. If we failed to handle it well my father could be put in prison. His opponent also warned other members of my family to be careful, which worried everyone. We later heard that all officials "following" my father were fired and [their careers] had a dismal ending. One thing after another happened every day during those days, causing great pressure to my family.

As if this were not enough, a practitioner visited and told me that all practitioners nearby who had interacted with me had negative opinions about me. There were barriers between other practitioners and me.

I encountered all of these unexpected, major life changes within three days. There would seem to be no way out if the situation was viewed by an everyday person. However, I was calm - so calm as if my entire being was isolated from this dimension. Things from other people, no matter good or bad, could not enter my dimension. A compassionate voice then said to me, "Please keep it up." That compassion was beyond description and I was deeply touched. I cried and told Master, "Master, please don't worry. I will keep it up."

I hardly went out during those days. All I did was spend a lot of time studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. Master constantly enlightened me and showed me the inter-relationships of these things. I also kept looking within and kept improving myself. I immediately understood that the big and sudden change was a complete, thorough test of my attachment to fame, self-interest and emotions. It was also a test, to see if I could walk well the path of cooperation. Regardless of what happens and how big the change is, I knew there was always a way out since it was a test to determine if I can walk the path well. Throughout the whole process I kept one thought - that is, remain indestructible, like a diamond.

After about two weeks I could tell that many things from other dimensions were cleared, and things began going in the right direction. Regarding what happened eventually to my father, I barely asked about it for several months because my status had an influence on other people, and my family seldom brought that up to me.

A practitioner later asked me why I treated the situation like that. I said, "No matter with whom we interact there is only one purpose - that is, letting him know the truth. This is because we are Dafa disciples. As a sentient being, my father had quit the CCP a long time ago and also has a positive attitude toward Dafa. I don't worry too much about him because Dafa is also taking care of him. My continuing to worry would amount to being emotional, something I need to eliminate. If I harbor too much emotion toward one sentient being I may actually harm him. A cultivator should not change things in everyday society, as common society is operating according to the corresponding, heavenly principles. I trust Master's arrangements and just let it go, which is the best thing I can do. Of course I will take good care of father since this is something I am supposed to do." After several months my father smoothly retired, which was the best scenario that could have happened. Happiness reappeared in my family.

Regarding the barrier between other practitioners and myself, here is what I did. Within one month after that happened I hardly interacted with other practitioners, nor did I explain or defend anything I heard. I just studied the Fa and improved my xinxing, and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and the barriers between practitioners. A month later, one day I suddenly felt it was time to step forward and harmonize the situation. I began interacting with other practitioners in a natural way. It was miraculous. In the past they had negative opinions of me, but when sharing understandings with them, these barriers disappeared automatically. Sometimes we didn't even need to say anything, as just one nod could disintegrate the barrier and eliminate bad influences.

Following this tribulation, I found myself fundamentally changed, and practitioners as one body also made great strides. Reciting the Fa empowered many practitioners to have a better understanding, and gave them the ability to understand the Fa based on the Fa. Some even told me, "I didn't know what true cultivation is, until now." Hearing this was a big encouragement to me. Some practitioners shared their experience of reciting the Fa and their significant improvements with other practitioners, who also began reciting the Fa.

We have improved as one body. No matter what we do there is only one goal, to bring the best to other practitioners and to sentient beings.

Gratitude Toward Master

It is indeed exceedingly difficult to cultivate. But once you "walk it through," it is a rewarding and happy process. No step or even the smallest improvement could have happened without Master's care and sacrifice.

I once read Buddha Milarepa's cultivation story. While others gave all of their money and materials to their master, Buddha Milarepa gave his body, mouth and mind to his master. I am also doing it this way since there is no other way to express the respect and gratitude to our Master. I can only fully devote myself and walk the path well.

November 4, 2009