On February 5, 2011, a group of men in service to the Chinese Consulate attacked and destroyed the Falun Gong practitioners' float during the Chinese New Year parade. For the full story, see http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/50788/

The occurrences at the Chinese New Year's parade in Mexico City have served to clarify the truth thoroughly and openly to levels of the government and media that we were never able to reach before. Also, I would like to tell everybody that we Falun Gong practitioners in Mexico have been united in studying the Fa and clarifying the truth for some time now.

This incident helped us to become even more united and improve together. After they destroyed our float, we went home dejected and downhearted. We decided not to use the bus the next day to avoid problems. However, to my surprise, very early the next day, a surging force began to rise up in us. The day before, we had truly finished the day very exhausted from the attack. This new, fresh force grew bit by bit and we got everyone involved. We coordinated and made telephone calls, and in a few minutes we decided to return to the center of the city and to Chinatown with our float, even though it had been destroyed the day before. We organized ourselves into two groups. One group went to rebuild the float, and the other went to Chinatown. We all knew what we had to do. The coordination came from our hearts. In the morning we sent forth righteous thoughts together. I really felt touched going to Chinatown to prepare the float and our banners.

We talked with the police and the people from the local municipality. They were more cautious now and a little scared. The policeman from the night before told us that he had been reprimanded by his bosses for not protecting us. When one practitioner asked him why he didn't, he said the aggressors had put fear into him. There were a lot of them and they were very aggressive. At that moment, the team that was arranging the bus called me and told me that the float was ready, and that we should go there. We were very happy when we saw the newly decorated float. This time, it looked even better. We settled into our seats and headed back to Chinatown. Our float was gigantic and looked impressive. When we arrived at the place where the street had been closed off, we went to the police and told them that we were ready to enter and that we had the proper permits. They made a phone call and said, “Yes, go ahead,” but when they were going to let us enter, one of the Cuahtemoc Delegation employees came and tried to stop us. We lost quite a bit of time because of this. I told him that I had notified the Commission on Human Rights. He was frightened and he left. I ran to advise the practitioner driving the bus that he could now pass, but the bus was too big, and the streets were too narrow for him to make a turn. He told me that Independence street was already full of people, and that now he could not allow us through with such a large vehicle. We agreed and did not enter the street. However, we were able to drive through one part of the city without any problems, and we even had a police escort.