(Clearwisdom.net) I arrived at Hong Kong at 10:30 p.m. on June 28, 2002. At the customs gate, one officer checked my name on his computer and said to another worker in a low voice: "Another one!" I had been looking at him peacefully, but he had no courage to face me or say one word to me. Instead he looked back twice to a group of policemen about 5 meters away. Three policemen then walked over me at once and asked: "How many of you came together, where are your friends?" I never thought of being denied entry, and answered without hesitation: "They have entered." Then they asked me to follow them, I refused and asked: "Why?" They didn't answer me, but finally they said: "Our authorities want to talk to you."

At 11:25 pm, we were brought to a large room where over a dozen Dafa practitioners, from several countries, had been detained there. Apparently they had a prepared blacklist of us. We talked briefly for a while and decided to inform the outside of the news that we were detained. So I asked the immigration officer for a phone call. Ten minutes passed, but there was no reply. When I asked again, the policemen said I could make a phone call if I told them what number I was going to call, I said: "It's my freedom to call my friends, why should I give the number to you?" The policemen didn't insist and said that it was their job. So I called Mr. Jian of the Hong Kong Falun Dafa Association. Jian asked what reason the police used to detain us. I said: "So far none of them, including over 20 policemen and a dozen of workers, are able to tell us why we should be detained. Among the detainees there was a 40-day-old baby and a 9-year-old child." Policemen and workers of the immigration office heard my talking, but nobody said anything.

After the phone call, we told the policemen and workers about how Dafa has spread around the world and facts of the cruel persecution in China. We said we do not wish for Hong Kong to be the same as mainland China. They heard our words, but nobody answered.

It was 1 a.m., and the little baby from Taiwan was hungry. I said that the baby had been detained here just like us for two hours, at least they should let the baby and mother go. They still didn't answer me. I said solemnly to them that I had made the phone call and all the media in the world would know their inhuman behavior, and that they will also be denounced by the people of Hong Kong. Would they be able to take the responsibility? I said that they should report to their authorities that there was a baby over here. They felt my seriousness and reported to their boss, but nothing happened.

The mother had no milk to feed the baby since she also had not eaten, and she suggested that we practice the Falun Gong exercises, so we started practicing. Two Taiwanese practitioners introduced the policemen to the Falun Gong exercises. I opened my eyes when practicing and found that many policemen had entered the room quietly and were watching us. Because there were not enough seats, many stood to watch. Only the practice music and the voices clarifying the truth to the policemen were heard. The whole field was compassionate and tranquil. When we were doing the fourth set of exercises, the manager of the immigration office said we were not approved to enter Hong Kong. I asked why, and they said Hong Kong does not welcome us, and then added, "It's not me saying that, it's my boss." I said that they know that we are kind-hearted, their decision was wrong, and we asked for them to let us in. He said he was only following orders from higher up, and I could talk to their boss tomorrow morning. After 2 a.m., in a room assigned by policemen, we studied "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" and other new articles of Master Li, then recited Lunyu together. At every hour, we sent forth righteous thoughts.

Right after 7:00 in the morning, policemen asked us to have our baggage checked. I told them that they had just checked all the baggage at 2 a.m., and just four hours later they were checking again. I said they shouldn't have refused us to enter Hong Kong and detained us here. It's wrong to treat us like criminals and monitor us even when we go to the toilet or sleep. I said to a dozen policemen in the room that they knew Falun Gong is good and we are nice people. But when their boss made a wrong decision, nobody spoke out for justice, and they should not be so apathetic as to just follow the wrong orders. The policemen lowered their heads, and my heart cried for them. At that time, their boss signaled them to go out to the corridor. I told them that they should behave with dignity, and they should distinguish good from bad! They should remember that good will be rewarded with good, and evil met with evil.

They asked me to sign on the "Refusal of Entry" paper, and I refused.

When they asked me to leave, I refused again. They wanted to take action, and I asked them to stop. At that moment, I thought of the colossal compassion of the Teacher! I kept telling them the truth of Falun Gong repeatedly and hoped they would not harm their futures any more by following incorrect orders. I told them that it was not good for themselves to treat cultivators badly. I asked that if Jiang asked them to kill, would they just follow the order to kill?

This trip to Hong Kong has made me worry much about the city's future.