(Clearwisdom.net) Representatives of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WIPFG), Epoch Times, and "Quit the CCP" Service Centers held a forum and press conference in Washington, D.C., on June 5, 2008. Spokespersons from the different organizations reported on the recent CCP-instigated incidents in New York in which mobsters attacked Falun Gong practitioners and the CCP-controlled Chinese language media misled the Chinese community, spreading lies to slander Falun Gong around the world through the Internet, video, and other channels in attempts to shift attention away from its own imminent collapse. Congressmen at the forum strongly condemned the CCP and asked the American government to expel the criminals involved.

Forum to discuss violence and mayhem in Flushing incited by the Chinese Communist Party.

Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Mr. Li Dayong, representative of the Quit the CCP Service Center

A video of the CCP-instigated mobsters attacking Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing was screened at the forum.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) strongly protested the CCP's involvement in these activities. He said the case would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council and hoped that the American government would respond.

"I believe that the Chinese consulate and others were responsible for organizing these thugs and attacking people who were peacefully going about their business," he said. "The government of the United States should investigate this and, if I am accurate in my assumption about the cause, should lodge a protest to the government of China and take as strong an action as possible, including the request for the removal of the offending parties.

"We cannot have in this country violations of citizens' basic rights being perpetrated by people who did not respect them in their own country and who try to impose these kinds of 'values,' if you will, on dissidents in our country."

Referring to the Chinese Consul General for New York, Mr. Peng Keyu, who was caught on tape about his involvement, Tancredo said, "This guy who organized this thing--who even admits it--he should be ousted. He should be thrown out of the country--and a strong protest following that to the government of China. That's what we should do." Congressman Tancredo said he would contact the White House and the State Department.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) said, "Falun Gong is standing up as a symbol of what the true heart and soul of China could be if it wasn't polluted and tainted with Communist tyranny. The soul of China could be benevolent and spiritual in nature. They would not trample on the rights of anyone in the world, and they would be part of the human family.

"And that message of Falun Gong is something that tyrants fear more than guns, more than weapons. What tyrants fear is the facts. What they fear is the exposure of their evildoings. There is a good and positive alternative to that evil--and that is virtue. I admire Falun Gong, and I'm proud to stand up here with Falun Gong, not just in China, but especially with the Falun Gong practitioners active here in the United States and facing intimidation."

Congressman Rohrabacher said, "What we have to do is be very diligent, that in the United States, at least here, we protect the rights of people who are struggling for freedom. I know in the past we have had our own shortcomings, but the fact is, today, if the Statue of Liberty means anything, it means that here in United States, those people who would like to bring liberty and justice to different parts of the world will be protected... I call on this administration to make a stand. If we're not going to make a stand anywhere else in the world against this horribly repressive regime, it should be at least in the United States that we make that stand."

Mr. Wang Zhiyuan, representative of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, said that, a few days before the Flushing incident, his organization released an "Investigative Report on the CCP's Control of Overseas Chinese and Global United Front Work Strategy." The report, released on the WIPFG website on May 15, was quickly reprinted by websites and BBS not controlled by the CCP. It covers the CCP's global united front strategy, overseas forces in action, major tactics used by the CCP to control overseas Chinese, and how it seeks and gains worldwide resources through an Open Door Policy. The CCP has established a Chinese immigrant political strategy and procedures that specifically target the overseas Chinese. They have conducted systematic, long-term deceptive propaganda and indoctrination of Chinese Communist ideological concepts. The regime has worked on exploiting Chinese immigrants' sentimental emotions towards their homeland, confusing them and lumping together the notion that China and the CCP are the same, and instigating them to believe that it is legitimate to act loyally to the Chinese Communist Party.

The report revealed that the CCP controls most of the overseas Chinese media at different levels and has periodically trained overseas Chinese community leaders. Mr. Wang said, "It is no secret in the Chinese community. I hope governments of all countries pay attention to this."

Mr. Li Dayong, a representative of the Quit the CCP Service Centers, announced that 37,950,000 people had quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations as of June 5.