(Clearwisdom.net) On May 31, the Houston Tuidang (Quit the Chinese Communist Party) Service Center held a rally to support the 37 million Chinese people who have openly quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations and condemn the Party for orchestrating violence in Flushing against Falun Gong practitioners.

Houston Rally to Support the Wave of Withdrawing from the CCP

Along major intersections of Bellaire Blvd. in Houston Chinatown, rally participants displayed banners that read: "Support 37 Million Chinese People Who Have Quit the CCP and Its Affiliated Organizations," and "Condemn the Chinese Consulate in New York for Orchestrating Violence in Flushing Against Falun Gong Practitioners," "Zhou Yongkang Is Behind the Flushing Violence," "Quit the CCP to Ensure a Safe Future," and "CCP Substandard Buildings Killed Many Innocent Students."

Zhou, former Minister of Public Security and currently CCP standing member of the Politburo, is one of the chief culprits in the persecution of Falun Gong. He has been sued in many countries for crimes against humanity and torture. Most recently, under Zhou's direction, Chinese Central TV (CCTV) and the overseas Chinese media, which are all controlled by the CCP, ran propaganda that accused Falun Gong of not caring about the quake victims and of not being patriotic in order to divert public attention from the CCP's failure to predict the Sichuan earthquake and lead the rescue efforts. However, in a recent phone interview, Peng Keyu, Chinese Consulate General in New York City, told an undercover investigator that the consulate plotted assaults against Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing.

Ms. Zhang shared her reflections on the Flushing Incidence. She said, "Recently, the Chinese Consulate in New York orchestrated violence in Flushing against Falun Gong practitioners. Thugs damaged posters and attacked several practitioners. Such violence is completely against Chinese culture and shameful to all Chinese people

Regarding the Sichuan earthquake, volunteer Ms. Sun said, "The aftermath of the earthquake challenges everyone to think it over: Is it a natural catastrophe or a human-caused disaster? We learned that substandard school buildings killed many children. On the TV news, we saw collapsed school building debris surrounded by intact government mansions. Clearly, this is a human-caused disaster as the result of construction projects authorized by corrupt officials."

Ms. Zeng started a "Tuidang Service Center" information booth in Houston Chinatown in 2006. She said, "We have been here for two years to provide Chinese people valuable information, such as the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. After the Earthquake hit Sichuan, some people said that we were not patriotic. I feel so sorry for those that are suffering. It has been reported that the earthquake was accurately predicted by experts, but the CCP refused to inform the public or take precautions. It is the CCP that doesn't care about the Chinese people. We just want to let more Chinese people know the facts and the true nature of the CCP."

Among the participants of the rally, Ms. Xu, in her 80s, was holding a banner. She said, "I am here to let people know the truth. They should quit the CCP to secure a safe future."