More Information about the Death as a Result of Torture of Mr. Guo Huailing from Jixian, Heilongjiang Province

Name: Guo Huailing(郭怀龄)
Taiyuan Village, Fengle Town, Jixian County, Heilongjiang Province(集贤县丰乐镇太源村)
Date of Death:
July 18, 2003
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
March 2002
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Suihua Forced Labor Camp (绥化劳教所)
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, hung up by the arms, damaging force-feeding, forced labor, doused with freezing cold water, brainwashing, long-term standing, iron chair, drug administration, brutal beatings, forced labor

( Mr. Guo Huailing was taken from his home by the police in March 2002 and sent to Suihua Forced Labor Camp. Because would not give up his belief, he was brutally tortured in the labor camp and died on July 18, 2003.

In March 2002, police officers from Fengle Town seized Mr. Guo from his home and detained him in the Jixian County Detention Center. The guard tried to force him to give up his belief by beating him. Mr. Guo went on a hunger strike for seven days. He practiced the exercises with other practitioners and resisted the persecution. The guards handcuffed him and hung him up for 18 days. His teeth were injured by a metal mouth-opener.

Mr. Guo was transferred to Suihua Forced Labor Camp during the first ten days of June 2002. The forced labor camp first subjected him to a comprehensive physical examination—with an ulterior motive. The guards ordered the detainees to strip off his clothes and pour cold water on him until he was shivering. He was put in the middle division. The guards forced him to watch TV programs defaming Falun Gong while sitting in an iron chair. The guards forced him to take unknown drugs. The drugs blurred his eyesight, and he became incoherent.

Torture reenactment: Iron Chair

When Mr. Guo was detained in Unit Two of Division Two, guard Diao Xuesong beat him because he firmly believed in Master and Dafa. He was sent to Unit Three of Division Two at the end of 2002 for strict monitoring. He was forced to do hard labor, and collaborators often beat and abused him.

In April 2003, he suddenly fell down around dinnertime. He was kicked and accused of pretending. It was said that Mr. Guo died in the Suihua Hospital on July 18, 2003, after being hospitalized for three days.

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