Mr. Zhang Zhusan and Ms. Liu Ruying from Huanghua, Hebei Province, Detained

( Mr. Zhang Zhusan and Ms. Liu Ruying from Sun Zhengzhuang, Luqiao Town, Huanghua, Hebei Province, went to nearby Liusanzhuang Village and distributed Shen Yun DVDs at about 5 p.m. on February 22, 2012. The Luqiao police took them to the Huanghua Police Department. They have still not been released.

According to witnesses, Gao Ruyan from the Luqiao Police Station was out of uniform and watched the arrest with four or five other police officers. A kindly onlooker advised Gao, “They are just regular folks. Let them go.” Gao retorted to the onlooker with venom: “Don't get involved in this. If you do it again, I will arrest you, too.” The police shoved the two practitioners into the police vehicle, which went to the Luqiao Police Station. At 11 p.m that night, the two practitioners were transferred to the Huanghua Police Department.

On the morning of February 24, 2012, Ms. Liu and Mr. Zhang's families went to the Huanghua Police Department and asked for their release. An official who met with them said all personnel were in a meeting and no one could receive them. Ms. Liu's family had heard that Ms. Liu was in the isolation area on the first floor. When they inquired as to her whereabouts, they were told that she had been sent away. Ms. Liu's family went to see Cao Fengsen, chief of the Domestic Security Division. Cao said that Mr. Zhang was detained in the Huanghua Detention Center while Ms. Liu was in the Cangzhou First Detention Center. He also said, “I just followed orders from my supervisors. Don't come to me. You should go to Cangzhou Domestic Security Division and demand her release.”

On the morning of March 5, 2012, Mr. Zhang's family went to the Domestic Security Division of Huanghua Police Department again to request his release. Cao said, “Zhang was sent by the Luqiao Police Station. You should go there to request his release.”

Mr. Zhang's family went to the Luqiao Police Station. However, that police station said the Huanghua Domestic Security Division had brought the charges. Neither took responsibility for the arrests. Mr. Zhang has not yet been released.

Huanghua Police Department:
Jin Zhenlin, director: +86-317-5558821(Office)
Zhang Yanjin, deputy director: +86-317-5338288(Home), +86-13730583166(Cell)
Cao Fengsen, chief of Domestic Security Division: +86-317-5238999, +86-13931745119(Cell)

Luqiao Police Station:
Dong Xianqing, chief: +86-317-5228588(Home), +86-13503275377(Cell)
Yu Hezhen, instructor: +86-317-5313658(Home), +86-13315786186(Cell)

Posting date: 3/22/2012
Category: Persecution Accounts
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