(Clearwisdom.net) From February 29 to March 8, while the Chinese National Congress and the People's Political Consultative Conferences (the “Two Conferences”) were in session, police officers from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, arrested eleven Falun Gong practitioners within nine days. The practitioners arrested are Ms. Zhou Zhijie, Ms. Zhou Zhihui, Ms. Sun Yurong, Ms. Wang Jinglan, Ms. Wang Suqing, Ms. Hao Ping, Ms. Yang Lirong, Ms. Zhang Cuimin, Ms. Li Yuzhi, Ms. Yu Guixia and Mr. Bai Jida. Ms. Li Yuzhi and Ms. Zhou Zhijie have been released and have returned home.

The multiple arrests were organized beforehand and began on February 29, 2012. On that day, 64-year-old Ms. Li Yuzhi from the Hongshan District in Chifeng was reported to police while she clarified the truth about Falun Gong to people. Deputy head of the Songshan Domestic Security Division Liu Long and other officers arrested her and ransacked her house. They took away her computer, printer and 32,000 yuan in cash, as well as a small satellite dish.

Later, four police officers went to Ms. Li's house and her husband Mr. Yang was put under house arrest. In order to arrest more practitioners, the police stayed at their home for several hours, claiming that they would arrest anyone who came there. In the afternoon, when Ms. Li's daughter Ms. Yang Lirong and another practitioner, Ms. Zhang Cuimin, came to visit, they were both arrested and detained at the Songshan District Detention Center.

Practitioner Ms. Yu Guixia from the Hongshan District was arrested on March 5, 2012. Around February 20, another practitioner whose family name is Bai was arrested; no detailed information has been obtained yet.

On the afternoon of March 7, 2012, several police officers from the Dongcheng Police Station in the Hongshan District broke into practitioner Ms. Sun Yurong's house. Ms. Sun and another practitioner, Ms. Wang Jinglan, who was visiting her were both arrested. They confiscated Ms. Sun's computer and other personal belongings. In the evening, the police also ransacked Ms. Wang's house and took her belongings.

Ms. Hao Ping from the Hongshan District was arrested at 3:20 p.m. in the afternoon on March 8, 2012. Two officers from the Hongshan Domestic Security Division and two officers from the Tienan Police Station broke into her house and arrested her. They confiscated her Falun Gong books and a satellite dish.

As of this writing, Ms. Sun Yurong, Ms. Wang Jinglan and Ms. Hao Ping are detained at the Dongcheng Detention Center in the Hongshan District.

Around March 8, practitioner Wang Suqing was arrested by the police. Detailed information was still unknown at the time of this writing.

Practitioner Ms. Zhou Zhijie was arrested at home by officers from the Nanxinjie Police Station on the evening of March 12, 2012. Her house was ransacked. At noon the next day, her sister Ms. Zhou Zhihui was also arrested in the Tongyu Shopping Mall. At present, Ms. Zhou Zhijie has returned home and Ms. Zhou Zhihui's (her sister), situation is unknown.

While explaining the truth to people, 70-year-old practitioner Ms. Yang Xiurong was arrested by officers from the Hongshan District. They ransacked her house until 2 o'clock in the morning. Currently, Ms. Yang is detained at the Hongshan District Detention Center. It is known that she was tortured and interrogated while in detention.

Mr. Bai Jida, 32 years old, is a contract worker with the Chifeng government. For clarifying the truth to people on the Internet and exposing the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he was arrested by the head of the Songshan Domestic Security Division around January 27, 2012. Mr. Bai is currently detained at the Songshan Detention Center.

Practitioner Mr. Bai Jida

Several years ago, in order to avoid being persecuted, Mr. Bai's mother Ms. Hu Suhua went to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. However, she was later persecuted to death by police in Hohhot at the age of 56.

Mr. Bai's mother Ms. Hu Suhua

In the past month, before and during the “Two Conferences,” Chifeng City has intensified the persecution of Falun Gong, including harassing, arresting, sentencing and torturing practitioners.

In addition, because of writing letters to relevant agencies and officials, asking them not to persecute Falun Gong practitioners and to do good deeds, 70-year-old practitioner Ms. Liang Xiuying was arrested at home by Hongshan Domestic Security Division head Xu Hairong and others on November 9, 2011. Ms. Liang is now detained at the Hongshan District Detention Center and the authorities are planning to sentence her.

Personnel involved in the persecution in the Chifeng City area:
Qing Ruisong, head of Songshan Police Department: +86-13904761500
Xu Guofeng, head of Songshan Domestic Security Division: +86-13848995333, +86-13848880567, +86-13654763355
Liu Long, deputy head of Songshan Domestic Security Division: +86-13500665077
Hongshan Police Department: +86-476-8364110, +86-476-8344299, +86-476-8361518
Dai Yingtang, head: +86-476-8334766 ext. 3001 (Office), +86-476-8256988 (Home), +86-13304766677 (Cell)
Han Xuejun, political head: +86-476-8365216 ext. 3072 (Office), +86-13904768577 (Cell)
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