(Clearwisdom.net) Handan County Domestic Security Division head You Yong, in his fifties, has been harassing, arresting, and extorting money from Falun Gong practitioners for many years. He was involved in the arrest of Mr. Zhang Huaijun on February 25, 2012.

Participating in the Arrest of Mr. Zhang Huaijun and Mr. Han Tieqiang

You Yong led more than twenty officers to a small household appliance store at around 6:00 a.m. on February 25. They arrested Mr. Zhang Huaijun and looted his store. They also arrested a fruit vendor.

Led by Handan City Police Department deputy head Wang Jun and Domestic Security Division head Dong Dongli, Handan County Domestic Security Division head You Yong colluded with heads of domestic security divisions and local police in every district and county. They began arresting practitioners in the Handan area.

At around 5:00 a.m. on February 25, more than a dozen officers from the Nanpu Township Police Station, Handan City climbed over a wall and broke into Mr. Han Tieqiang's rented residence in Nanpu Village. Without presenting a search warrant, they searched his home, and confiscated two computers, Falun Gong books, and 72 boxes of CD cases. They left at around 8:00 a.m. Mr. Han's family went to the Nanpu Township Police Station to demand his release, but were told that Handan County Domestic Security Division officers had taken him away, and he was being held in the Handan County Detention Center.

Harassing, Arresting, and Extorting Money from Practitioners

You Yong led police officers to harass and arrest practitioners, even the elderly in their eighties were not spared. The perpetrators also broke into practitioners' homes and ransacked them. You Yong also detained and interrogated practitioners, and deceived and coerced them, attempting to force them to write a guarantee statement renouncing Falun Gong. You Yong went so far as to threaten, deceive, and coerce the practitioners' families, and extort money from them - as much as 20,000 yuan. After extorting money from their families, You Yong did not release the practitioners. He instead sent them to be held in forced labor camps or brainwashing centers. Some of the practitioners he sent to forced labor camps became disabled as a result of extreme physical abuse and torture, and most still have not recovered.

You Yong and others fabricated evidence to frame Ms. Zhang Xiangling, who was subsequently sent to the Yongnian County Detention Center in August 2008.

Parties responsible for the persecution of practitioners in Handan County:
Pang Xin, Handan County Police Department head
You Yong, Handan County Domestic Security Division head: +86-310-8036688 (Office), +86-310-3060577 (Home), +86-13930058817
Yuan Jinling, Handan County 610 Office head: +86-310-8033610 (Office), +86-310-8036358 (Home), +86- 13931050980