List and Case Description of the Falun Gong Practitioners Who Have Been Killed In the Persecution (Case # 100 - 199)

(Latest update: 1/14/2005)

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199. Zhang Fu

Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhang Fu Dies from Persecution 

198. Zhao Fengnian

AP: Three more Falun Gong members dead in Chinese crackdown

Three More Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured to Death in Labor Re-Education Camps, Relatives Not Allowed to See the Remains

Dafa Practitioner Zhao Fengnian Killed in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

197. Lai Zhijun

Three More Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured to Death in Labor Re-Education Camps, Relatives Not Allowed to See the Remains

AP: Three more Falun Gong members dead in Chinese crackdown

Additional Information About the Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Lai Zhijun of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Eyewitness Account- Practitioner Lai Zhijun Tortured to Death in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Guangdong Province

196. Wang Ailing

Press Statement: The Death of Mrs. Yulian Chi in a Chinese Detention Center 

The Noble Process of Appeal by Wang Ailing, a Practitioner Who Died From Maltreatment 

Latest News from China - 06/10/2001

Latest News from China - 05/23/2001

Detailed Information About the Death of Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Ailing from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

195. Li Jun

The Torture and Death of Li Mei and Li Jun in Anhui Province

Li Jun from Hefei City, Anhui Province Dies in Labor Camp after Her Younger Sister Li Mei Was Tortured to Death

194. Gao Feng

Three More Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured to Death in Labor Re-Education Camps, Relatives Not Allowed to See the Remains

AP: Three more Falun Gong members dead in Chinese crackdown

193. Yu Lixin

Murder and Outrageous Physical Torture at the Dalian City Dentention Center, Liaoning Province

192. Liu Xiaoling

Zhaodong City Detention Center Officials Commit Another Murder: Dafa Practitioner Liu Xiaoling Died in Detention

Dafa Practitioner Liu Xiaoling Dies from Force-Feeding

191. Hu Xiuying

Latest News from China - 05/15/2001

190. Li Yingxiu

The Murder of Li Yingxiu, Mother of Dafa Practitioner Peng Min Who Died From Torture (05/17/01)

189. Li Baifan

Media Advisory - June 21: Falun Gong, US Citizen to Reveal the Death of Brother in Chinese "Reeducation" Camp

Shanghai Police Throw Practitioner Li Baifan From a Building and Murder Him (05/14/01)

Ms. Li Weihong and Three Other Falun Dafa Practitioners Die from Torture

188. Wang Yaxuan

Ms. Wang Yaxuan, Deputy Mayor of Chi Feng in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Murdered While on Vacation (05/12/01)

187. Chen Dewen

Death of Falun Gong Practitioner on Hunger Strike Exposed by Companions

New Information Concerning the Death by Force-Feeding of Chen Dewen in Huludao City, Liaoning Province

Falun Dafa Practitioner Chen Dewen Tortured to Death in "Reeducation" Center on Hulu Island City, Liaoning Province

186. Zhang Qingmei

Dafa Practitioner Zhang Qingmei Died From Persecution (05/05/01)

Practitioner Zhang Qingmei of Tai'an City, Shandong Province Died from Persecution (05/15/01)

185. Li Zhishui

Falun Gong Practitioner Li Zhishui Was Persecuted to Death In A "Transformation Class" (05/04/01)

184. Pu Xinjiang

Chongqing Falun Dafa Practitioner Pu Xinjiang Persecuted to Death in Labor Camp (05/04/01)

183. Liu Shusong

Recalling Liu Shusong's Death while in Custody at the Politics and Security Department in Shijiazhuang City

Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Shusong Murdered by Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau

Good Friend and Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Shusong Tortured to Death

182. Sun Shiwen

Wife of Dafa Practitioner Sun Shiwen Comments on His Death 

181. Cong Yu'e

180. Xu Zengliang

Died in Police Custody: Dafa Practitioners Xu Zengliang and Zhang Fuzhen in the City of Pingdu, Shangdong Province (05/01/01)

179. Zhang Fuzhen

Died in Police Custody: Dafa Practitioners Xu Zengliang and Zhang Fuzhen in the City of Pingdu, Shangdong Province (05/01/01)

Eyewitness Account- Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zhang Fuzhen was Injected with a Poisonous Drug and Died in Extreme Pain

178. Liu Lei

MEDIA ADVISORY - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [04/26/2001]: Two Practitioners Plunge to Their Deaths During Police Raid

AFP: Two Falun Gong Members Jump to Their Deaths During Police Raid, Says Police Official [04/27/01]

177. Practitioner

MEDIA ADVISORY - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [04/26/2001]: Two Practitioners Plunge to Their Deaths During Police Raid

AFP: Two Falun Gong Members Jump to Their Deaths During Police Raid, Says Police Official [04/27/01]

176. Tan Sufen

Latest News from China - 04/20/2001 

175. Lu Xinghua

Two Chinese Citizens Violently Killed after Mere Days in Police Custody

Lu Xinghua, A City People's Representitive from Dehui City, Jilin Province Died from Brutal Force-Feeding 

National Congresswoman Lu Xinghua of Jilin Province Is Tortured to Death (04/21/01)

The Killing of a practitioner During Forced-Feeding, and Other Crimes Committed in Changchun City, Jilin Province (04/13/01)

174. Wang Aijuan

Wang Aijuan, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Weifang City, Was Tortured to Death During the World Human Rights Conference (04/16/01)

How Police in Weifang City Tortured Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Aijuan to Death

173. Lu Hongfeng

Female Practitioner, Lu Hongfeng, The Former Vice-Principal of the No. 1 Elementary School of Lingwu City, Ningxia Province, Was Tortured to Death by the Local Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital, Husband Torture School Vice-Principal to Death

Latest News from China - 04/14/2001

172. Practitioner

Latest News from China - 04/13/2001

171. Liu Lanxiang

Police in Wuwei City, Gansu Province, Commit the Murder of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Liu (05/13/01)

Falun Gong Practitioner Liu Lanxiang of Gansu Province Dies from Police Persecution (04/19/01)

With Extreme Sadness We Painfully Mourn Practitioner Liu Lanxiang's Death by Persecution (04/17/01)

Public Security Interior News: Liu Lanxiang Tortured to Death (04/16/01)

170. Jiang Liying

Jiang Liying, female, (January, 2001), Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, was Persecuted to Death

169. Ren Tingling

FDI Media Alert: Fifty Year Old Woman Tortured to Death in Chinese Concentration Camp

Practitioner Ren Tingling from Haiyang City was Tortured to Death (04/15/01)

168. Peng Min

Wuhan Practitioner Peng Min Passes Away After Being Paralyzed by Torture (04/14/01)

Eyewitness Account of the Torture Death of Peng Min and the Lie That the TV Station Fabricated

167. Wang Suqin

Latest News from China - 04/06/2001 

166. Wang Zhiying

Latest News from China - 04/05/2001

165. Luo Shaoxiang

Latest News from China - 04/05/2001

164. Sun Hongyan

Another Dafa Practitioner, Sun Hongyan, Tortured to Death

AP: Falun Gong Says More Followers Die (excerpt)

China Crisis News Bulletin #85 

163. Zhang Zhigeng

Dafa Practitioner Zhang Zhigen of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province Is Persecuted to Death

Dafa Practitioners Ms. Sun Yumei and Ms. Zhang Zhigen from Zhangjiakou City Tortured to Death

162. Practitioner

Crimes Escalating at the Dalian Labor Camp

Latest News from China - 03/30/2001 

161. Ye Xiufeng

160. Xiao Jiayong

159. Practitioner

Latest News From China [03/15/01]

158. Chen Guibin

Dafa Practitioner Chen Guibin Beaten to Death by His Company's Security Department, Wucheng County, Shandong Province (03/18/01)

157. Li Yanhua

Photographs of the Corpse of Practitioner Li Yanhua, An Elderly Lady from Liaoning Province Who Was Beaten to Death by the Police (04/17/01)

Elderly Woman Beaten to Death By Police in Liaoning Province (03/20/01)

156. Zhao Yingfeng

The Vicious Policeman, Nie Xiaowu of Xiangfan City

155. Wang Xiujuan

Female Dafa Practitioner Wang Xiujuan Died After Receiving a Brutal Beating

Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Xiujuan from Weifang, Shandong Province, Was Beaten to Death (04/10/01)

Further Reports of Practitioners Dying from Persecution (03/22/01)

154. Lu Liangui

Further Reports of Practitioners Dying from Persecution (03/22/01)

153. Xu Guangdao

Another Four Practitioners Die Due to Police Brutality in China (03/5/01)

152. Shang Shuichi

Another Four Practitioners Die Due to Police Brutality in China (03/5/01)

Additional Details Regarding the Death of Dafa practitioner Mr. Shang Shuichi from Yuzhou City, Henan Province

Supplementary Information About the Torture Leading Up to the Death of Practitioner Shang Shuichi from Yuzhou City, Henan Province

151. Liu Zhifen

More Information About Practitioner Liu Zhifen who was Persecuted to Death in Sichuan Province

Latest News from China [2/28/2001]

Another Four Practitioners Die Due to Police Brutality in China (03/5/01)

More Details On Ms. Liu Zhifen's Death by Torture at the Hands of the Police In Chongzhou City (Photo)

150. Ren Pengwu

Falun Gong Practitioner Ren Pengwu Was Murdered and All His Bodily Organs Were Removed by the Hulan County Police in Heilongjiang Province (04/21/01)

Dafa Practitioner Ren Pengwu was Beaten to Death by Hulan County Police, Heilongjiang Province (02/28/01)

Another Four Practitioners Die Due to Police Brutality in China (03/5/01)

Dafa Practitioner Ren Pengwu Beaten to Death by Hulan County Police (03/23/01)

149. Nan Chuyin

The Case of Nan Chuyin's Death (03/3/01)

Belated News- Nan Chuyin from Xishui County in Hubei Province Tormented to Death - His Son Is in Critical Condition from Torture

148. Practitioner

Latest News from China - 02/25/2001 

147. Wang Shuquan

News8 from China on [02/25/01]

146. Practitioner

News from China - 2/18/2001

145. Zhu Hua

News from China [February 18, 2001]

144. Wang Huaiying

Elderly Practitioner Dies while Hung by His Arms in a Detention Center in Nanyang City, Henan Province

Latest News From China [3/13/01]

News from China [February 18, 2001]

143. Zhou Fenglin

Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhou Fenglin Dies Miserably on "Forbidden Board" in Changzhou Detention Center

[Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province] Practitioner Zhou Fenglin was Persecuted to Death

News from China [03/2/01]

142. Zhang Yuanming

Additional Information About Practitioner Zhang Yuanming's Death 

Several practitioners Died from Persecution in Changchun Labor Camps

Detailed Information Regarding the Torture Death of Zhang Yuanming in 2000

141. Han Yuzhu

Several practitioners Died from Persecution in Changchun Labor Camps

140. Fang Cuifang

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Tortured to Deathin Jiamusi Labor Camp

139. Tang Hong

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Tortured to Deathin Jiamusi Labor Camp

138. Practitioner

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Tortured to Deathin Jiamusi Labor Camp

137. Fang Xianzhi

Practitioner Fang Xianzhi Tortured to Death in Chengdu City

136. Lu Chenglin

Falun Dafa Practitioner Lu Chengling Murdered: The Yichun Labor Camp Covers Up the Crime (03/1/01)

135. Wang Xianyou

FDI: Five Falun Gong Practitioners Die in Chinese Police Custody

Dafa Practitioner Wang Xianyou Is Tortured to Death at Fenjin Labor Camp in Jilin Province

[Yushu City, Jilin Province] A solemn declaration from the family and friends of practitioner Wang Xianyou, who was persecuted to death

Several practitioners Died from Persecution in Changchun Labor Camps

More Facts about Dafa Practitioner Mr. Wang Xianyou's Death in the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp, Changchun City, Jilin Province

134. Shang Qingling

[Laiwu City, Shandong Province] The police persecute practitioner Shang Qingling to death

Mr. Shang Qingling of Laiwu City, Shandong Province Died from Severe Lung Injuries after being Tortured and Force-Fed with Excrement

133. Wang Lixin

Wang Lixin, male, about 30, Jilin City, Jilin Province, was beaten to death and died from this brutal abuse on December 4, 2000

While he was distributing Dafa materials, Wang Lixin was arrested and later sent to Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center. Since he refused to cooperate with the malevolent thugs in the detention center, he was brutally beaten. He went on a hunger strike as a means to appeal for his release. The guards force-fed him with salt water and handcuffed his four limbs together. On December 3, 2000, the 9th day of his hunger strike, the debased police "officers", Zhang Guanjun and Yang Zhonghua and several criminal prisoners dragged Wang Lixin into a "watch room" and brutally beat him for about an hour. Other practitioners in the cells could hear his grievous screams. When he was sent back to the cell, his whole body was covered with wounds and his mouth was sealed with adhesive tape. On the next day, these two guards, Zhang Guanjun and Yang Zhonghua, brought him into the "watch room" once more and ordered the common, criminal prisoners named Lai Hongxiang and Feng Naiwu to ferociously beat him again. The guards even urged the abusers on, saying: "Beat him up! Beat him to death! We will take the responsibility if he dies!"

Ten minutes later, the painful screaming from Wang Lixin stopped. The guards discovered that his life was in danger. In panic, they sent him to the hospital. However, it was already too late. Wang Lixin had been beaten to death. To keep the information from being made public, the detention center sent all Dafa practitioners who witnessed the tragic incident to labor camps.

Photo Report: Portrait of Wang Lixin, Who Was Beaten to Death in Jilin by Police

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Lixin Died From Forcefeeding

Mr. Shang Qingling of Laiwu City, Shandong Province Died from Severe Lung Injuries after being Tortured and Force-Fed with Excrement

Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Lixin from Jilin Province Dies as a Result of Torture; at Least Twenty-five Practitioners Have Died from Torture in Jilin City

132. Song Wanxue

Dafa Practitioner Song Wanxue Was Persecuted to Death

Song Wanxue, male, 48 years old and already retired, was illegally interfered with. Last year, after he returned from Beijing for the second time with his wife, he was unlawfully arrested and abducted from his home by the police and guards from Security Section of Fengjiashan's Copper Mine Factory. On January 20, 2001, his family was crassly and bluntly informed that they would receive the urn containing his incinerated ashes.

131. Li Mei

Practitioner Li Mei Killed in Hefei [City, Anhui Province] Women's Labor Camp

[Minghui Net]

Hefei [City, Anhui Province] Dafa practitioner Li Mei, female, 28 years old. Due to her determination to practice Dafa, she was illegally sent to Hefei Women's Labor Camp. She insisted on practicing in the labor camp and suffered repeated mistreatment. In October 2000, she was transferred to strict supervision (the labor camp has three different levels, loose supervision, normal supervision and strict supervision). She was exposed to severe torture until she died.

On January 29(or 30), Li Mei's father was brought from his home village over 50 kilometers [about 30 miles] away. He was directly sent to the hostel of the workplace and someone was assigned to accompany him. The Political and Law-enforcement Committee brought her mother. The parents had been notified that Li Mei was in very critical condition. The family of Li Mei requested to see her . In the afternoon or evening of Jan. 31, 2001, they were instructed to go to No. 105 Military Hospital to visit their daughter. In the hospital, the family of Li Mei was surrounded and forbidden to approach her. Li Mei's body was covered with a quilt, only her head could be seen. Bloodstains were vaguely visible around her nose, corner of her mouth and her ears; there were black and blue wounds on her face and her neck was enclosed in gauze! According to the doctor, Li Mei's brain was no longer responding, and she only had a faint heartbeat! On February 1, 2001, Li Mei left this world.

Because of the tight control within the labor camp, details about what had happened are still not known.

While some people concocted the Tiananmen self-immolation incident and confounded the facts, this tragedy again shows everyone precisely who is responsible for persecuting innocent citizens and trampling human rights! We appeal to all governments of every country in the world, every international peace organization, and all people with the sense of justice to realize what is happening and show their concern for the practitioners of Falun Gong who are enduring such persecution!

Phone numbers of related parties:

The Public Security (Police) Bureau of Anhui Province:

Office: 011-86-551-2801201

011-86-551-2801299, 011-86-551-2801298

Hot lines: 86-551-2823110

Appealing Department: 011-86-551-2801215

Labor Re-education Bureau of Anhui Province:

Office: 011-86-551-2813594, 011-86-551-2846412

Management unit: 011-86-551-2812215

Anhui Province Women Labor Re-education Center:

Office: 011-86-551-5312701

Party secretary: 011-86-551-5315700

Chief officer: 011-86-551-5315739

Supervising office: 011-86-551-5313254

Team No. 1: 011-86-551-5310372

Team No. 2: 011-86-551-5310305

Team No. 3: 011-86-551-5315514

Team No. 4: 011-86-551-5310308

(Currently most Dafa practitioners are under supervision in team No. 2)

Anhui Province No. 105 Military Hospital, phone operator: 011-86-551-5141123


Practitioners in China

(Translated on Feb. 03, 2001 from

The Murder Of Dafa Practitioner Li Mei and Other Crimes Committed at Anhui Detention Center (04/20/01)

130. Wang Yijia

Wang Yijia Fell to His Death

Wang Jijia, a 45-year-old man from Hengyang City, Hunan Province, began to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. At about 11:30pm on January 22, 2001, six policemen from the Huanchengnanlu police station of Hengyang public security bureau came to his house to arrest him. Wang refused to open the door so the policemen threatened to pry open the door. In order not to be taken away by the vicious police, Wang climbed up to the platform on the top of the building, but his way was blocked by some other policemen who had been there waiting to catch him. While being chased, Wang lost his balance and fell to the ground from the nine-story building. His head cracked open; the insides to leaked out all over the ground. The policemen in his house and Wang's wife didn't immediately realize what had happened. Later the policemen downstairs called and the policemen in Wang's house rushed downstairs. They cleaned up the blood and brains on the ground with water and took Wang's body to the crematory without his wife's knowledge. At 1 AM on January 23 they returned to Wang's home to find out if Wang's wife had realized what had actually happened. They tried to persuade and trick her. They repeatedly questioned her in order to be sure that she didn't know the truth about what had happened to her husband. When they were positive that she didn't know anything, they lied in order to escape responsibility and denied having any knowledge as to what had happened to him and where he was.

The next morning Wang's family went to the police station to look for him, but the reception desk refused to give them any information and they were ignored by the police. Later on, a peddler told them that someone had fallen from their building the night before. Wang's family immediately went to inquire about this at the police station. Realizing that the truth could no longer be concealed, the policemen became furious and called out the full-armed anti-violence squad. They forced Wang's relatives to promise not to utter a word about this and to not mourn the loss of their family member, as this would draw attention to them. Moreover, they even threatened Wang's elder daughter with her job as a temporary worker in the city's Public Security Bureau. Finally, they also viciously claimed that, "Instructions from the headquarters of the Communist Party state that no responsibility will be taken for Falun Dafa practitioners, no matter how they die."

A practitioner from Mainland China

February 1, 2001

(Translated on February 2, 2001 from


129. Sun Shaomei

Sun Shaomei, female, 37 years of age, an employee of Supply and Marketing Cooperative in the town of Linglong, Zhaoyuan County, Shandong Province, was among the first bunch of Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal several times since July 20, 1999. She was illegally detained by the local police for about 8 months (I cannot remember the exact duration). The second day after she was released, Sun Shaomei went to Beijing again (around November 18, 2000) and was not heard from since. About mid December, we received a death announcement from Tuanhe Labor Camp, Daxing County, Beijing. We then knew that she was beaten to death.

A Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Translated on February 1, 2001 from the edited version of

128. Yu Wenjiang

Practitioner Yu Wenjiang Dies in Custody, Siping City, Jilin Province (02/10/01)

127. Liu Chun

[] Mr. Liu Chun, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shandong Province, went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa together with his girlfriend and his mother before the New Year's Day. It is said that on his way back to Qingdao City, while being escorted by police, Mr. Liu Chun didn't want to be passively persecuted by the injustice of the government and died, unfortunately, when he tried to get away by jumping out of the train. His girl friend, Ms. Wang is being detained somewhere in northeast China and the whereabouts of his mother is still unknown.

Mr. Liu Chun was an honest and good-natured person when he was alive. In July 1999, in order to validate Falun Dafa, he went to Beijing together with his girl friend and stayed outdoors for dozens of days and then was taken back to his hometown by police. In the days that followed, he experienced all kinds of tests and was even driven out of his residence by local police and could only stay with his mother. Last November, he was arrested when he posted materials on the street to promote Falun Dafa, and was detained for over half a month. After he was released from the detention center, he set out again on his way to safeguard Falun Dafa and never returned this time. Only his face, smile and that sincere and pure heart stay with us forever.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China

January 29th, 2001

(Translated on January 30th, 2001 from

126. Wang Yan

Practitioner Wang Yan, female, about 50-year old, Changchun City, was persecuted to death. We are looking into the details and will report them after investigating further.

(Translated on January 30, 2001 from


125. Liu Rongxiu

[] In early December of 2000, Ms. Liu Rongxiu, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Qingyuan Section of Changan District in Shijiazhuang City, went to Beijing to appeal to the government together with another practitioner named Hu. They were taken back by the Yuhualu police sub-station of Changan branch, Shijiazhuang Police Station. These two nearly 50 year old ladies were initially sentenced to criminal detention and then to labor education. On January 14th, 2001, having been detained for a month, this kind lady, Ms. Liu Rongxiu was persecuted to death. (According to her family, Ms. Liu was already dead when she was sent back.) Other the details are under investigation.

Some phone numbers:

"610" office of the Shijiazhuang Police Station: 86-311-7026911 Ext 3381;

Supervisory office: 86-311-7026911 and ask for supervisory office;

Legal institution office: 86-311-7026911 and ask for legal institution office;

Supervision department of Public Security Office of Hebei Province: 86-311-3033941 ext 2020;

"610" office of Public Security Office of Hebei Province: 86-311-3033941 and ask for 610 office;

The politics and security team of Changan branch, Shijiazhuang Police Station: 86-311-6677321 and ask for team leader Hu and Chai;

Legal institution section: 86-311-6677323;

Politics and law committee of Shijiazhuang City: 86-311-6686357;

Supervisor Jia of Yuhualu police sub-station in Shijiazhuang City: 86-311-6046975.


Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China

January 29th, 2001

(Translated on January 30th, 2001 from

Details of Falun DafaPractitioner Ms. Liu Rongxiu's Death

124. Liu Shuchun

Another Dafa Practitioner (Liu Shuchun) from Weifang City is Beaten to Death

Dafa practitioners Xu Bing and Lou Aiqing were just tortured to death, and a few days later another Dafa practitioner was beaten to death in a detention center.

Liu Shuchun, male, 38 years old, was a resident of Songzhuang town in Changyi County of Weifang City.

At the end of 2000, Liu Shuchun was sentenced to a labor camp because he practiced Falun Gong. He was persecuted to death in Changle Labor Camp at the beginning of 2001. His whole body was deep black and blue with large-scale bruises. In order to cover up their crimes, the labor camp officials wrapped up Liu Shuchun's head so that no one could see the wounds on his face.

They notified his family of his death on January 3, but they did not tell his wife because she was sent to a labor camp as well. She is detained in Jinan Female Detention Center because of practicing Falun Gong. Now, only his elderly parents and a 7-year old daughter were left at home alone, and nobody can take care of them.

They forced a cremation and buried him. Liu Shuchun was the 18th Dafa practitioner who was persecuted to death in Weifang city. All the good-hearted people in Weifang city are asking to sue Cao Xuecheng, Mayor of Weifang city. In this city, people will suffer all kinds of inhuman treatments and even lose their lives only because they speak from their hearts.

In the meantime, they are requesting to sue Wang Zhihua, the head of the police station in Weifang City. Under his direction, the policemen beat, fine, detain and send Dafa practitioners to labor camps at will. So many innocent Dafa practitioners have been injured by their police batons and fists! So many kind-hearted people have been persecuted to death by them! Children have lost their mothers and fathers; elderly people have lost their children. So many families are in a state of unease and suffering due to family break-ups.

Telephone number of City hall of Weifang city: 86-536-8789990

Telephone number of police station of Weifang city: 86-536-8783000

Telephone number of Changle detention center of Weifang city: 86-536-6221134.

Provided by practitioners from Mainland China

(Translated on January 28, 2001 from

Falun Gong Practitioner Liu Shuchun Is Beaten to Death in the Changle Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province

123. Sun Youfa

Newly Born Baby's Father Dies from Police Brutality

Chinese Public Security arrested Sun Youfa at Tiananmen Square in the afternoon of 12/31/00 while he was unfurling a Falun Gong banner. Then on New Year's Eve they sent him to the Fengtai Retention Center.

On New Year's Day, during interrogation at the Retention Center, the policemen hit Mr. Sun severely as he refused to answer any of their questions as to his name or address. (He would not tell them his identity so that nobody could bother his family in his hometown.) They beat his head and his whole body with a police baton, also kicked his calves with their boots. His hands and legs were cuffed together so that Mr. Sun could not lie down or stand up but was bent over by the corner in his cell.

On 01/2/01 the Retention Center force-fed Mr. Sun, as he had been on hunger strike for two days. They squeezed his nose and hit his chest hard so as to force-feed the fluid (milk with lots of salt). Mr. Sun was tortured so much that he was having difficulty breathing. He received the force-feeding twice more on 01/3/01 but became weaker due to their brutality. On 01/4/01 they tried to give him an intravenous injection but Mr. Sun refused it and he removed the needle from his vein. They got mad and shaved his hair off completely as a punishment and then continued to force the "IV" in him the next day. As Mr. Sun appeared to be extremely exhausted, he was transferred to a hospital for a more gentle way of intravenous injection on 01/6/01. After the cardiac checkup, the doctor commented that Mr. Sun was unable to last long. Back from the hospital, listed as terminally ill, the Retention Center rushed Mr. Sun to the train station in order to let him die somewhere else. At seeing what a terrible condition Mr. Sun was in, the train conductor turned down the police's request to get the dying man on board the train. The escort had to take Mr. Sun back to the Retention Center to wait for the management's decision. Then they had two escorts to take Mr. Sun to the train station again. This time the two escorts abandoned Mr. Sun at the station as he was waiting for them to buy a train ticket for him. That was per the decision of the management.

From the very first day of the New Year to the 6th day, a formerly healthy, energetic young man became feeble, skinny, and insensible because of police brutality. There were marks of handcuffs on his hands and legs as well as needle traces on his arms. He was terribly short of breath ... ... Then sadly on 01/13/01 this 24-year young Mr. Sun passed away due to suffocation.

Just one day before Mr. Sun left for his appeal in Beijing, his baby was born. Now this days-old baby was left with its young widowed mother. How are they going to face the tough future in life? ....

(Sun Youfa, male, Nationality: Han, born on 12/12/1977

Address: 2nd group of Eastern Suburb Committee of Kangping, Lishu town, Lishu county, Jilin Province

ID number: 220302771212023)

By a Practitioner in Mainland China

(Translated on Jan. 25, 2001 from an edited version of

122. Du Xu

Du Xu's Last Word Was "Forbearance" 

121. Zhang Guiqin

Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui Province: Dafa practitioner Zhang Guiqin, who was incarcerated by the Chinese public security departments, died at 1:03 PM on January 17, 2001 after 5 months of torture and suffering, at the age of 37.

Zhang Guiqin, because she persisted in the practice of Falun Dafa, was incarcerated three times by the Feidong public security bureau. The first time, on November 29, 1999, she was illegally detained for 15 days for persisting in her practice, of Falun Dafa, without repentance. The second time was on March 29, 2000, when she went to Beijing to appeal, and was detained for 24 days (9 days over the legal limit for detention). The third time was on July 24, 2000 when she was arrested for distributing teacher's articles and factual flyers about Falun Gong. Her arrest was approved on August 7. Each time when she was detained, she was tortured, at the detention centers, with beatings, forced feedings, shackles, electric shocks, etc. A healthy person was tortured until she was in critical condition.

On August 24, 2000, people at the detention center saw that Guiqin had been seriously tortured and in deplorable physical condition. Being afraid of the responsibility, they then contacted her family to take her home. At home, the security forces still kept up the pressure. The Feidong Procurator brought a suit against Zhang Guiqin. Due to her poor health, she could not be sent to the labor camp. They finally gave up. However, after 5 months of painful sufferings, Guiqin finally left us on the 17th of January.

Several days before she passed away, her body was very weak. Her vocal cords were seriously damaged due to the force-feeding at the detention house. She could not use her voice. Her body was so weak that she needed help even for little things such as leaning against the bed. Her lung was also seriously damaged by the forced feeding tube. She was out of breath and every cough caused severe pains. She was emaciated and could only eat fluid foods. During these 5 months, she endured tremendous suffering and pain. Whoever saw her wept.

The day Guiqindied, she told her family she would leave that day. Her family asked her what she had in mind. She said: "I am very calm now. Do not be sad for me." She died quietly afterwards. Her eyes were wide open, as if she was looking at the world full of disasters and sufferings; her mouth was also open, as if she wanted to shout to give innocence back to Master and to Dafa.

Sorrowful Guiqin! Heroic Guiqin!

(She left two grieving daughters, one 12 years old, and one 9 years old.

Some of the wicked people involved in this atrocity:

Feidong County public security bureau, Hefei City, Anhui Province:

Gao Ligang (in Division 1, extremely cruel, actively persecutes and beats Dafa practitioners): 86-551-7711022.

Office number of the Head of the Public Security Bureau: 86-551-7711268

Wang Jianye(Head of Feidong House of Detention), Doctor Cai (Took part in force-feeding each time and beating Dafa practitioners): 86-551-7711348, 86-551-7730111

Feidong House of Procurator: 86-551-7712905

Feidong Court: 86551-7711478

Feidong Chengguan Local Police Station: 86-551-7711324

Picture 1, January 17, 2001, She Died with Her Eyes Open Picture 2, A Portrait of Zhang Guiqin Taken at the time of Her Death


Picture 3, A Photo Taken Several Days before Zhang Guiqin Left Us

Picture 4, "I am Very Calm Now, Please don't be Sad."

Organized by Mainland Practitioners

January 19, 2001

(Translated on January 20, 2001 from:

A Practitioner in Hebei Province Died due to Force-feeding (01/25/01)

120. Sun Lianxia

119. Qi Jinsheng

Latest News from China - 01/18/2001

118. Practitioner

Latest News from China - 01/18/2001

117. Practitioner

Latest News from China - 01/18/2001

116. Yang Guibao

Dafa Practitioner Yang Guibao, male, 56 years old, was a resident in Beixinbao [town], Huailai County in Hebei Province, died due to forced-feeding with a concentrated saline-solution.

According to information from practitioners who had been released from Huailai Detention Center, Yang Guibao was detained in Huailai Detention Center in early January of this year, because his firm belief in Falun Dafa, and for not cooperating with the preposterous demands by the authorities. After six days on a hunger strike, he died, as the result of being force-fed with a concentrated saline solution. A genuine medical expert identified the cause of death as suffocation, caused by the saline solution that had entered into and congested his bronchial tubes. Police in the detention center falsely alleged that the cause of death was starvation, because Yang Guibao refused food and water. His relatives were not informed of his death until after he was cremated. A practitioner who knew the real details of Yang Guibao's death was transferred to another labor camp, presumably to keep the truth from coming out. As there were 4 other people in Yang Guibao's family practicing Falun Gong, the police went to his home to try to arrest them. The family strongly resisted, so the police did not take them away in the end.

(Translated on January 20, 2001 from

Dafa Practitioner Yang Guibao: Another Unyielding Practitioner Who Was Beaten To Death for His Belief (03/1/01)

Dafa Practitioners Zhang Baoxing, Li Jingchun, And Yang Guibao Die in Custody

115. Li Jingchun

Dafa Practitioners Zhang Baoxing, Li Jingchun, And Yang Guibao Die in Custody

114. Zhang Baoxing

Dafa Practitioners Zhang Baoxing, Li Jingchun, And Yang Guibao Die in Custody

Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhang Baoxing Tortured to Death in Police Custody in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province

More Information about Practitioner Zhang Baoxing's Death

113. Zhang Zhibin

Practitioners Ms. Zhu Yourong and Ms. Zhang Zhibin Tortured to Death at First Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province

Further Information on the Murder of Dafa Practitioner Zhang Zhibin at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp

112. Qiu Zhiyan

[] Qiu Zhiyan, A Practitioner in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, was Persecuted to Death. Here is his story.

Qiu Zhiyan, a 35-year-old male Dafa practitioner from Benxi City of Liaoning Province, was persecuted to death.

Qiu Zhiyan was a former employee of No.1 Benxi City Steel Integration Company, was a Party member and had earned Bachelor's degree. He was sentenced to three years in a labor camp because he appealed in Beijing in October 1999, and continued to practice Falun Gong at Benxi City Weining Detention Center. At the detention center, he was tortured and severely beaten, which caused him great physical and mental agony. At the time of his torture, the guards used an especially gruesome method, which causes excruciating pain. This despicable method, called "Stretch", is used on felonious criminals or criminals who have been sentenced to death. Here it was used on Qiu to force him give up practicing. Under usual circumstances, nobody can endure this excruciating abuse even for one day. However, the guards "stretched" Qiu Zhiyan for 4 days and nights. Despite their immense cruelties, Qui refused to give in. Then, in panic and vexation, they sent Qiu Zhiyan to a mental hospital. He was later bailed out by his relatives. When he was released, his body had been grotesquely deformed by the torture he had endured at the hands of those animals in human skin with minds of devils.

After that, in October 2000, Qiu Zhiyan, who was by now penniless, somehow bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and two hand-copied scriptures of Master Li's, and went to appeal in Beijing again. In November, he was arrested by Xingcheng City police [Liaoning Province]. After again being beaten brutally, he was escorted back by the Benxi City police. According to policy, every practitioner who went to appeal and was escorted back should be sentenced to a labor camp. However, this time police released Qiu Zhiyan back home. After he got home, as a result of the injuries from the beatings, he had difficulties with urination. In addition, soon afterward he had blood in his stool and began to vomit blood. Sometimes he was absent-minded. Yet, whenever he was clear he would shout "Falun Dafa Is Good." Several days later, he passed away. Qiu Zhiyan validated Dafa with his life, which became a soul-stirring event to all his relatives, friends and fellow cultivators. On the night of his death, loud thunder rattled the heaven and earth. Perhaps the heaven was also moved.

(Translated on January 14, 2001 from


111. Liu Guimin

Liu Guimin was a female Dafa practitioner from Jugezhuang Town of Dougezhuang Village in Miyun County. On December 31, 2000 she went to appeal and validate Falun Dafa at Tiananmen Square and was detained in a detention center (The details are still unknown). She went on a hunger strike and was soon force-fed. Because of her terrible condition, police feared that her life was in danger, and on January 5, 2001, they sent her back home. On the second day after her release, January 7, she passed away, after an unsuccessful attempt in the hospital to save her life. She was only 30 years old. She vomited a great amount of blood right before her death, which was probably present in her lungs due to the severe trauma caused by the crude and vicious force-feeding.

This is another blood debt that the Evil Jiang Zemin and his followers owe and need to pay. Hereby, we, Dafa practitioners in Miyun County, call on the world community and all kind-hearted people everywhere to support Dafa practitioners' peaceful, global appeal. Stop the inhumane and violent persecution in China!!!

(Translated on January 14, 2001 from

110. Wang Gaizhi

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Die of Persecutio (01/14/01)

109. Yu Lianchun

Yu Lianchun was a 49-year-old retired employee from the Huaneng Electricity Works in the City of Dezhou (Shandong Province). Due to her continual strong commitment to Falun Dafa, she was forcibly sent to the Shangdong Province Women's Second Labour Camp for 3 years. All this occurred just before the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 2000, under the scheming plot of the Electricity Works' Director, Mr Guo (also holding the position of the Works' Party Committee Secretary) and Vice Secretary, Mr Gao, along with a few members of the police department.

On 22 December 2000, the labor camp notified Yu Lianchun's family of her death. (Actually, she had already been tortured to death on 18 December 2000).

Yu Lianchun was a kind-hearted person who always found pleasure in helping others. Everyone who knew her said that she had the utmost good character. She was perfectly healthy, yet in not more than a year, she had died in the labor camp after undergoing severe torture.

Yu Lianchun started to practice Falun Dafa in May 1998. After practicing, she benefited enormously in both mind and body. Ever since 22 July 1999, after Jiang Zeming's brutal repression and persecution of Falun Dafa, she put much effort into clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to others. In October 1999 she went to Beijing along with her daughter to protest against the ban on Falun Dafa. On the 26th of October she was arrested and brought back to Shandong. Both she and her daughter were detained by Yu Lianchun's factory; their actions were monitored for almost a month and it was only following their persistent requests that they were allowed to go home.

For three months, police were posted in front of Yu Lianchun's home. She was forbidden to leave her house, or allowed to have any visitors. During this period, Guo and Gao persistently tried to send her away to labor camps. They achieved this with the assistance of a few officers from the police department. Just before the Chinese Spring Festival in Yr 2000, Yu Lianchun was sent to the Labor Camp in Jinan City (Shandong Province) for 3 years on the grounds that she was "disturbing social order". Her daughter was left alone at home. The labor camp forbade her to see her mother and it was only allowed after strong requests from her relative. Within the whole year, mother and daughter only saw each other twice and exchanges were not allowed. When Yu Lianchun's daughter visited her at the beginning of November 2000, she witnessed clearly the changes in her mother resulting from the inhumane torment of the labor camp. Yu Lianchun had become so skinny that she looked emaciated; her speech was not clear and she could not fully extend her fingers. She could barely lift her arms and was limping; it took her great effort to walk.

The torture that Yu Lianchun went through were cruel and heartbreaking. During mid-December her daughter decided to go to Beijing once more by herself to tell the government the truth about Falun Dafa, and hope that justice would finally triumph and that the rule of law would be restored. Her silent protest incited a torrent of blows from the police; her cotton-padded clothes were torn to pieces and her shoes were missing. She was dragged back to the City of Dezhou and put into a Detention Centre.

Inside the Detention Centre, she neither had any warm clothes nor blankets. It was the middle of winter so practitioners who knew about her arrest rushed over, bringing clothes and cotton blankets. Although the Detention Centre knew about the tragic death of her mother, they still heartlessly transferred her to the Detention Centre in Wang Village (City of De) on 23 December 2000. Until today, she still has no knowledge of her mother's passing.

The Jinan Labour Camp claims that relatives can only see Yu's body. However, to this date her relatives have not yet seen the body. The head of the Electricity Works is also deceiving the public, withholding the information about Yu Lianchun's death and the suffering that she went through.

Yu Lianchun used her own life to awaken the conscience of the people. She died for justice and for upholding the truth. Although she has left us, her strength and integrity will shine forever in our hearts. Justice will finally be restored.

Mr. Guo and Mr. Gao of the Electricity Works are the main reason for Yu's tragic death; the hatchet men in the labor camp are the executors.

We feel pain in losing a practitioner who was fearless in the face of immoral torture, but we also feel proud of her unyielding strength and bravery.

Falun Dafa Practitioners in China

(Translated on 1 February 2001 from the edited version of:

Additional Details on the Death of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Yu Lianchun at the Wangcun Labor Camp, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Inside Story- Shandong Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Yu Lianchun Beaten to Death

108. Yu Shuqin

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Die of Persecution (01/14/01)

107. Zhong Yunxiu

Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Die of Persecution (01/14/01)

106. Practitioner

105. Huang Hanchong

Latest News from China - 01/06/2001

Falun Gong Practitioner Huang Hanchong Is Murdered by the Lawless Police

104. Chu Congrui

Chu Congrui, a 19-year-old-girl, from Xujia Village of Shunantiande City of Jilin Province went to Beijing on December 1st, 2000, and was arrested in Tiananmen Square. She died in Haidian jail in Beijing around December 13th. According to the police, she died because of fasting. But the doctor disagreed, because her nose was broken, her face was deformed and her body was bloody all over and didn't look normal. She was cremated on December 18th at Changping County.

Upon learning of Chu Congrui's death, the residents in her hometown were extremely shocked and outraged. How could a kind-hearted and lovely girl be tortured to death? She was only 19-year-old!

Chu Congrui's parents are experiencing enormous sorrow and grief. Her father's eyes became dry from continuous crying and her mother is sedated daily because she can not handle the pain. This is the real story of the human rights situation in China under the rule of Jiang Zemin.

January 8, 2001

(Translated on January 10, 2001 from

Falun Dafa Practitioner Chu Congrui Dies in Custody (01/9/01)

A 19-Year-Old Practitioner Dies in Custody (01/13/01)

News from China on [02/25/01]

103. Yang Qingmin

A Dafa practitioner in Mainland China

December 31, 2000

(Translated on January 4, 2001 from

Falun Dafa Practitioner Yang Qingmin Persecuted to Death: The Real Story from Taiyuan City (01/7/01)

Three Dafa Practitioners in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Are Murdered by the Criminal Gang Led by Jiang Zemin

Persecuted Practitioner Yang Qingmin Dies

102. Xia Shucai

Dafa practitioner Xia Shucai, a 63-year-old man, was a resident of Dongdagezhuang village, Zhongjing town, Laiyang city, Shandong province. On December 9, 2000, he was captured at Laixi Rail Station on his way to Beijing to appeal and he was taken back to Zhongjing. The town government forced his family to pay a fine of 2,000 yuan (roughly 4 months' income of an average worker in China) and asked him to write a statement renouncing his practice of Falun Gong. Xia Shucai went on a hunger strike to protest against the illegal detention and beating. He was tortured many times during the hunger strike and he passed away on the night of December 22, 2000. According to an eyewitness account, at the time of his death, Xia Shucai was skinny; his eyes were still open; the cuts and wounds on his face had turned into scars; the flesh and skin on his right hand were torn apart; there were bloodstains on his stomach and thighs; bruises could be seen on his collar bone. The bloodstains were wiped off before his family members came to take a look at his body.

In fear that its evil deeds may be exposed, the Zhongjing town government transferred Xia Shucai's body to Laiyang police station. Moreover, it sent the three Dafa practitioners who were jailed together with Xia Shucai to a place no one else knows. In order to cover up its crime, the town government lied to the public saying that Xia Shucai died of a fall. The medical expert who colluded with the government dared to claim that Xia's death is normal and the blocked blood underneath the skin is very common for elderly people. The town government also told Xia's family members, "You can go ahead and sue us. However, it's no use!" The secretary of the Zhongjing Town Communist Party Committee, Li Min, a 38-year-old woman, is directly responsible for Xia's death and she is now too scared to show up in the public. However, she, along with other responsible parties, cannot escape the trial of history!

Phone numbers of perpetrators:

Li Min (Secretary of the Zhongjing Town Communist Party Committee): (86) 535-7560012
Dai Fengzhang (Secretary of Zhongjing Town Political Department): (86) 535-7560079
Xu Xijun (director of Zhongjing Town Police Station): (86) 535-7560025, 7560369;
Liu Jingcai (a policeman of Zhongjing Town Police Station): (86) 535-7560369
Laiyang Police Station: (86) 535-7212790
Laiyang Political Department: (86) 535-7264655
Laiyang Political and Security Department: (86) 535-7264667
Dongdagezhuang Village Committee of Zhongjing Town: (86) 535-7561244

January 3, 2001

(Translated on January 5, 2001 from

BBC: Falun Gong members 'die after beating'

101. Lou Aiqing

BBC: Falun Gong members 'die after beating' [01/2/01]

Reuters: China Torture, Persecution Kill 4 Falun Gong Members [01/2/01]

Two More Young Female Practitioners Persecuted to Death in Weifang City, Shandong Province (01/7/01)

100. Xu Bing

A Letter Left Behind By Xu Bing (04/12/01)

Statistical Distribution of Falun Gong Practitioners Killed in the Persecution

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