[Minghui Net] Liu Shusong was a student from the Clinical Medicine Department of Hebei Medical College, class of 1993. He was an assistant of the Dafa (great law and universal principle) Study Group at that time on campus, and was admired by all. Minghui Net reported his death while in custody of the Politics and Security Department in Shijiazhuang City on March 15, 2001. I would like to recollect some stories from his life.

He had a very difficult childhood and appeared more mature and calm than his peers. He was always very diligent in Dafa cultivation, and other practitioners all liked to share their experiences with him. He divided us into several Fa study groups, and he would ride his bicycle to villages far away from the campus to promote Dafa every weekend. At that time our practice site was growing on a rather righteous track, and he played a very important role in fostering the righteous environment.

In July 1998, he was assigned to the hospital surgical department at Pinggu County in Beijing after graduation. One year later, July 20, 1999 arrived, (the start of the persecution of Falun Gong in China), and his work unit asked him to write a guarantee letter to not practice Falun Gong. Under pressure, he rather unwillingly handed in his guarantee letter. After returning to his dormitory, he cried out heartbrokenly and felt very guilty for what he had done to Teacher and Dafa. Therefore, he discarded all his attachments again, and with dignity asked for the return of his guarantee letter.

In January 2001, in order to follow the progression of Fa Rectification, we held a Fa conference with practitioners from other areas. We got together on a blizzardy day, some of us coming from several hundred miles away. Some practitioners brought their young infants, and some freed themselves from work and family obligations so they could all attend the Fa conference within the one day. When we sat together in the Fa conference, it felt like the old times of group Fa Study on campus had returned. At the Fa conference, we shared our experiences all afternoon and into the night around the topics of "The Immenseness of Fa" and "Teacher's Immense Compassion." During the Fa conference, everyone was shedding tears and our Xinxing [mind and heart nature] and understanding of the Fa [universal law and principles] were rapidly upgrading. After the Fa conference, everyone's realm of thoughts had elevated tremendously, and many practitioners started to step forward to validate Dafa afterwards.

Shusong deeply understood the importance of the Fa conference and thought that many practitioners were still unable to step forward for Dafa. He also came to believe that he should devote all of his time to Fa Rectification, so he quit his job and went to Shijiazhuang City, where he had obtained Dafa, to find other practitioners with which to share experiences. But before long, he was followed at the Shijiazhuang train station by a plainclothes student from the Hebei Police School and got caught afterwards. Many students in this Police School have been assigned as plainclothes police by the Security Department. Later, he died while in custody of the Politics and Security Department in Shijiazhuang City.

At the moment of learning the news, I felt extremely sad and by no means accepted this fact. I even dreamed about him once, and he looked happy and cheerful with a smile, the way he used to be. I asked him, "Are you not dead?" He said, "No, I am not." Therefore, for a very long time I believed he was still alive. However, Minghui Net kept posting news regarding his death, so I started to question my thoughts, and finally could not do anything but accept this grievous fact.

Some people heard from Shusong's parents regarding the mysterious image people witnessed while cremating Shusong's remains. According to the custom of northern China, firecrackers must be set off while cremating one's remains. When the firecracker was lit, it soared up into the air before the first sound was heard. It rose higher and higher, grew bigger and bigger, and turned into a big fireball. Then, some people saw the firecracker turn into a lotus pad. Some people saw a big Falun [Emblem of Falun Gong]. His parents, relatives and friends who are not practitioners all saw these phenomena happening in the daytime.

His father also said that he had dreamed about him once, and Shusong said, "I left the human world too hastily, but you need not feel too sad for me, because I am not really dead and it is not the real me who died." Then Shusong led his parents to a big city. Although his parents do not practice Falun Gong, they all knew that Dafa is good based upon what they have seen and heard, and they also call Shifu [Mr. Li] "Teacher," and do not have any thoughts of hatred or misunderstanding toward Dafa.

A practitioner who was once illegally imprisoned with Shusong also dreamed about him. In the dream, Shusong cried sadly and said, "I do not have a human body, and cannot do anything for Dafa any more." This practitioner said to him in the dream, "Do not cry, and we will do a couple of things for Dafa on your behalf every day." I did not understand this dream when I first heard about it and wondered why this practitioner said something like that. Now I have enlightened to two points to this dream: First, practitioners who still have their human bodies must spare no effort to "Assist Teacher in the Human World." Second, we must let the public know the true story of Shusong's death due to illegal persecution, expose the evil and encourage other practitioners to step forward for Dafa.

The Politics and Security Department in Shijiazhuang has committed countless crimes. We hope all practitioners, from Hebei Province to the rest of the world, send forth their righteous thoughts and help eliminate all evil beings. We would also like to seriously warn the wicked police in Shijiazhuang: discard all measures to persecute practitioners, and stop the persecution! Or when retribution comes, it will be too late for regrets!