[Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province] More Information About Practitioner Liu Zhifen who was Persecuted to Death in Sichuan Province

Liu Zhifen, female, 63 years old, was a resident in Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province. On January 6, 2001, police called her to the police station and asked her to sign a "Three No" statement, which stated "No distributing flyers", "No appealing in Beijing" and "No assembling." Ms. Liu refused to sign and was immediately detained in Chongzhou City Detention Center. Later she was force-fed after she went on a hunger strike. On February 4, she was tortured to death. Police informed her family only after her body had been cremated. The police threatened her relatives and asked them to not disclose the information; otherwise, it would affect their land allowance.

There are still several dozen Dafa practitioners being detained in Chongzhou City Detention Center.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] College Officials Defraud Signatures From Faculty

When a college in Wuhan City launched a movement called "Tens of Thousands Signatures," the organizer covered the contents and asked every staff member to sign the document. Afterwards, a teacher was asked, "Do you know what you just signed?" The teacher answered, "I don't know." The questioner told him the truth that he had signed a document that criticized and denounced Falun Gong.

[Beijing] While bidding for the Olympic Games, Jiang Zemin's Group Stopped Supplying Heat to Beijing Workers

In order to welcome the International Olympic Committee's evaluation delegation, Jiang Zemin's group did some superficial work. In addition to painting buildings near streets and intersections, they brought new actions into play. During the week before February 21, some of the work units in Beijing stopped supplying heat to buildings to reduce the air pollution. Therefore, employees had to work in environments of -7 to -9 C (16 to 19 F).

[Anshan City, Liaoning Province] "If Your Daughter were Older Than 6 Months, She could have been Sent to an Orphanage"

I live in Anshan City, Liaoning Province. In September 2000, my husband was detained and illegally sentenced to 2 years forced labor in Anshan City Labor Camp due to printing and distributing Dafa [great law and universal principle] truth-clarifying materials. I was not arrested since I had a 2-month old baby at the time.

One day in September, a policeman from Jiefang Street police station in Tiedong District, Anshan City, came to my home and fined me 2000 Yuan [US$240, $60 is the average monthly wage in China]. I asked for the reason. He told me to ask the director. I said I did not have the money. He said that he would take away all electronic appliances from my home. Eventually they took away our refrigerator that we had bought less than a half-month earlier. At that time I went to the police station with him and asked the director why they took away our refrigerator.

The director told me, "This is the order from the upper government." I asked, "Then please give me a receipt." He replied, "No receipt. You may complain to anyone you like. You can sue me in any court if you wish. It could be worse. If your daughter were older than 6 months, she could have been sent to an orphanage and you could have been detained in jail with your husband." Afterwards, I asked for the refrigerator several times. He said, "We will return the refrigerator to you if you stop practicing; otherwise we will not return it and you won't get any receipt either."

[Huanan County, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Detained in Huanan Forestry Bureau

Since January 10, several dozen practitioners from Huanan County went to validate Dafa in Beijing. Among them, there were farmers, teachers, workers, police station directors, owners of private businesses, and heads of banks. The oldest person was about 70, the youngest one was 14, a middle school student. More than half of them went to Tiananmen Square to distribute flyers, unfurl banners and speak out loud that "Falun Dafa is Good." One male practitioner unfurled a banner and distributed some flyers. A policeman attacked him. The practitioner spoke to him loudly, "I did nothing wrong. Why would you arrest me?" Then he briskly walked away. The policeman was shocked by the awe-inspiring righteousness of the practitioner and did not know what to do. Armed policemen and soldiers patrolling Tiananmen Square stood there stupefied and watched the practitioner calmly leaving Tiananmen Square.

Female practitioners were detained in Chaoyang District Detention Center in Beijing after they were arrested. They were tortured and inhumanely insulted. They did not cooperate with the persecutors and refused the illegal interrogation and detention. They also refused to tell their names and addresses. Therefore they were cruelly beaten. One female practitioner was beaten to unconsciousness four times. Large handfuls of her hair were pulled out and her scalp was exposed. It was horrible.

The female practitioners were stripped of all their clothes. Their bodies were tied to a cross-shaped board. The doors and windows were widely opened, so the freezing wind blew in. The practitioners had to relieve themselves on the board. However, the practitioners who safeguarded Dafa with their lives did not submit to their tormentors. They had the belief in their hearts, "To live with no pursuits. To die with no regrets;" There were two practitioners released unconditionally after several days hunger strike. The others were identified and were escorted back by policemen from local areas for detention. They have still not been released.

Practitioners remaining in Beijing began to persistently spread the Fa [law and principle], clarify the truth, expose the evil and offer people salvation to assist Teacher in the human world. They melted themselves into the mighty current of the Fa rectification by hanging banners, distributing flyers and posting truth-clarifying materials. Several practitioners were arrested when distributing flyers. They were brutally beaten. But practitioners did not disclose any information to the police. Therefore they are still detained in Beijing.

Note: the known practitioners in Huanan County Detention Center include: Li Cheng, Yang Xiaofeng, Zhang Chunhui, Zhang Lizhen, Yang Zhongfu and his mother and sister, Liu Sheng, Yu Shulan and her grandson Zhang Yusong, and other practitioners with unknown names.

Practitioners from Huanan Forestry Bureau who are detained: Xia Zhijue, Zhu Fuxiang, Cheng Shujie, Wang Zhongying, Zhang Yajie, Zhang Guifen, Guo Guanglin, Gao Xu and his wife.

List of the persons responsible for persecuting practitioners:

Zhao Yingmin, General Secretary of Huanan Forestry Bureau Party Committee: 011-86-454-6220568 (Home), 13904542224 (Cellular)

Li Baotian, Director of Police Department: 011-86-454-6220639 (Home), 13903647780 (Cellular)

Jia Shouhui: Vice Director of Police Department: 011-86-454-6220337 (Home), 13803677495 (Cellular)

Police: Song Dianlin, Lin Shushan, Shi Shouchen, Zhou Guangbin.

[China] Stay Alert for the Special Agent's Trick of Entrapping Dafa Practitioners

Recently, a special agent used the address books of arrested practitioners to contact other practitioners. He lied and said that he had been previously detained with these practitioners and was just released. He claimed he needed to pass on some words from the practitioners detained with him and would like to meet in person. The practitioners who went to meet with him were arrested. Here we would like to remind practitioners to stay alert. Please do not easily believe in words from strangers. When you have conversations using public phones, talk in vague terms. Do not carelessly meet with strangers.

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] New Equipment was Imported to Monitor all Public Phones

Recently, new equipment was imported in Yantan City to monitor all public phones. The police can arrive a few minutes after the phone call goes through. There have been practitioners arrested while making calls.

Practitioner Yu Yuanqiang was illegally taken away from his home without any legal procedure. It was said he was sentenced to 3 years forced labor.

[Beijing] Officials at Six Beijing Universities Forcibly Sent Practitioners to Tuanhe Labor Camp

Around March 9, under instructions from University Working Committee in Beijing, People's University of China, Beijing Chemical Industry University and four other universities forcibly sent more than 20 practitioners to Daxing's County Tuanhe Labor Camp for "transformation". It was said that those who could not be transformed would be sentenced to forced labor.

We hope kind-hearted people will help stop them from violating the law at will, and stop the persecution of intellectuals. Practitioners at universities should pay more attention. Do not cooperate with these malicious people.

[Beijing] A Scroll Reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" is Displayed Outside the Second Floor of Xidan Shopping Mall in Beijing

On March 10, the sky was very clear in Beijing. Around 1:30 pm, a scroll, five meters by a half meter [about 16 feet by 1.6 feet] flew on the second floor of Xidan Shopping Mall. The golden shiny characters "Falun Dafa is Good" attracted many people including those from across the street. People stopped and looked and taxi drivers frequently glanced back when driving away from the Xidan Shopping Mall. It was very crowded at the mall. The scroll flaunted in the sky above Xidan Shopping Mall for a long time.

The scroll was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. Dynamic gold characters had been applied to red silk. There were red woven China knots with two little copper locks hanging on the bottom of the banner.

[Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province] News from Taiyuan City

Recently, Taiyuan City Labor Camp set up a transformation class. One by one, practitioners were reported by resident committees to the upper government. Those who still practiced Falun Gong would be sent to the transformation class. Jiang Zemin's regime was in its last irrational show.

[Beijing] Shao Minxue, Young Teacher at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was Illegally Taken from his Home

Practitioner Shao Minxue, a young teacher at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, was taken away from his home by the State Security Department on the night on February 24. He has still not been released. After he finished his postdoctoral research last October, he went to work at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. All the paper work for the job had been finalized. However, because he insisted on practicing Falun Gong, the University wanted to reject his post as a teacher and wanted him to return to his former postdoctoral research position.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] The Persecution in Shenyang City

1. During the New Year Holiday, Zhu Jin, who was in charge of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Shenyang City, went to Longshan Labor Camp to inspect the status of Dafa practitioners' transformation. In the morning, Dafa practitioners collectively practiced the second exercise of Falun Gong, "Holding the Law Wheel," which suppressed any interference.

2. Around March 10th, police from Xiliu Town of Haicheng City illegally searched Dafa practitioners' homes. Meng Yong, Li Decheng and five other practitioners were taken away from their home along with Dafa books. Xiliu Town Police Office number: 011-86-412-3857111

3. Practitioner Li Chao in Shenyang Airplane Manufacturing Company was taken away by Huanggu District Police Department in Shenyang City on March 8. His whereabouts are unknown. His mother (also a practitioner) was forcibly sent to an "education class". Huanggu District Police Station: 011-86-24-86402205

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Three Practitioners at Shenyang Aviation Industry Institute were Forced to Leave Their Studies

Dai Jiujiang, male, 23, is a junior student. He was illegally sent to an "education class." Two other practitioners, senior students Jing Zhiqiang and Zhang Yusheng were forced to leave school without completing their studies. The institute phone number: 011-86-24-86120015

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Practitioner Wang Huilan was Illegally Sent to Labor Camp

Wang Huilan, female, 54, was detained by Zhulin Police Station last December. She was detained in Fangjialan Detention Center. Her relatives asked Zhulin Police Station and Dadong District Police Department for her release. The police did not release her, offering only excuses as their response. Wang Huilan was illegally sentenced to one and a half years forced labor in February 2001. Now she has been detained in Longshan Labor Camp. There were about 100 practitioners detained there. The police have extorted Dafa practitioners' wealth by all means. They asked practitioners to pay great amounts of money for their daily living expenses.

[Henan Province] Evilness Persecuted Dafa Practitioners and Their Relatives

Dafa practitioner Zhang Feng (pseudonym) was frequently harassed by police before the Spring Festival (in January). She was forced to leave home. With help from other practitioners, she found a place to live. However, even in this situation, police created difficulties using all means against her spouse who was not a practitioner. After the Spring Festival, police took him away as a hostage. Their child had no home and had to sleep in the street.

Practitioner Han Bing (Pseudonym) had to leave home after the Spring Festival in order not to be taken away by police. Police often harassed his 85-year old father. His relatives could not lead a normal life. His wife, who is not a practitioner, visited a friend in Beijing in early March. She was detained by police on her way. Her whereabouts were unknown. Later, police informed him that his wife was detained. In agony and worried, their 76 year old mother died two days after hearing this news. This was another blood debt owed by Jiang Zemin's regime.

A lot of local police station and street administration offices detained Dafa practitioners and set up an "education class" to transform them. Those who could not be transformed in a month would be sentenced to forced labor. Many practitioners had to leave their homes. Their families and relatives were also persecuted. They all lived in agony. This is evidence of China's "best period of human rights", as claimed by Jiang Zemin.

Hope kind-hearted people pay more attention to these matters.

[China] My Experience of being Tortured After Making an Appeal

My name is Ren Tian (pseudonym), 53 years old. I was detained on December 29, 2000 when I was validating Dafa in Tiananmen Square. There were so many Dafa practitioners being detained that day that we packed the yard of the Qianmen Police Station. The policemen kept beating us with batons and broomsticks. Many practitioners' heads were severely beaten and bleeding. Among them was a lady over 80. She was beaten so hard that her face was covered with blood. There was a time, I tried to block a policeman with my right arm when he was beating another practitioner with a baton, and the fingers on my right hand were hit very severely. Even before I could bring back my arm, my nose was hit severely. The blood gushed out from my nose like a stream, a tooth on the right side of my mouth was broken at the root and my front false tooth fell into my throat.

At about 3 pm, policemen began to divide detained practitioners into groups and send them away. I was sent to Huairou County Detention Center. They brought me up for interrogation three times after I arrived there. They used gentle tactics at first and later became rougher with me to make me tell them my name, address and disclose my companions. As I insisted on refusing to answer, they tortured me with all kinds of torments. They beat my face and head violently; my left ear became deaf right away. After I returned home, it took almost a month for my ear and right thumb recover. My nose has not recovered yet. It bleeds when being touched.

[Hebei Province] A Place in Hebei Province Uses Extortion on Practitioners While Persecuting Falun Gong

Ever since Jiang Zemin sent down his secret orders to "Defame (Practitioners) Politically, Destroy (Practitioners) Economically" and has stated brazenly that "It's all right to beat them to death", the persecution of Dafa practitioners became further intensified. Incidents violating the Constitution and human rights can be found everywhere.

Hebei Dafa practitioners Fan Gang and his wife went to Beijing to validate Dafa in February 2000, they were seized by people from their liaison office in Beijing and were forced to hand in 440 Yuan (US$53) for accommodations (they discovered later that the money was spent by the policemen for dinner). The next day, the couple was escorted back and was illegally detained 40 to 50 days. Fan Gang was beaten by prisoners and guards in the detention center. When he was released, they extorted 2,000 Yuan ($240) for a transportation fee, 3,000 Yuan ($360) for bail and 600 Yuan ($72) for food and luggage fees; the officials extorted from his wife 1,000 Yuan ($120) for a transportation fee, and 5,000 Yuan ($600) for bail. Their family members were force to sign their names as guarantee for their release.

In February 2001, the local police tried to arrest Fan Gang again using as evidence his story that appeared on the Internet. Fan Gang was forced to quit his job, leave his home and wander about. Moreover, the police created difficulties for his family members; they extorted a large amount of money from them and threatened to arrest them. So far, officials have extorted more than 14,000 Yuan ($1,680, average monthly wage is about $60) from Fan Gang and his wife.

[Yanggu County, Shandong Province] Police Dreadfully Torture Dafa Practitioners in Yanggu County, Liaocheng City

On March 1, 2000, dozens of Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal, the county police intercepted them on the way. The police threw several [Falun Gong] assistants into prison with the excuse that "Falun Gong appealing is not allowed" and "Appealing is against the law." Guards Cheng and Meng confiscated 1,250 Yuan ($150) from a practitioner and divided the money between themselves. In the prison, policemen ordered prisoners to beat practitioners with their fists and feet, and with the the soles of their shoes. They pulled off practitioners' clothes and forced them to stand naked in the yard. They ordered prisoners to pour icy water onto practitioners' heads and bodies one bowl after another, and each time they would pour five to six buckets of water. Practitioners did not eat anything all day; they were beaten black and blue all over their bodies and were tortured with several buckets of icy water. They suffered tremendously from these tortures. Practitioners were illegally detained from 20 to 80 days.

The head of Chengguan town police station, Song Shihe, interrogated a practitioner many times. He tried to force a practitioner to curse Dafa and our Teacher. The practitioner refused to curse and tried to reason with him. He used rope, tied the practitioner up tightly with his arms at the back. The practitioner's arms turned black after being tied up. Later, he forced the practitioner to kneel down on the cement for three hours. The practitioner endured all kinds of inhumane torture.

Other practitioners were held at the detention center. Among them were two female practitioners, one is over 30, and the other is over 50. They were beaten many times for insisting on saying "Dafa is good, I will practice Falun Gong." They were tied up with rope and detained individually and were not allowed to use the bathroom so they had to relieve themselves in their pants. The police even spread rumors that practitioners became insane from practicing Falun Gong and are mentally ill. The head of the police station beat the 50-year-old practitioner and broke two of her teeth with his fist.

The most vicious and cruel persons in the detention center are the police station head, Liu Xiujin and vice secretary of the town's Party committee, Zhang Yong.

The above-mentioned practitioners were released after they handed in fines and had been guaranteed to not appeal by the village head. The fines ranged from 1,000 or 2,000 Yuan ($120-$240) to about 10,000 Yuan ($1,200). These practitioners must report to officials before they go out of town. The head of the police station would "visit" practitioners from time to time at their homes. These practitioners' right to personal freedom is not guaranteed. They were even followed when they visit their relatives. These true facts happened in China during the "best period of human rights" as claimed to the whole world by Jiang Zemin.

Name list of criminals who persecuted Falun Gong in Yanggu County:

Liu Xiujin, director of Chengguan Town police station, telephone: 011-86-635-6261826; cell phone: 011-86-635-13906356076.

Song Shihe, political instructor of the police station, telephone: 011-86-635-6363463.

Zhang Yong, director of political committee of Chengguan Town, telephone: 011-86-635-6363178; Pager: 01186-635-126-35678.

Guo Zhongxi, chief of security section of County Police Department, telephone: 011-86-635-6212622.

Li Jialin, director of police section of County Bus Station, telephone: 011-86-635-6262618; home telephone: 011-86-635-6752481.

[Beijing] Practitioner Wu Yaxian was Illegally Detained and Sentenced, Her Family's Lives are Very Difficult

Wu Yaxian, 41 years old, is a Beijing practitioner. In October 2000, she went to validate Dafa at Tiananmen Square and was arrested before she was even able to unfurl her banner. Without due cause, she was illegally sentenced to one and a half years forced labor. She is now detained in Tiantanghe Labor Camp. Wu Yaxian has an 84-year-old grandmother at home. Her grandmother is paralyzed and could not take care of herself, and needs assistance because she has incontinence. Wu has a son who is only 13 years old. Her husband does not think clearly; he needs care too. Wu Yaxian just wanted to tell the truth of Falun Dafa at Tiananmen Square and was sentenced to forced labor. Now her family's lives are more difficult without her.

[Sichuan Province] Practitioner Jiang Qunhua, Li Ming are Illegally Detained

Jiang Quenhua, female, in her 60s, lives in Mengyang Town in Pengzhou City of Sichuan Province. In December 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal and was sent back for 2-years labor education to carry out outside of jail. In January 2000, she went to Beijing again and was arrested on the train. She was badly tortured by the government of Mengyang Town. Ten days later, she was then sent to Pengzhou City Detention Center and was sentenced to a 3-year term of labor education.

Li Ming, male, is in his early 20's. He just graduated from, and still lives at Sichuan University. On October 2, 2000, school security personnel took him away while he was accessing the Internet. He was sentenced to one and a half years forced labor.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners Zhang Cheng and Fu Liqun Impacts Their Daughter

Zhang Cheng, male, is 31. Fu Liqun, female, is also 31. Zhang was an employee of Sichuan Boiler Factory in Jintang County in Sichuan Province. On December 20, 2000, Jintang County police went to search his house. They took away a fax machine and some books. They also took him away and he is still being detained in Jintang Detention Center. In February 2001, police went to his house again and forced his wife Fu Liqun to write a guarantee letter [to not practice Falun Gong]; otherwise, she would be sent to labor camp too. His wife did not want to write that letter and was forced to jump from the 3rd floor. She is still hospitalized because of this. Police are watching her day and night. No one can take care of her 2-year old daughter now.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Detained in Jinjiang District

Since February 2001, police illegally detained 20-30 Falun Dafa practitioners in Nanjiang Fish-House Holiday Club in Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. At the door of the Club, there are people with wearing red sleeves guarding the entrance. People who live there must show their ID to be able to enter.

[Sichuan Province] Recent Situation of Ni Yuehua, a First-Class Officer of the Jail Administrative Department in Sichuan Province

Practitioner Ni Yuehua (female) was a First Class Officer of the Jail Administrative Department in Sichuan Province. Her husband, Cui Rongchang, is a professor at the Chinese Department of Sichuan University. They went to appeal in Beijing around October 1999. After being sent back, they were detained in Jiuru Village Detention Center. After being released, they were sent to an "education class" for three months at Wangjiang local police station. Last year, during the "Two meetings" period [the annual meeting of National People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference], the couple and another practitioner, Zhu Jialin, were detained in the Hongwa Building in Sichuan University because police worried that they would go to Beijing to appeal. The police station and their work unit hired people to closely watch them day and night. However, they are still firmly cultivating Dafa.

Ni Yuehua is now detained in Chengdu City Jail. The environment is very bad. The jail cell is so crowded that people can only sleep on their sides. During the night, the whole room has to count "one, two, three" in order to change sides together. On January 18, 2001, when there were large-scale arrests, the jail was full of Dafa practitioners. Later, because some practitioners were sentenced to forced labor or released, now, Ni Yuehua is the only Dafa practitioner left in her cell.

[China] Justice is in People's Hearts: Dialogue Between Practitioners and Non-Practitioners

1. A Practitioner in a Cab:

Driver: "Do you think those who burned themselves [in Tiananmen Square] were Falun Gong practitioners?"

Practitioner: "It is not possible. Falun Gong does not allow killing."

  1. Driver: "I think so too. I don't know why they did that? Maybe they are laid-off workers who do not have a way out! In today's news, few stories are real."
  2. A High School Student:
  3. "Today, our school asked police in the Public Security Bureau to give us a speech. The policeman said: 'To do the work of transforming Falun Gong practitioners is extremely difficult. Till now, not many were transformed.'"
  4. A Neighbor of a Falun Dafa Practitioner:
  5. Neighbor: "Is the police in front of your house watching you?"

    Practitioner: "Yes."

  6. Neighbor: "Don't let it bother you."
  7. A Colleague of a Practitioner:

Colleague: "No matter how hard Jiang Zemin persecutes Falun Gong, Falun Gong practitioners are not afraid. I think that your Teacher is not an ordinary person. There are so many people practicing Falun Gong. There are so many people practicing it abroad too. It must have its reasons. It is extraordinary. Jiang Zemin was too vicious towards Falun Gong!"