[Beijing] Female Practitioner from Wuhan Humiliated after Arrest

According to a reliable source, a female practitioner from Wuhan city, Hubei Province went to Beijing, along with her fellow practitioners to validate Falun Dafa on December 25th. After being arrested on Tiananmen Square, she was sent to Beijing Chaoyang District Police Station. The police beat her brutally. Her face was bruised and lacerated from the beating and her body was bruised everywhere. Because she didn't cooperate and refused to give her name and address, Beijing Chaoyang Police Station took her to a place in the suburb and interrogated her with torture. These so-called "people's police", with police insignias pinned on their caps, however, imitated the vicious acts of "Mashanjia Transformation Center" . They force-fed her with water, and didn't allow her to use a toilet. On seeing that she still did not give in, they stripped her, cuffed her hands to a wooden board, and let other police watch and make fun of her.

These vicious policemen have completely lost their human ethics and conscience. They are even worse than beasts. We believe that "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil." Someday soon they will receive their retribution.

[Nantong City, Jiangsu Province] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

Qidong County of Nantong City brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. To date, at least one practitioner has died as a direct result of the state sanctioned persecution. In November 2000, Qidong County police arrested Dafa practitioner Wang Hanchong (over 40 years of age) because he printed Dafa truth-clarifying materials. He died in police custody. He had severe injuries on his body and his spine was broken. The police cut his wrist in an attempt to create false evidence that he committed suicide. Afterwards, the police paid his family 30,000 Yuan (about USD3600) consolation pension.

In addition, a large number of practitioners were sent to Forced Labor Education Camps. Below is a name list :

Practitioners, who were sent to labor camps in the first half year of 2000:

Chen Hanchang (male) 1 year; Huang Xiangdong (male) 1 year; Huang Hongping (female) 2 years; Gao Yixin (male) 1 and a half years; Chen Sizhong (male) 1 and a half years.

Practitioners, who were sent to labor camps at the end of December 2000:

Song Bingxian(female)1 year; Gong Qin (female) 1 year; Chen Xiufang(female) 2 years; Yang Guiqin (female) 2 years; Zhu Diefei (female) 2 years; Dan Hong (female) 2 years; Chen Hanfang (female) 2 years; Lu Jianzhong (male) 2 years; Yin Weiping (female) 1 year; Chen Xiang (female) 2 and a half years.

[Beijing] Eyewitness Account in Tiananmen Square - December 29, 2000

At about 12pm on December 29th, I was in Tiananmen Square. The weather was nice and there were many tourists on the square. Suddenly, from the entrance to the checkroom of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, a group of young men, all having closely cropped hair, ran toward the flag-raising place where many people gathered. A police van was also approaching them. Some people in the crowd repeatedly cast flyers into the air and others unfurled banners reading; "Falun Dafa is Good". Those young men, having closely cropped hair, and some plainclothes policemen arrested them immediately. The practitioners, however, didn't voluntarily let the evil take them away and shouted "Falun Dafa is Good." "Return Innocent (Status) to our Teacher". The policemen threw them to the ground, kicked and beat them. The practitioners still shouted without stopping. Some practitioners held the banners high and shouted while running on the square. The plainclothes police, hidden in the crowd, extended their legs and tripped the practitioners. Then they dragged the practitioners toward the police van. The practitioners simply refused to get on the van. Some of them were carried into the van, and some once again jumped out of the van. Besides the crowd, some other practitioners suddenly unfurled a banner tens of meters long, and used their bodies to protect the banner from being taken away. More practitioners ran toward the banner to protect it. The policemen also ran toward the banner and tried to beat the practitioners to the ground. Those practitioners, however, grasped the banner firmly even after being knocked to the ground. Later on, the banner was cut into several pieces. One practitioner still held a piece of the banner even after falling to the ground. He was beaten. His face and hands bled, and the ground was spotted with his blood. Later the practitioners began to shout, "Eliminate the evils", "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Return Innocent to our Teacher". The policemen beat them once again. Then the practitioners shouted, "Stop beating good people" "Beating people violates the law".

A couple had a camera. Several policemen stopped them and forced them to take the film out. The couple explained that they just took 3 pictures elsewhere, which could be checked from the camera. The policemen were uninterested in their explanation and removed and destroyed the film. The policemen told them , "You shouldn't take pictures in Tiananmen Square.

Somewhere at the edge of the square, a couple of foreign tourists had a video camera. The police also stopped them and had them take out the videotape. The man refused. But the police didn't let them go, nor listen to their explanation. In the end, the man had to give the tape to the police. It is obvious who is right and who is wrong. If the police were doing the right thing, why were they so afraid to have their pictures taken?

[Beijing] Eyewitness Account in Tiananmen Square on New Year's Day

On New Year's Day, more practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. The police redoubled police forces to control the Square. A Beijing Riot Brigade was assigned to guard rigorously around the Golden Water Bridge. They questioned and searched the tourists, and forced them to say, " Falun Dafa is XXX" (slanderous words omitted) before letting them go, which made the passersby disgusted. One riot policeman stopped a lady to question her. The lady told him, "Your are violating human rights, it's illegal." The policeman dragged the lady away to keep on questioning her. The lady earnestly admonished him,, "Is there anything to be ashamed of that can not be shown in public? I haven't done anything wrong. Why shall I follow you to the side? Does this deserve to be called a socialist country?" The lady pointed at the name card on his chest and said, "Oh, your name is Hu Yupeng. You are from Beijing Riot Brigade. I will expose your behavior today to the public." Then the policeman said in a low voice, "No, no, no, please don't do that. I am not deliberately offending you. I am just carrying out the instructions from the higher authority."

In the underground passageway to Tiananmen Square, more than ten policemen were patrolling. I saw a policeman wearing a steel helmet, a long military overcoat, and a leather belt on his waist. He took a police baton in his right hand, and with his left hand, he pulled a 50-year-old non-local male tourist and ordered him to say, "Falun Dafa is a XXX" (slanderous words omitted). That man cried out about his grievances, "It's unjust. I have never sworn at others in my life, but now the capital policeman orders me to swear at people. Where is the course of nature?" The tourists in the passage gathered around to see what had happened. Several policemen shouted rudely at the crowd and drove them away. Later, several policemen dragged two women, whose dress indicated that they were not local. They were forced to defame Falun Dafa. The two women didn't give in and they shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good! Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa. Jiang Zemin is truly evil. You defame, slander and frame Dafa and Dafa practitioners. It is intolerable to the course of nature. You can't shirk your criminal responsibilities." One policeman beat her to the ground. The lady shouted, "Police are beating people. Come and look. Police are violating human rights. Police are beating people again." The passersby came close and watched their ugly behavior. The two policemen felt guilty and dragged her away. The tourists were choked with silent fury.

This is how Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, at the beginning of the New Year, brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners under the cover of celebrating the holiday with dances and songs.

[Beijing] Sidelight on Tiananmen Square

I. Is it forbidden to wear yellow kerchiefs in Tiananmen?

On noon of December 23, two tourists in their fifties were taking pictures in Tiananmen Square. The wind was blowing hard at that time, and one tourist's yellow gauze kerchief was blown off. She instinctively spread the gauze kerchief and put it back on her head. To her surprise, a police van suddenly rushed toward her and a policewoman inside the van extended her hand out of the window, pointed at and hurled abuse at her. She was shocked by the language, and was at a loss as to what to do. It turned out that the policewoman mistook the tourist's yellow kerchief for a Falun Dafa banner. The tourists looking on were stunned: Is it forbidden to wear yellow kerchiefs in Tiananmen?!

II. Bad deed receives on-the-spot retribution

At about 11 a.m. on December 24, a male Dafa practitioner unfurled a banner reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" on Tiananmen Square. Four or five policemen suddenly attacked him. This practitioner immediately put away the banner and ran toward the museum. The police chased after him. One of the policemen was very eager for the quick success and instant benefits and vigorously pursued him. When this policeman was about to catch the practitioner, he suddenly fell to the ground heavily.

[Beijing] Female Soldiers' Righteousness

At about 1 p.m. on December 24, four female soldiers came to the center of Tiananmen Square. They put down their bags, calmly took out Falun Dafa banners, raised the banners and shouted, "Falun Dafa Is Good!" The awe-inspiring righteousness of these four female soldiers was shaking Tiananmen Square.

[Beijing] Practitioners from Qinghua University Beaten after Arrest

On January 1, 2000, Dafa practitioners from Qinghua University, including Meng Jun etc. were arrested. Meng Jun was brutally beaten. An evil policeman, Gao Feng beat Meng Jun's legs with an iron plate while interrogating him. He also threatened Meng and shouted," If you still don't tell, I'll break your legs, open your handcuffs and throw you out of the window from the top of the building. We'll tell others that you have committed suicide."

The police pried open the homes of Liu Wenyu and Yao Yue and took them away from their homes. Yao Yue was brutally beaten by the police.

[Shanghai City] News from Shanghai

Beijing Dafa practitioner, Hua Wei was arrested while sharing an experience with Shanghai practitioners this February in Shanghai. Hua was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment at his second trial this November. His detailed whereabouts are unknown.

Many Shanghai Dafa practitioners were arrested while clarifying the truth. The following practitioners may be sentenced to imprisonment:

All the practitioners from Fudan University practice site

All the practitioners of East China University Science and Technology practice site

--- Some people released from the detention center said that, in the detention center, these practitioners were physically punished and disallowed to sleep etc. Because the police tightly blocked information, their family members cannot get in touch with them.

Zhang Zhanjie, a teacher of Shanghai Teachers University, and his wife

--- Police sent their daughter to their hometown in Shandong province because there was no one to take care of her.

Guo Xiaojun, a teacher of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and his wife;

Shao Hongzhen, an employee of Shanghai Air-Wheel Machinery Plant

---She was arrested just because she sent her cultivation experience to her colleagues last July. She held a hunger strike in the detention center, but the detailed information is unknown even to her family members.

Yang Binghui, an employee of Houses and Buildings Maintenance Company, and his girlfriend Wang;

Mei Jianqi, a student of Shanghai Jiaotong University

---He should have graduated from school last year. Because he refused to write the guarantee letter, he is not allowed to graduate. He was beate after being arrested because he didn't cooperate with the police. We hope that the teachers of Shanghai Jiaotong University can come forward to protect the legal rights and interests of your own student.

Shanghai Qingpu Female Labor Camp "invited" the so-called Beijing "veteran practitioners" to come to Shanghai to "share their experience" in an attempt to transform the practitioners. Because most steadfast practitioners were able to distinguish true from false, they were transferred to Dafeng, Jiangsu province and their whereabouts are unknown at present.

A kind-hearted social security person revealed that recently plainclothes police were everywhere in Shanghai. They will receive 1000 Yuan RMB bonus each time they arrest one Dafa practitioner who is distributing flyers. We hope that our fellow practitioners pay attention to the safety issue, because right now many everyday people still believe that "people die for profits, birds die for food." Those ignorant people: Be sure not to commit wrong deeds that will hurt your eternal life just for momentary profit.

[Shanghai] Dafa Practitioners from Tongji University Are Being Persecuted

Huang Bei: an undergraduate student of the class 96' in the Department of Architecture of Tongji University, was arrested in Beijing in September 1999 and detained for one month. Afterwards, Huang was kept under surveillance at the rest house of Tongji University until she was allowed to go home in of January 2000. Huang was arrested and detained again in May 2000 for distributing Dafa material on the campus of Tongji University. Later, Huang was arrested once more for going to Beijing.

Xu Weifen: Xu went to Beijing in September 1999 and was found and taken back to Tongji University from Beijing by teachers of Tongji University. The teachers in Xu's department illegally restrained Xu's personal freedom without declaring by putting Xu under surveillance. Later, Xu resourcefully escaped and went to Beijing once again. This time, Xu was arrested and put into criminal detention for one month. Then Xu was forced to suspend schooling and go back home. Xu went to Beijing in December 1999 and was arrested on Tiananmen Square. After being sent back to Shanghai, Xu was detained for one month at First Detention Center of Shanghai City (located at Beicai, Pudong district, Shanghai city). On October 26, 2000, Xu was detained for one month for distributing Dafa truth materials in a residential area. At the detention center, Xu resolutely refused to cooperate with the police in their inquiries and was once beaten up at the detention center for going on hunger strikes. After being released, Xu was arrested once again around December 20, and was sentenced to one and half years' forced labor reeducation. Presently, Xu's family members do not yet know where Xu is detained.

Sun Ran: a student of 98' class in the Department of Architectural Engineering of Continuing Education School of Tongji University, went to Beijing in September 1999 and was arrested without reason on Tiananmen Square and detained for 15 days. Afterwards, Sun was dismissed from the university. Sun's classmates were all in tears when they heard about this because they hated to part with such a kind and good classmate.

Huang Dingyi: a masters student of in the class 97' class in the Department of Architectural Engineering of Tongji University, went to Beijing in December 1999 and was arrested on Tiananmen Square. After returning to Shanghai, Huang was kept under surveillance at the rest house of Tongji University. Around May 2000, Huang was detained for one month in Beijing for displaying banners on buses in Beijing. Later, Huang was detained again for one month for distributing Dafa truth materials. In less than two weeks after the release, Huang was arrested once again and sentenced to two years' forced labor reeducation. Even though Huang has defended his thesis for a masters degree successfully, the conferment of his masters degree is deferred because of his practicing Falun Dafa. His wife and his one-year-old daughter are having a hard time presently.

Huang Zhaoyi: a doctoral student of 97' class in the Department of Road and Traffic Engineering of Tongji University, went to Beijing in late October 1999 and was found and taken back to Tongji University from Beijing by teachers of Tongji University. Afterwards Huang was kept under surveillance at the rest house of Tongji University. The university mobilized Huang's family members to press Huang to give up practicing, and, under such pressures, Huang wrote a warranty. Huang went to Beijing again in December and was beaten up inside police van for practicing Falun Gong on Tiananmen Square. At the police station of Tiananmen Square, Huang was ordered to take off all upper clothes and stand in freezing air beside the window with only short pants on. Later on Huang was put into criminal detention for one month. Huang returned to the the university after having written a warranty in March 2000. In early June, Huang clarified to the university that he will persist in practicing Dafa. In October 2000, Huang and Shanghai University of Technology has signed an employment contract. However, because of interferences from relevant government departments, this contract was forced to become void.

Li Yongqing: a masters student of 98' class in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University, was forced to suspend schooling and stay at home until now for going to Beijing in June 2000.

Deng Zhihui: a masters student of 98' class in the Department of Underground Construction and Engineering of Tongji University, went to Beijing in late October 1999 and was found and taken back to Tongji University from Beijing by teachers of Tongji University. Afterwards, Deng was kept under surveillance at the rest house of Tongji University before being allowed to go home. Deng returned to the university in March 2000 and later went to Beijing once again. Because of this, Deng was forced to suspend schooling and stay at home until now.

Cai Hongying: a doctoral student of 97' class in the Department of Underground Construction and Engineering of Tongji University, went to Beijing in December 1999 and was arrested at a hotel in Beijing. Cai was kept under surveillance at the rest house of Tongji University after being escorted back to the university.

Besides, many students who have graduated from the university are also being persecuted. For instance, Li Yewu was detained without reason, Liao Xiaomin was detained many times and Yan Bin was detained even after the due date of release, etc.

Although the goal of Shanghai city is to become an international metropolis, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners and human rights violations that are taking place in Shanghai are just going against this direction. Especially, since the APEC Summit of 2001 will be held in Shanghai soon, we hope that in disclosing part of the persecutions of Dafa practitioners in Shanghai, the kind-hearted people in this world will pay attention to the persecutions of Dafa practitioners in Shanghai.

Currently, those recently released practitioners and so-called 'backbones' are being tailed after 24 hours a day. Shanghai government has adopted this kind of means since July 1999 and Dafa practitioners' personal freedom has been violated seriously. In December 1999, Yu Yuebin and Li Ying went to visit Deng Guoping's spouse (Deng Guoping was sentenced to 2 years' forced labor reeducation in 2000) and they were taken to a police station immediately after they left their home. They were not released until after the police had searched the home of Deng Guoping's spouse and during this period, the police had detained them without reason for several hours.

[Mainland China] Clarifying the Truth in Diversified Forms

Dafa practitioners in a city in southwestern China have successfully clarified the truth of Falun Dafa, in a district on January 1, by broadcasting Dafa music and distributing Dafa truth materials to family members of the policemen in the form of "red paper bag of reward".

[Daqing, Liaoning Province] Recent Development on the Case of Dafa Practitioner Wang Bin Died in Custody

Recent development: The files of political instructor Feng Xi, policeman Lu Naigeng have arrived at the Court of Saertu district of Daqing city. There's no word about the date of the court day. Feng and Lu are currently detained at the detention center of Daqing city.

The files of the three criminals Bao Shuangcheng, Song Baoping and Liu Qinghui have arrived at the Middle Court of Daqing city. Initially the court day was scheduled to be January 8 but it has been canceled and no further word about the court day is issued. These three criminals are currently detained at the detention center of Saertu district of Daqing city.

We hope the international community and human rights organizations pay attention to further developments on this case and urge the Chinese Government to punish the murderers with severity as soon as possible.

[Tianjin] Unparalleled Evil at Baodi Detention Center

Recently, at Baodi detention center in Tianjin city, the extremely cruel and evil behaviors of the thugs have made this place another "hell on earth". The thugs order Dafa practitioners to squat in a painful position for a long time, with their arms extending forward parallel to the ground. Besides, the thugs press the practitioners' shoulders with their hands and beat up and kick the practitioners. The thugs pour cold water on the practitioners from their necks, drag the practitioners on the ground in circles by their hair, burn practitioners' fingers and palms, and shock the faces and other sensitive body areas of the practitioners with electric batons. Even the elders in their seventies are not spared these tortures. The thugs even strip off clothes of female practitioners and handcuff them with their arms and legs fully stretched and beat them. In the mean time, the thugs threaten to force-feed the practitioners with their vomit and stool. It is indeed extremely evil!

[Nanchang, Jiangxi Province] News From Nanchang

The Public Security Department, Judicial Department, Security Department, Politics and Law Committee and Organization Department have united to rigorously suppress Falun Gong practitioners. Hence, many Dafa practitioners in Nanchang city are illegally detained and many practitioners are requested to attend the so-called "transformation class" on January 6.

It is estimated that Nanchang police will start to search practitioners' houses in full-scale on January 13. The Politics and Law Committee has put the name list of the "backbones" of Dafa practitioners online to closely monitor them. Anyone who departs for the north will be arrested and detained. Thus, Dafa practitioners in Nanchang City cannot return to their homes because of the evil persecution.

[Laiyuan County, Hebei Province] Such policy as "fearful" of populace in a mountain county

Recently, a senior couple went to visit their relatives in the capital city of Hebei Province from Laiyuan County. The bus was stopped before they were at the boundary of the County, and some one got on the bus and interrogated every passenger about whether they were practicing Falun Gong, whether they had an ID, whether they had the reference letter from their local police substation. The couple was forced to get off the bus since they had only an ID with them but were without a reference letter. They were allowed to get back to the bus later after contacting their local police substation. It turned out that the authorities in Laiyuan County were afraid that they might be dismissed from office because those kind Falun Gong practitioners would go to appeal, so they posted sentries at each crossroad around the boundaries to interrogate and examine the passengers. It is really rare that those "father-mother" officials (a popular term for a county magistrate / by the translator) who are supposed to "serve people whole-heartedly" are "fearful" of populace to such an extent.

It is said that a teacher in a high school of this county was shifted to another high school in a remote area to be monitored-living. He was not allowed to go back home even when his family member was sick on the National Day (Oct.1) holiday. In spite of various kinds of means of suppression, many flyers exposing the truth of Dafa receantly appeared in the county.

The narrator came back to Beijing from Chengde before the New Year. Our bus was stopped six times by the police to check ID. (Their local authorities confiscated Falun Gong practitioners' IDs in order to prevent them from going to appeal). Those who didn't have IDs with them had to walk back home, not allowed to go to Beijing. When a policeman got on the bus, a young female passenger said to me in a low voice, "A bandit is coming!" I was surprised and asked her why she said so. She told me her story in Beijing:

She's been working in Beijing for years, and she has a stable job and legal temporary residence permission and all other legal documents. One day when she was making a telephone call in front of Tiananmen, she was stopped by a policeman and asked for her ID, temporary residence permit. She gave them to the policeman, however, the policeman tore them at once and then said to her shamelessly, "No residence permit at all! Take her away!" As a result, she was brought to the police substation and was imposed a "fine" of 300 yuan, otherwise, she would be detained for 15 days. Eventually, she had to contact the leader in her working unit and paid the "fine" before she was released. Before some important holidays, the police in the capital of China always clean the city in such way in order to uphold the so-called "stability" of a few who have a guilty conscience.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] People are arrested for refusing to swear, and no money no release.

Huang Chunyan, female, 33 years old, is a villager in Tangshi production team, Wuyao Village, Nanshi District, Baoding City. She went to Beijing to appeal in accordance with the law on December 13, 2000. When she got off the bus at Zhongshan Park on Changan Street, she was stopped by two vicious policewomen. They asked her whether she practiced Falun Gong, and said that if not, they had to slander Dafa and Master Li. When Huang asked the policewomen why the police taught people to slander somebody for no reason, she was arrested immediately and taken to the police van. The people's police arrests and slander of people for no reason greatly undermines the image of people's police.

Her local government and police substation picked up Huang. She was illegally detained for three days, and later was detained for another 15 days. They forced Huang's family member to hand in 3,000 Yuan (about US$375) and her production team 10,000 ($1250) Yuan as "fines" before she was released. At present, her 70-yeart-old mother is taking care of her two kids (one 11, the other 6 years old). Huang's husband, as a Party member, was given a serious disciplinary warning and is suffering great pressure.

Telephone number of Party secretary of Nanshi District, Baoding City: 1-86-312-5078677

Telephone number of government office of Wuyao Village, Baoding City: 1-86-312-2174289

[Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Latest news about Zhang Xiaoqiao

It is learned that ever since the news that Guangzhou practitioner Zhang Xiaoqiao went on hunger strike in Dongshan Detention House, Tianpingjia, Guangzhou, was published on Minghui, his relatives and friends at home and abroad attached great importance to it. They all called to inquire about her situation. Some wanted to go back to China and visit her, taking the lawyer with them when necessary.

Brief introduction about Zhang Xiaoqiao;

Zhang Xiaoqiao, female, 52 years old, was illegally detained five times since she went to appeal at Beijing Appealing Bureau in October1999. The latest one is on December 18, 2000, when the police broke in and searched her home and confiscated her property. Two days later, her family members called the police and then found out that she was detained. But this time her detention is without a time limit.

Her husband died of illnesses 10 years ago. She has only one daughter studying in the university. She also has a mother who is more than 80 years old. Her former work unit, Yuehai Construction Development Company, Guangzhou fired her and dispelled her out of the Party for appealing in October, 1999. Not a penny of pension was given to her when she was dismissed. After that, she was followed or looked over by police or by the Residence Committee of Meihuachun Street. She was always being bothered by phone calls, was visited at midnight, or was called to the police station for a hearing for no reason on certain sensitive days. She was placed in 24- or 48- hour confinement several times. During those illegal detention periods, none of her family members were allowed to visit her or get any news about her.

We appeal to people at homeland and abroad to pay close attention to Zhang Xiaoqiao's situation and offer legal help.

Telephone number of Meihuachun Police Substation: 1-86-20-87770414 Director Xu and Zhang;

Telephone number of Meihuachun Street Office: 1-86-20-87300217; Director Yin of Comprehensive Tackling Office

[Meizhou, Guangdong Province] A Partial List of Practitioners Being Sentenced to Forced Labor Reeducation

According to inside information: Li Weixiong was sent to 4 years of forced labor reeducation

Li Weixiong was arrested for printing Dafa materials (The police took away one printer and one car). His father can't take care of himself due to encephalemia. His mother is old and sick. His daughter is only over 10 years old. His wife, Xie Yuqiu was sent to forced labor for a year and was imposed a fine of 20,000 yuan (about US$2500). According to incomplete statistics, Liu Dongxiang, Zou (Jr.), Hu (Jr.), Li Lizheng, Xie Yuting were arrested for distributing materials and were kept in temporary detention.

The following practitioners were sent to forced labor during October, 1999 to September, 2000.

Address: Sanshui Labor Reeducation Center, Guangdong.

(It's incomplete statistics since we lost contact with many practitioners.)

Name, Amount of money, Stuff, Term:

Wu Yingzheng, 2 years;

Yang Qingfang, 1 year;

Li Meiping, 3 years;

Liao Jinliang, 10,000 yuan, 2 years;

Guo Yuanfen, a Hi-Fi Audio Center, 2 years;

Zhang Xiaoyun, 750 yuan, a television, a video camera, 2 years;

Chen Yunxian, a motorcycle, 1 year;

Zhang Yuchan, 2 years;

Rong Fuying, 2 years;

Fan lingli, 2 years;

Chen Xianling, 2 years;

Zeng Fenyu, 1 year;

Chen Yuyu, 2 years;

Zou Yuxia, 2 years;

Li Xuexian, 2 years;

Zeng Xiuqin, 2 years;

Zhong Feng, 2 years;

Yang Yingfang, 2 years;

A Xiang, 1 year;

Zhou Liping, 2 years;

Zeng Zhaochun, 2 years;

Chen Xiuzheng, 2 years;

Xie Hanzhu, 2 years;

Zhang Lixia, 2 years;

Luo Xufeng, 3000 Yuan, 3 years;

Chen Suizheng, 2 years

Ye Wenxin, 8,000 yuan, 2 years;

Liang Yuying, 3,000 yuan, 3 years;

Xia Xianchang, 2 years;

Guo Yafen, 2 years;

Zhong Xilin, 3 years;

Xie Yuqiu, 20,000 yuan; 1 year

Ye Donglin, 2 years;

Zeng Huanzheng, 2 years;

Zhou Shuqin, 2 years;

Li Shouna, 2 years;

Hu Xuewen, 2 years;

Li Suping, 2 years;

Wang Yutian, 3,000 yuan, 2 years;

Zou Xigui, 3 years;

Zou Jinchang, 2 years

This partial list was collected in December 2000

January 6, 2001