I will publicly sue the Jiutai Labor Camp, Changchun City, which is responsible for the death of my husband, as well many other Falun Gong practitioners who have been brutally tortured to death. I will thereby expose the Camp's crimes to the whole world.

I live on Chengzijie Town, Jiutai City, Jinlin Province. My husband was Sun Quwen. On December 14, 2000, he was illegally arrested and sent to the Jiutai Labor Camp, where he died of torture on January 8, 2001. Within twenty-five short days, this lively person was killed at the hands of a bunch of criminals. All this was done under the instruction of their leader. Not only was the killer not punished, the camp authorities had the nerve to tell this lie: "Sun Quwen died of a heart attack..." My husband never had any heart problems. His death was due to a cerebral hemorrhage, caused by heavy blows to his head by a blunt object.

When asked to identify the deceased, Sun's relatives were most upset and infuriated when they saw his body. His skull was fractured, and the back of his head was swollen. Marks of the beating covered his face, and at his nostrils there were still traces of blood clots. There was blood on his hands as well. This evidence was left behind as his assailants failed to clean up the body and cover up his wounds sufficiently. Hence, one could still see the marks left behind by the torture, not to mention the internal injuries within the body. It was obvious; he had been beaten to death. When they saw the body, his relatives requested an autopsy. For an autopsy to be carried out, the family had to pay the fee. I was still at the detention center at that time. With no adults and only three children at home, we had no money. Hence, there was no way to obtain a proper record of all this important evidence. When we tried to reason with the authorities, they said, "Who asked you to be in a Labor Camp?" Meaning - it serves you right!

Now, not only have I lost my husband, and the children lost their father, but also his aged parents now have no one else to depend on. What about their future livelihood?

Actually, just two days before their father died, the children had visited him. He was still in good health and in high spirits when talking to his children at that time. The Camp Chief even asked the children to talk their father out of practicing, and told them to return three days later. They never guessed that that was the last time they would see their father alive. Sun Quwen was ordered to give up his practice and sign a statement renouncing Falun Gong, which he refused to do. That was why he was beaten to death.

The broadcast media say: "All we do is to re-educate all the Falun Gong practitioners, just as a mother would do to her children, a doctor to his patients, or a teacher to her pupils." Look at the actual facts. To achieve their ulterior motive, how many kind-hearted people have been killed? How many normal people have been drugged and poisoned, and have now become mentally impaired? If that is how one treats the life of a fellow man, where has law of heaven gone? Where are our human rights? Is this what Jiang Zemin's team called: "This is the best period of human right in China?" To uphold righteousness and to seek justice for my husband, my children and I are appealing to all the people in the world, for your kind support for all Dafa practitioners who are now suffering repression in China.

Wife of Sun Quwen.

16 March, 2001