[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Practitioners on the Verge of Death after Staging a 15-day Group Hunger Strike

We are Falun Gong practitioners who are being held in the Shijiazhuang City 4th Labor Camp. We have been detained here without cause for more than a year now. During the past year, we have been subjected to numerous forms of inhumane torture for upholding the Dafa (we will not describe them in detail at this time). The Chinese People's Congress opened its annual meeting on March 1st, and 90 practitioners decided to stage a group hunger strike starting on that day as a way to appeal for Falun Gong.

At this time, more than 20 practitioners have not had any food or water for 15 days now, and are being force-fed through their noses. Practitioners Fan Lixin, Jin Lihong, Hu Shengman, among others, have vowed to continue the hunger strike no matter what happens to them. We demand that the government clear the name of Falun Gong and release all detained Falun Gong practitioners.

On the 12th day of the group hunger strike, practitioner Fan Lixin was brought to the medical office of the labor camp for a physical, and her blood pressure was measured to be zero. When the medical staff tried to hook her up to an IV, she took it off as a way to declare her determination to continue the hunger strike. The labor camp officials brought in her family members, who tried to talk her into ending her hunger strike. She decided to drink a little bit of water but still insisted on not eating any food. We are fully aware of the fact that our lives are in grave danger. In case we do pass away and the Chinese government decides to blame our deaths on Falun Gong, we want to make a solemn declaration -- we are not trying to commit suicide. We are being forced to stage the hunger strike, because we have no other means left to protest our innocence and appeal on behalf of Falun Gong.

Please make our statement public and help us by fighting against the evil persecution. We hope our letter can be published on the Internet. Please write a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commission on our behalf.

Shijiazhuang Practitioners Fan Lixin, Jin Lihong, Zhao Zhiqiang and Hu Shengman, April 3rd, 2001

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] The Police Push Practitioner Wang Suqin Over the Brink of Death

Before she started to practice Falun Gong, practitioner Wang Suqin was suffering from an incurable form of cancer. Her doctors told her that she had at most two more years to live. After she began to practice Falun Gong, however, her health improved rapidly and her cancer was cured without any medical intervention. In the next five years, she was not only in perfect health, but her appearance also became more and more youthful. Since July 22nd of 1999, she had gone to Beijing several times to appeal for Falun Gong. She kept on telling every single person she knew how good Falun Gong had been to her.

A few days ago, Wang Suqin was sitting at home quietly meditating for more than an hour when several policemen suddenly broke into her house. They told her that they were going to take her away and force her to attend a "transformation class." Their unexpected entrance startled the old lady so much that she began to shake uncontrollably. Seeing how ill she looked, the policemen decided not to take her away, but they still placed tight surveillance around her 24-hours a day. She was not allowed to go out at all. The police would not even let her go out to do some grocery shopping. They kept calling her and telling her, "As soon as your health has improved, we are going to take you away to attend the 'transformation class.' If you are still ill, then you need to go to the hospital. They forcefully hooked her up to an IV and would not allow her to perform the Falun Gong exercises or to study the Fa. The police went to her home numerous times trying to force her to write a pledge promising to give up Falun Gong, but she kept turning them down. Several days later, the poor old lady passed away.

[China] Do You Think I am doing the Right Thing?

My spouse and I went to visit a friend of ours in his home. We clarified the truth about Falun Gong to him and other members of his family. They showed a great deal of interest and asked many questions, which we answered to the best of our ability. The very next day, the sister of this friend told me, "I handed out the flyers about the truth behind the 'Tiananmen Self-Immolation' to my friends and colleagues. They were very eager to read it. After that, the more they watched the coverage on 'Tiananmen Self-Immolation' on TV, the more they felt something fishy was going on. Your analysis of what had happened made a great deal of sense. A good friend of mine took the flyer home and showed it to her sister. I want to apologize for giving your flyers away without asking your permission first." I told her, "What you did was the most righteous thing possible!"

[Northern China] Validating the Dafa by Performing Selfless and Kind Deeds

A short while ago, a heavy snow fell and cut off a small village in Northern China from the outside world. All the roads inside and outside of the village were covered with piles and piles of snow. The head of the village ordered the villagers to clear off the snow in front of their own houses, but none of them did it. He was getting very worried and did not know what to do when a group of people came out. Whether they were young or old, they worked tirelessly to clear off the snow from all the roads leading in and out of the village. It turned out that all of them were Falun Gong practitioners who live in the village. The head of the village told them, "Look at what a good deed you did! Even though the TV programs keep saying how bad Falun Gong is everyday, you were the only people that I could count on when it mattered the most. From now on, you can practice Falun Gong in this village any time that you want!"

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Dafa Banners Flutter Along the Banks of the River Before Dawn

Dafa banners, with yellow backgrounds and red letters forming the words "Zhen-Shan-Ren" and "Falun Dafa Is Good", fluttered along the riverbank before dawn. It was as if they were trying to awaken thoughts of compassion within the passersby, "asking for the return of the lives of those innocent practitioners who were persecuted to death."

[Longkou City, Shangdong Province] Local Government Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Since July 20th of 1999, the local government of the Xiadingjia Township has persecuted everyone who has gone to Beijing to appeal or anyone who they suspect might go to Beijing to appeal. The officials would lock the "suspects" up and attempt to force them to give up Falun Gong. After they went to Beijing to appeal, more than a dozen practitioners were rounded up and brutally beaten. Several were unable to move for days after their beatings, and one practitioner's hand was seriously injured by electric shocks.

In September of 2000, the Longkou city government ordered the Xiadingjia local government to form a transformation class. In response, the Xiadingjia local government arrested several people without cause and detained them for more than 80 days. On February 28th of 2001, the Xiadingjia local government again detained practitioners, forcing them to watch videotapes slandering Dafa. Those who still persisted in practicing would be beaten brutally. One of the officials, Chen ZhenWei, was especially vicious in the beatings. The local government even halted the jobs of the practitioners' relatives in order to coerce them to give up Falun Gong.

[Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province] "Go Find Jiang Zemin, He's Our Number One (Reference to a Underworld Gang Leader)"

In January of 2001, practitioners Tian XiuLing, Yuan XiuHua, Tan BingZhi, Tian GuiQing, and Chi Hai were on their way to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government, when they were arrested, brought back to Qiqihaer, and detained in the Second Detention Center. Wei XiaoLing, Sun YouFeng, and Liu Jie were arrested in Beijing and sent back to Qiqihaer, where they are also being detained in the Second Detention Center.

Over 80 practitioners, including Li XiuFen, have already served their terms. However, the detention center has refused to release them. The practitioners have since then been moved to the Harbin Female Drug Rehabilitation Center, where they are being held today.

The LongSha District AnShun police department sent policeman Zhang JingChao to harass practitioner Li ShiGang before the Spring Festival. Zhang tried to forcibly take away Li, saying, "I have plenty of things I could do to you. You have to give me a written promise to give up Falun Gong today." Li told him, "I have treated you as my guest. I am simply at home playing with my child and have not committed any crime. How could you arrest me?" Zhang demanded, "Tell me, what were you doing in Beijing in 1999?" Li replied, "I was appealing, trying to find Jiang Zemin." Zhang said viciously, "Trying to find Jiang Zemin? That's our number one." He then tried to snatch away Dafa books and grab Li. Li ShiGang thought, "I have to protect the books with my life and keep them out of the hands of the evil forces; I have to defeat the evil." He rushed to the staircase, knocking on the doors of the neighbors and telling them, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. The evil forces are here to persecute me. If I die later, it is he who did it." He then pointed to Zhang and said, "Put down the books immediately!" At that moment, Policeman Zhang panicked and said, "OK OK OK, I'll put them down, I'm leaving now." After stepping out the door, he turned around and said, "We will meet again someday."

[Yinan County, Shandong Province] Record of Persecution Against Dafa Practitioners

Xue MeiJi, female. As punishment for going to Beijing to validate Dafa, she was forcibly sent to the Yinan County's JieHu Retirement Home in March of 2000. She was put through extensive brainwashing there, and when she refused to be "reformed," she was sent to the County Mental Hospital for several days. Later that month, she was illegally sent to a "transformation class."

Huang JunFang, female, 69. She went to Beijing to validate the Fa in January of 2000. She was brought back and sent to the Yinan Detention Center. Because she performed the exercises, Huang was shackled and handcuffed, as well as beaten and cursed at. In March of 2001, she was again illegally sent to the Yinan Detention Center.

Zhang ZhiHua, female. She was detained when she went to Beijing to validate the Fa in January of 2000. In April of 2000, because she was not "reformed," Zhang was again detained at the Yinan Detention Center. During that time, she was beaten repeatedly by Squad Leader Li XueJun and others. She also underwent so-called "military training."

Ren ShuQuan, male, from Yinan County AnTi Township. Since July 20th of 1999, he was fined repeatedly for practicing Falun Gong, totaling more than 10,000 Yuan (translator's note: the average monthly salary of an urban worker is 500 Yuan). He was also sent to the so-called "transformation class." Since then, he has been forced to flee from home, where his 90-year-old father and 13-year-old son have no one to take care of them. Both of them are being kept under close watch by the police, who are denying their relatives the right to take care of them.

Zhu YueFeng, male, a farmer from Yinan County, DaWang Village. In the winter of 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal, where he was detained for more than one month. In March of 2001, he was forcibly sent to the so-called transformation class. When he was forced to write down what he had "learned," he would only write "Falun Dafa is good." As a result, he was sent to the Yinan Detention Center.

The List of Wicked People in Yinan County:

Zhang ZaiWei, Deputy Communist Party General Secretary of Yinan County Anti Township, the ringleader of the vicious persecution of Dafa practitioners.

His home phone number is:


[Shandong Province] A Threat from the Police, "We Will Find Underworld Society Gangs to Kill Your Family!"

A few days before the Spring Festival, a certain practitioner's home was visited by a group of people. Without a search warrant, they confiscated practice tapes, Dafa books, and some other Dafa materials. In addition, they took the practitioner to the JiaXi police department. Police Chief Yu said, "Beat the Falun Gong practitioners with all your strength. After they die, just take their bodies outside. I have this power, and the courts will not intervene. You Falun Gong practitioners have no human rights at all, it has been decided by the higher-ups."

The vicious policeman Guo WeiShan slapped the practitioner in the face without warning, and even had the audacity to say, "Don't you dare to tell anyone we hit you. If you cause us to be fired, we will find underworld society gangs to kill your family!"

[GuangZhou, Guangdong Province] Latest news

A practitioner who works at the Civil Services Department was forced to attend a 12-day "transformation class." Those who attend the class yet refuse to be "reformed" must continue to take another session, and if they still refuse to be "reformed," they are sent to the SanShui Labor Camp. Official documents from higher-ups require that the classes invite so-called "experts" and "scholars" to lecture, and provide detailed analysis on how to effectively "transform" people. The family members of the practitioners were forced to attend meetings, so that they can "assist in teaching the class." The Civil Services Department even forces practitioners to pay a 10,000 Yuan fee in advance of the class.

A certain research institute had several of its members go to Beijing to appeal in January of 2001. After they were sent back, the institute stopped paying their wages and forced them to attend "transformation classes." The Tianhe police department and the Shahe police department have gone to the homes of practitioners to confiscate their belongings many times.

According to sources, the higher-ups have given "transformation quotas" to individual workplaces. The management at the workplaces has given their own personal guarantees, that if there are more employees who go to Beijing to appeal, then the managers themselves will be severely punished.

[Nanjiang County, Sichuan Province] Incidents of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

Nanjiang County is located in the poor, mountainous region of Sichuan province. The people there lead a very difficult life, barely surviving under the various types of taxation imposed by the local government.

After July 20th of 1999, the Xialia Village police department commenced their brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners. A male practitioner was able to escape after being severely beaten, but was captured later. He was then beaten again, and echoes of his screams could be heard in the mountains. That practitioner's current condition is unknown.

At the beginning of March 2001, some of the locals received Dafa truth-clarifying material in the mail. This greatly upset the local government, causing them to fanatically terrorize the local population. They confiscated incoming mail and coerced confessions from locals. Some were arrested, and others had their homes ransacked and were fined. Everyone is whispering about these incidents of persecution of the Dafa practitioners.

A non-practitioner in the village, farmer Wang Xianguo, received some of the truth-clarifying material in the mail. Afterwards, he decided that Falun Dafa is good, and began to spread the truth to others. He was reported to the local government, and the local militia surrounded his home. They demanded that he give up his materials, threatening to kill him on the spot. He was later sent to jail for several days, where he was terrorized and tortured daily. When they tried to get him to give up his materials, he told them that he had burnt it already. They then told him that he would be fined 20,000 to 50,000 Yuan, and he should go home to collect his possessions to pay off the fine. Otherwise, he would be sent to the labor camps indefinitely.

When he returned home, Wang realized that if he sold all of his belongings, he could only scrape together a few hundred Yuan, instead of tens of thousands of Yuan. Where would he get the money? His only option would be to give up his life. We'd like to call for the kind-hearted people to extend whatever help they can give to Wang Xianguo and stop the senseless persecution of innocent people.

[Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province] Dafa Practitioner Arrested, Whereabouts Unknown

Dafa practitioner Yan Hongzhuan was arrested on March 17th for distributing truth-clarifying material. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

List of wicked people responsible for the persecution:

Police department: Department head Lai, Li Kaizhu, Song YunXiang, Zhu JianWen

XiangZhou District Communist Party General Secretary: Qiu ShuHong

DouMen County Communist Party General Secretary: Wu Jun

San Zao District Leaders: Tang Ying, Tan WenGuo, Guo XinQi.

[Beijing] An Incident Involving a Practitioner

A female practitioner was sent to a detention center in Beijing after validating the Fa in Tiananmen Square. When she walked in, she realized that the people being detained there were incoherent and could not speak clearly. She immediately was on alert, resolving not to eat, drink, wash her face, or brush her teeth there. After several days, the guards there thought that she was from Henan, so they sent her on her way there. During the trip, the police had the practitioner wash her face. Afterwards, she immediately became dizzy and light-headed. In the background, she could hear a policeman saying, "The dosage was too much, how far to ZhengZhou?" Another policeman replied, "Not too far, let's go directly to the hospital to see if we can revive her." After that she blacked out, and was revived finally after nine days. Later she was sent to jail.

[Qingyuan County, Jilin Province] Exposing the Local Government's Trampling of Human Rights, Ignoring the Constitution and United Nations Resolution

Zhao Dong (alias), male, 43. On March 7th of 2001, he was on his way to HengDaoHe to visit his sister and mother, when he was stopped at the train station by officials from the local government. He was then illegally arrested and sent to the DaShaGou Detention Center. The local government arrested and detained a citizen for no clear reason, completely ignoring the Chinese Constitution, which guarantees its citizens due process. They also ignored the United Nations Human Rights Resolution, trampling over laws and human rights. We hope that the kind-hearted people of the world will watch the plight of the Falun Gong practitioners in China carefully, and conduct a peaceful, fair, third-party investigation, forcing the Chinese government to fulfill the promise it made in ratifying the United Nations Human Rights Resolution.

[Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province] Chaozhou Authorities Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Since the Chinese government began to suppress Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999, more than 20,000 Falun Gong practitioners in the Chaozhou area (including Shantou City, Chaozhou City, and Jieyang City with more than 7000 practitioner living in Chaozhou City) have been subjected to various degrees of persecution. Dozens of practitioners have been sent to labor camps for simply wanting to cultivate themselves in the universal laws of "Truthfulness Benevolence Forbearance". A much higher number of practitioners have been illegally detained. At this time, the police have either arrested practitioners in their homes or kidnapped them outside of their homes, forcing them to attend "transformation classes" being held in places such as the local drug rehab center. The behavior of the police has angered many local citizens.

[China] The Eyes of the People Can See Through All the Lies

A couple in a certain Chinese university was planning to take a trip abroad, and they needed an honest and dependable person to care for their daughter, who was a junior high school student. They went to see a classmate of theirs who is a Falun Gong practitioner, and asked her to please help them find a caretaker for their daughter. They said that the caretaker had to be a Falun Gong practitioner, because they knew that all the Falun Gong practitioners were good people and were the kind of people who were willing to consider the needs of other people first in everything they did. They told her that with a Falun Gong practitioner as their daughter's caretaker, they would be able to leave for their trip, knowing that their daughter was in good hands. This small episode proves that no matter how hard Jiang Zemin tries to make up lies against Falun Gong, he cannot deceive those kind-hearted people who have a mind of their own.

[Beijing] Policeman Wang Zhongsheng Tortures Falun Gong Practitioners

Wang Zhongshen, a policeman in the Beijing Chongwen Police Station, ordered inmates to beat a Falun Gong practitioner because he refused to tell the police his name and address. The practitioner was beaten for two whole days and nights. After that, he was dragged underneath a water faucet, doused with water from head to toe, and almost suffocated.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Evil Deeds Will Be Punished

Sun Zhixin, male, in his 40s, is the captain of the Tangu Police Station in Shijiazhuang City. Under his "leadership," the Tangu Police Station has become infamous for its cruelty against Falun Gong practitioners. Sun has ordered his subordinates to beat and torture many practitioners. He personally hung practitioner Kang Qiuying up in the air and beat her viciously. When he was done, her waist was exposed and continued to bleed. On June 30th, 2000, he sent Kang Qiuying to a 1-year term at the labor camp (she is currently being held in the Shijiazhuang City 4th Labor Camp). He also hung an elderly couple, He Weicheng and Li Zongqin, in the air to beat them, and caused severe injuries to their shoulders, left arms, right legs, among other places. On March 14th, 2001, He Weicheng was sentenced to three years at the labor camp (he is currently being detained in the Shijiazhuang City 5th Labor Camp).

In recent days, this evil policeman suddenly began to have terrible heart problems. He was so ill that he had to go to Beijing, where he underwent major heart surgery. He is now struggling to survive. The people who know what he had done all say, "This is his punishment for beating Falun Gong practitioners so brutally."

We would like to take this opportunity to tell this to all the law enforcement officers one more time: do not let what has happened to Sun happen to you! Stop doing bad things against your own conscience!

Note: the Tandu Police Station is located on the East Yuejin Street. The work number of Sun is 86-311-5066224-3541. The chief counselor of the police station is named Cui Jianjiang, and he is from the city of Jianghu. The office phone number of the police station is 86-311-5052085.

[Beijing] An Example of Receiving Punishment for Bad Deeds on the Spot

I was arrested for going to Beijing to tell people the truth about Falun Gong, and was detained in the Yitongsan Police Station in the Beijing district of Dongcheng. On the evening of February 13th, another practitioner was sent to the same police station. He refused to tell the police his name and address. As soon as he was locked into a jail cell, an inmate with the surname of Qi began to beat him. After he kicked the practitioner once, Qi suddenly started to scream. It turned out that the big toe on one of his feet was broken. The next day, Qi went over to the practitioner and whispered to him, "You are so amazing. I am not going to beat you anymore. There is justice in this world after all. I was punished immediately for what I did to you.

[China] Let This Story Be a Warning to Certain People

One practitioner started to practice Falun Gong two months before July 1999 (when the Chinese government began to suppress Falun Gong). She decided to stop practicing but she still was able to tell people that Falun Gong was a good thing. Right before New Year's Day of 2000, her husband beat her. She was very angry with him. She left a 5 or 6-page long letter at home, and went to Beijing with several other practitioners to appeal for Falun Gong. After she was arrested, she could not bear the pain and suffering in prison. She not only wrote a pledge promising to "break away" from Falun Gong, but she also took part in a TV program and said some bad things about Falun Gong. Three days after she was released from prison, she had a nasty fall and broke a major bone in one of her legs. The rumor is that her medical bills ended up being more than 10,000. Her doctors told her that there was a chance that she would always walk around with a limp. After this happened, she suddenly was re-awakened and knew that she had done a really bad thing.

Here is another true story. After a practitioner was arrested and sent to jail for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, her sister-in-law burned her Falun Gong books and tapes. Several days later, her family had a carbon monoxide poisoning episode. Even though several other people were sleeping in the same house as her at the time, the sister-in-law was the only one who fell unconscious and lost all control of her bladder. The local county hospital was not equipped to handle her case. She was rushed to a big city hospital, where she finally woke up after spending 4 days in intensive care. More than 30 days later, when the practitioner was released from jail after she conducted a hunger strike to protest her arrest and detention, the sister-in-law was still in the hospital. Her medical bill reached over 20,000 Yuan, and she is still not completely recovered to this day. All the other members of her family who participated in burning the Falun Gong material also received different degrees of punishment. Let this be a warning to certain people!