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Han Yuzhu: Yushu city resident

On January 19, 2000 (on Chinese lunar calendar): she was sent to Weizigou Labor Camp in Changchun city. On July 12, 2000, she was transferred to Fenjin labor camp.

On January 8, 2001, she was transferred back to Weizigou labor camp for forced transformation. On February 9, 2001, Han Yuzhu died in the Weizigou labor camp.

Zhang Yuanming: Nongan county resident

Before the 2001 Chinese spring festival, he was persecuted to death in Fenjin labor camp of Changchun city. After his death, the guards of the labor camp lied to other prisoners that Mr. Zhang was released because he had some mental problem.

Wang Xianyou: Yushu city resident

He was persecuted to death before 2001 spring festival. The exact time of his death remains unknown, however, the death is confirmed.

Family members are denied the right of weekly visits to practitioners and they can meet with practitioners at most once every other week. Clothes are not allowed to be delivered to practitioners.

February 18, 2001