[Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province] Practitioner Zhou Fenglin was Persecuted to Death

Recently, practitioner Zhou Fenglin from Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province was died in a detention center as a direct result of the persecution. Zhou Fenglin, female, 32 years old, was detained due to appealing in Beijing. As a form of protest, she went on a hunger strike in the detention center. After being forcibly fed for several days, she was placed on an "execution board" for seven days and completely ignored. Ultimately, she was found dead on the "execution board" (the details were unknown). Her husband was also sentenced to prison.

[China] "Long Live Falun Gong!"

Recently, in Mainland China, the vicious forces irrationally commanded the common people to sign their names to the petition statements that were against Dafa. Even the students in school were not spared. In a middle school, when the teacher required every student to sign on the signature list, a student wrote "Long Live Falun Gong!" on the sheet. Eventually, the teacher had to discard the whole signature sheet.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Qiaodong District Police Illegally Abducted Approximately 40 Practitioners

From January 21 to 23, Qiaodong District police in Shijiazhuang City lured approximately 40 practitioners into detention in Dongfeng Road Detention Center. Police did not allow relatives to visit. They also extorted money from the relatives under the guise of "meal expenses." It was said that the detention was to prevent the practitioners from appealing in Beijing during the Spring Festival. However, the Spring Festival had already passed two weeks previously. The police still kept these practitioners in custody. Additionally, police recently transferred them in groups to other places for further detention. The families of these practitioners are very worried. They do not know when they will be able to reunite with their families. We hope the community will stay alert to this matter.

Phone Numbers:

Qiaodong Police Department: 011-86-311-6033096, 6984849, 6017382

Shijiazhuang City Police Department Office on duty: 011-86-311-7023286

Shijiazhuang City Mayor Office: 011-86-311-6031032. Reception Office: 011-86-311-6688508

Discipline Inspection Committee's Inform Center [Inform Center in China is the office where citizens may inform against somebody]: 011-86-311-7851034

Civil Administration Bureau of Shijiazhuang City: 011-86-311-6048407, 6688504

Appeal Bureau in Shijiazhuang City: 011-86-311-7042739, 7058879

Hebei Province Police Department: 011-86-311-3027111

[Laiyang City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Gai Shufang Forced to Leave Home

At 4PM on February 13, 2001, Gai Shufang was detained. The officials from Laiyang City Developing District Police Station forcibly removed her from her temporary abode. Her whereabouts are unknown. Her child was left home alone. Gai Shufang was forced to run away from her home in last October and always stayed somewhere "outside." Local police searched for her all over. It was suspected that this time she must have been followed and therefore arrested.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Suppression in Schools

Recently, a campaign of "Protect the Human Right, Oppose the Cult" was carried out in Hebei Province's Education System. The students in schools were organized to sign their names on a petition "against Falun Gong [slanderous word omitted]" on the first day of the new semester. The evil has extended its talons to schools. But there were still a lot of children with good thoughts. Though they are very young, they can discern truth from false. In one class, there was NO student who went to sign. The following was a conversation between two female students:

Student A: I will never sign even if they beat me to death.

Student B: Me neither. In case one day the mishandled Falun Gong case was to be redressed, I would be on the black list. Then I would be punished.

Phone Numbers:

Elementary Education Department of Education Bureau in Shijiazhuang City: 011-86-311-6032870

Education Examination Institute of Shijiazhunag City: 011-86-311-7044744

Party Committee of Education Bureau in Hebei Province: 011-86-311-7042475

Policy Research Office: 011-86-311-7041213; Next Generation Committee Office: 011-86-311-7042114; Ideology Politics Office: 011-86-311-7839434; International Education Intercommunication Service Center: 011-86-311-7043684

Director of Education Examination Institute of Hebei Province: 011-86-311-3823363, 3823364, 3823365

[Anping County, Hebei Province] Practitioners Detained in Anping County

Since July 20, 1999, there have been more than 60 kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained and sentenced to labor camps. Recently, there were a lot of Falun Gong flyers distributed in Anping County. That activity scared the vicious forces. Some practitioners were arrested due to printing and distributing truth flyers. In addition, 20 practitioners who refused to tell their names are detained illegally in Anping County.

Phone Numbers:

Head of Anping County: 011-86-318-7524149

Anping County Police Department: 011-86-318-7524205

Vice Director of Police Department in Hengshui City: 011-86-318-2358030

[Shenzhuo City, Hebei Province] Practitioners Persecuted

The police in Tangfeng County, Shenzhou City issued an order to search for practitioners Men Jianxin, Zhao Chanyuan, Zhao Shuzan, Ma Tunhuilin. This has forced these practitioners to leave their homes. Another practitioner from Cao Town of Shenzhou City was escorted back after he went to appeal and validate the truth of Falun Dafa. The vicious government officials fined him for 6,000 Yuan. Some practitioners' homes were ransacked and their properties, such as tractors, were taken away. It is said that more than one hundred practitioners were illegally detained around the New Year, including 10 practitioners from other cities who refused to tell their names.

Mayor of Shenzhou City: 011-86-318-3312865

Political Security Department of Police Department in Shenzhou City: 011-86-318-3312132

Mayor of Hengshui City: 011-86-318-12345

Vice Director of Police Department in Hengshui City: 011-86-318-2358030

[Beijing] The Acts of Haidian District Police

Before the Spring Festival, the guards of Haidian District Detention Center cruelly persecuted practitioners who did not give their names. The No. 8 criminal named Gao Feng in the cell 7 abused and beat a practitioner who had been issued the number 245. To force him to give his name, Gao Feng stripped him of all his clothes and poured cold water on his body in the cold winter. No. 13 criminal, in the cell 7, not only stripped practitioners of all their clothes, he also froze them by dousing them with cold water in the whirling wind outdoors for 2 hours. He also pressed the practitioners' heads into a filled sink. Around the Spring Festival, the Haidian Police Department sent a large number of practitioners who came from other cities to labor camp.

Ganjiakou Police Substation in Haidian District forced practitioners who refused to write "guarantee statements" [to give up practicing Falun Dafa and never do it again and never go to appeal] into the iron cages in the basement. They were locked onto iron chairs. Later, the police sent these practitioners, including a 65-years-old practitioner, to Haidian Detention Center, because they thought these practitioners were "diehards". They threatened that they would send practitioner Li Xuelian to the labor camp.

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioner Liu Xiangfen Sentenced to 2-years Forced Labor

Liu Xiangfen, a resident of Hainan Province, lived in Songfangyuan, Shangdi area, of Haidian District. She had been detained in Hainan Province for three months after having been kidnapped by the police in 1999. She was arrested again in the year 2000 when she practiced Falun Gong openly. She had been detained in Hainan Province for another three months. Before the Spring Festival, the police went to her home and tried to abduct her. She vehemently refused to go with them. She was arrested by the police when she went out. After the Spring Festival, she was sentenced to 2-years forced labor. These actionsare unlawful and without due cause.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Hewan Detention Center Persecutes Practitioners

On the morning of February 2, 2001, Police Xiao and Li from Qiaokou District Police Department forcibly took away practitioner Liu Liqiang who was detained in the detention center, without explanation. Other practitioners who were detained with Liu Liqiang came forward to reason with the police and tried to stop them. The police slandered Liu Liqiang, portraying him as a rapist. At that moment, all practitioner stepped forward and asked the police to clarify the fact, correct this vicious slander and apologize to the Falun Dafa practitioner. Practitioners waited for the response for a long time. The vice-secretary Sun of Political Security Committee of Qiaokou District came to the place. However, he left angrily, without giving any response or providing an explanation or resolution.

At noon on February 3, Sun and the vice head of Qiaokou District Police Department, followed by more than 20 riot police, suddenly appeared at the building where a government-sponsored "study class" was being held. They caught and beat the practitioners who stood at the door. Upon hearing this, all practitioners from other rooms came out and tried to stop them. Many practitioners were brutally beaten. Jin Zhiping, the head of the No. 1 section of the police department, and Wang Jingde and Zhou were also involved in this brutal beating. Later on, practitioners went on a hunger strike 4 days. They asked the police to stop the persecution towards practitioners, withdraw this fully isolated "Study Class" and release all detained practitioners immediately without any conditions. However, later on, the state-run newspaper spread the story of so-called "model experiences" of "touching practitioners with a kind heart" in this detention center.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Police Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Guangzhou instigated another round of persecuting Dafa practitioners. The so-called "key persons" in various districts have been forced to participate in the "study class." They were asked to write "guarantee statements" that guaranteed against practicing and appealing in Beijing; otherwise, they would be detained for a long time and could not hope to be released. To avoid being taken away by the evil force, some practitioners had to leave home and wander about, often to remain in hiding. Every work unit has received the document or phone calls from the local police station to "reinforce the transformation" and keep close watch of the practitioners; otherwise, the leaders would have to take the responsibilities. Even under such severe circumstances, most practitioners kept on telling the truth to people at large in different ways to suffocate the evil.

[Qianjiang City, Hubei Province] Partial Name List of Practitioners Who are Detained and Sent to Labor Camp

1. Partial name list of practitioners who were sentenced to forced labor

Huang Wenying (was fined 3,000 Yuan and sentenced to 1 year forced labor for appealing in Beijing and listening to the audio tape of Teacher's lecture)

Zheng Dingzhi (was fined 2,000 Yuan and sentenced to 1.5 years of labor camp for appealing in Beijing twice)

Zeng Yong (was fined 2,000 Yuan and sentenced to 1 year forced labor for appealing in Beijing and coordinating practitioners who went appealing)

Zheng Yan (1 year forced labor for distributing Dafa materials)

Zhang Xinyu and her boy friend (an expelled soldier) (1 year forced labor for printing truth materials)

Li Xinghu (was sentenced to forced labor for appealing in Beijing)

Liu Dengquan (was sentenced to forced labor for distributing truth materials)

2. Partial name list of practitioners who are detained and fined

Liu Qiya, Liu Huixin, Liu Peizhen, Liu Shigui, Li Mingyun, Li Shengli, Li Mingmei, Li Mingli, Li Jun, Li Shengtao and her daughter, Li Xinxiu and her mother and sister-in-law, Zuo Mei, Yang Xilan, Yang Zhonggui, Zhang Guihong, Zhang Guiping, Zhang Xinan, Niu Ping, Zhou Wencai, Pan Kexiang, Hu Yulan, Peng Qifeng, Feng Kaixiang, Quan Meizhu, Xiong Wanjiao, Wang Yangzhen, Wang Huafang, Zheng Dingzhen, Sun Guanxiang, Xiao Qianqiong, Zuo Dailan, He Qingguo, He Decai and his father.

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Jinzhou District Police's Conduct

A practitioner from Jinzhou District was taken back from Beijing on October 28, 2000 and sent to a detention center. The police searched his home a few days later. They found his computer and looked for Dafa materials, but found nothing. However they did not give up. They reported to Ma Shijun, the head of District Police Department. He gave the order to take the practitioner's computer to the police department. So the police confiscated the computer and have not returned it till now.

The practitioners who were sent to labor camp in January 2001 at Jinzhou District:

Bi Xiangling, female, about 40-year-old, a former worker, laid off from Heavy Machine Factory. On January 19, 2001, she was sent to Masanjia Labor Re-education Center for 1.5 years.

Cui Fenglin, male, about 40-year-old, Bi Xiangling's husband, also a former worker, laid off from Heavy Machine Factory. He is now detained in Dalian Reform Center.

In January, the District Police Department released a group of practitioners who had been detained for almost three months. They put practitioners under duress to sign a BLANK piece of paper that only had written on the bottom the phrase: "I've read the above content and everything is right." They also asked the practitioners to press their fingerprints and sign their names on the paper. Some practitioners questioned the police what the content of the paper would be. The police replied: "The content will be that your family has submitted 2,000 Yuan to ensure that you will not go to Beijing again, and the money will be returned if you do not go to Beijing during a limited time." In addition to this 2,000 Yuan deposit, more than 10 practitioners in Dengshahe Town were also fined 5,000 Yuan. The police department twisted the practitioners' firm confidence in Dafa by trapping them. This caused a negative impact on practitioners. Many practitioners felt that they should clarify the facts. This kind of coercive "guarantee statement" is an underhanded method used by these evil officials to damage Dafa.

[Kaifeng City, Henan Province] Policeman Fired for Persecuting Dafa Practitioner

Dafa practitioner Cui Qiaoyun was detained in Chengxi Police Station on May 12, 2000 after appealing in Beijing for the second time. Policeman Zhou beat her cruelly and tortured her. Cui was beaten so badly that her body became bloody and bruised all over and her face was deformed, and she became unconsciousness. She was sent to Kaifeng Prison after she regained conciousness. Kaifeng Prison was afraid that she would die there, so they dared not to take her in and sent her to a Detention Center. The Detention Center was also afraid that she would die there and therefore sent her back to the Police Station. Seven days later, she was finally sent to Kaifeng Prison and is currently detained there.

When the news of this tragedy spread around, Dafa practitioners, her relatives and people who knew the story strongly appealed that the murderer be punished severely. Under the pressure of the society, the Police Station pushed Zhou out. As the scapegoat and to shift their responsibility and absolve them from the blame, Zhou was fired after being punished under discipline.

According to the information disclosed by the government on January 2, 2001, some people will be pushed out as scapegoats to redress the mishandled cases of Falun Gong. Wicked policemen, don't do bad deeds any more. What is happening to Zhou today is what is going to happen to you tomorrow.

[Kaifeng City, Henan Province] Policeman Shang Yingjie, You will not Escape from the Crimes You have Committed

On November 26, 2000, in order to ask for restoring Master's good reputation, Dafa practitioners Xu Jing, Liu Guimei, Geng Yunjiao and others exercised their basic civil rights to appeal and disclose the identity of the CHIEF evil, Jiang Zemin, who demolishes the universal great law [Dafa]. This action irritated Shang Yingjie who is the director of Chengxi Police Station. He made the plan to persecute many practitioners by various means.

  1. On November 28, 2000, 26 Dafa practitioners including Liu Guimei and Geng Yunjiao were locked up and forced to sit for 6 days and nights in an office at the police station. During the period, Shang Yingjie asked everyone to hand in 3,000 Yuan as "Bail Deposit" and write a "guarantee letter." All 26 Dafa practitioners seriously rejected him.
  2. On December 1, 2000, Dafa practitioners Liu Guimei and Zhu Shengling were sent to Kaifeng Detention Center. Zhu Shengling was sentenced to 2 years forced labor on January 12, 2001 and sent to Zhengzhou City Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp. Liu Guimei is still detained in Kaifeng Detention Center.
  3. At 7PM on December 2, 2000, Geng Yunjiao and Jiang Zhaoju were dragged outside in the yard for speaking out for Dafa in the office where they were illegally detained. Geng Yunjiao was handcuffed to a tree with her hands on her back for more than two hours. Jiang Zhaoju was handcuffed to a tree for the whole night outside in severe cold weather. Other practitioners who refused to cooperate with the illegal conduct that violated human rights were also handcuffed. On the same day, Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhongxing was illegally detained in another room and was sent to Kaifeng Detention Center three days later.
  4. On December 12, 2000, Dafa practitioner Ren Xiuzhi and Geng Yunjiao were sent to Kaifeng Detention Center. On January 12, 2001, Ren Xiuzhi was sentenced to 2 years in labor camp and sent to Zhengzhou City Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp.
  5. From December 24 to 26, 2000, Shang Yingjie locked 21 Dafa practitioners, including Qu Beihua, Wang Wanjian and Chang Xinglong, in the meeting room for three days, with the excuse of "having a talk with Police Station". He forced practitioners to sign their names and press their fingerprints onto a document. All 21 practitioners refused him firmly. Shang Yingjie was so angry that he sent Qu Beihua, Jiang Zhaoju, Wang Wanjiang, Chang Xinglong and Peng Jianmin to Kaifeng Detention Center at the same night. The rest of the practitioners were fined for 200 Yuan each.
  6. From December 29, 2000 to January 1, 2001, Shang Yingjie illegally detained 10 Dafa practitioners including Lu Xipeng and Zhang Lanfang for three days with the excuse of "preventing them from going to Beijing."
  7. On January 21, 2001, Shang Yingjie locked 14 Dafa practitioners including Li Yixing and Chang Xinglong in the office with the excuse of "preventing them from going to Beijing." He shifted the practitioners to "Daming Hotel" in the evening the next day. They were released at 9PM on February 1, 2001. The practitioners were detained 12 days. They had to pay the expenses from the bills of the lodging and food by themselves. They were punished financially and tortured mentally.