Recently Masanjia labor camp (notorious for atrocious crimes it commits against Falun Gong practitioners) dispatched a gang of brutal men to the Dalian Zhoushuizi Labor Camp. They helped with what was called a "transformation battle" that was intended to use all means to force practitioners to break away from Falun Gong.

There were over 130 male practitioners and over 180 female practitioners. They were divided up into three groups, that is, the practitioners "with a moderate understanding," the ones "with a limited/no understanding," and those that were "incorrigibly obstinate." The labor camp used different approaches to each group to carry out the transformation. They adopted the most vicious and indecent means to torture the "incorrigibly obstinate." Sometimes the head of the labor camp, whose surname was Hao, personally persecuted the practitioners. They often forced the practitioners to stay in extrememly painful positions for very long periods of time and deprived them of sleep and the use of washroom facilities. They also instructed the criminal prisoners to physically torment and electrically shock the practitioners.

Every practitioner was forced to curse Falun Dafa and Master Li 100 times before they were allowed to have their meals, otherwise he or she would be beaten severely by the criminals. These vicious men claimed, "If you (the detained criminals) beat someone to death, it's as easy as simply filling out a form declaring that the practitioner went astray due to practicing Falun Gong." Some practitioners' faces had been electrically shocked so often that they were no longer recognizable. Some practitioners were shocked by 7 electric batons simultaneously on several parts of the body, including the tops of their heads, the parts of their hands between the thumb and the index finger, the arch of their feet, their anus, their earlobes and their necks. What was even more vicious was that they poured water onto the practitioners and shocked them continuously for four hours with high voltage electricity (720 Volt).

Those who were allowed to leave the cell to do daily chores only had inner wounds that were not visible when wearing clothes; anyone with wounds that weren't covered by clothing were forbidden from being seen. In addition, any bloodstains on the walls or ground were all immediately cleaned up in order to cover up their crimes.

They also forced the female practitioners to sit motionlessly on iron sticks until their buttocks became black and blue with bruises. The practitioners protested the persecution with a hunger strike, resulting in an escalation of harsh treatment in the labor camp. One of the female practitioners died from continuous beatings. In order to shirk the responsibility, the labor camp sent her body to the hospital and then claimed that she died of a serious disease.

We strongly urge the relatives and friends of the practitioners that are detained here to exercise your legal rights to visit practitioners, to check whether or not their lives are in danger in the labor camp, and to ask for release of practitioners.

We sincerely hope that all Falun Dafa practitioners and kindhearted people, within China and abroad, take action immediately to stop the evil forces and to help bring an end to the practitioners' suffering.

We sincerely appeal to the human rights organizations throughout the world to pay

attention to what is happening at the Dalian Labor Camp.

The address of the Dalian labor camp: 175 Nanlin Street, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P. R. China, 116001.

Switch board telephone #: 86-411-6653961,

Office: 86-411-6641372,

Politics section: 86-411-6652331,

Duty: 86-411-6859314,

Administration: 86-411-6652737,

Division one: 86-411-6651462.

Provide by practitioners in Mainland China

April 18, 2001