[Minghui Net] Zhang Fu, 32 years old, attained the Fa in July 1995. He was a resident of Yanjiang Village, the suburb of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. He was arrested in September 2000 when he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. That very evening, he escaped the detention center. The next day, he went to Tiananmen Square again to do the group exercises so as to validate Dafa. He was detained again and viciously beaten by the public security officers. He was taken back home by local policemen and was locked up illegally for more than forty days in Jiamusi City Detention Center.

In jail, the police implemented all kinds of means to change his firm belief. Zhang Fu was beaten brutally, yet he showed great compassion and tolerance. His steadfast belief in Dafa deeply moved all the police and the prisoners who still kept goodness in their hearts. They expressed their admiration for Zhang Fu by holding up their thumbs. Zhang Fu once took the paper and pen from the policeman who asked him to write down his guarantee to give up cultivation. Instead he wrote: Falun Dafa is innocent! Cultivation is innocent! After the inhuman persecution by the police for more than forty days, Zhang Fu was bruised all over his body. He was covered with open sores that were running with pus.

The fact that Zhang Fu sacrificed all he had to safeguard Dafa greatly encouraged all fellow practitioners who suffered great tribulations in jail. They worked together and refused to co-operate with the evil forces. In this way, they eradicated the evil.

When the authorities found that he would not budge, afraid of shouldering the responsibility for his treatment, they sent him home after extorting 10,000 Yuan RMB from Zhang's family. Nonetheless, Zhang dedicated all his heart to Dafa. After several days at home, he went to Beijing (without notifying his family), and prepared to go to Tiananmen Square to appeal peacefully again. There fellow practitioners who met him said that he had changed fundamentally: he was stronger than before. But his body was covered all over with open sores. The running pus soaked through the bandages, even though they were coated with plastic. After Zhang shared his experiences with fellow practitioners in Beijing, he realized that it was very important to reveal the evil and clarify the truth to the whole world. Zhang returned to his hometown even more determined.

The local government suspected that Zhang had gone to Beijing and ordered the police substation to put Zhang Fu under close surveillance. The police substation ordered him to make a daily report to the substation and forced him to write a "guarantee letter." Zhang Fu died on November 23, 2000 in Yanjiang police substation in Jiamusi. The next day, the government cremated Zhang's corpse. The police substation notified his family that he died after taking medicine, and showed Zhang's family his will found at his death. Later on, the will was confiscated by the police substation. It was said by insiders that the content was to the effect that Dafa is innocent, that Master is innocent, and that he would give his life to validate Dafa.

We have no access to more detailed information. It is certain that Dafa practitioner Zhang Fu was persecuted to death by the police. If Zhang Fu died after drinking medicine as reported by the police substation, then where did the medicine come from? Who gave him the medicine? Did Zhang Fu bring the medicine to the police substation himself when he was arrested?

Zhang Fu's death greatly shocked local people who understood perfectly what had happened. They all blamed the government for his brutal persecution. The evil force can never escape the truth which history will reveal.