[Minghui Net] Nie Xiaowu is in charge of two terms of a "re-education class" in Xiangfan City [Hunan Province]. It was under his direction and encouragement that the vicious policemen there cruelly beat Dafa practitioners. Feng and Zhu from the Security Section of Fanchen Subdivision were the most vicious policemen during the first term. They ordered the armed policemen to brutally persecute Dafa practitioners. For example, the police tied up practitioners, hung them up to be beaten, boxed their ears and forced practitioners to sit on, step on or kneel down upon a picture of Falun Dafa's founder.

Practitioners Zhou (staff from the No. 609 Work Unit) and Wan (nurse from a hospital) insisted on practicing Dafa and not giving up their belief. Consequently, they were forcibly sent to a mental hospital. There, they were tortured with electric shock and were injected with nerve-damaging drugs. The vicious police claimed, "A normal person cannot endure one pill but I will make you take ten pills each time!" Zhou was forced to stay in the hospital for more than 2 months. During his stay, sometimes he was continuously tortured for several hours. This normal college student was abused so severely that when he was released from the hospital, under his family's strong request, he was left mentally disordered.

Practitioner Zhao Yingfeng, female, retired worker of Xiangfan Bearing Factory, was a practice site contact person in the Xiangfan Bearing Factory. She was a kind and honest person. She tried to go to Beijing to appeal but didn't succeed. In March 2000, a policeman from the Xiangcheng Police Substation came several times to force her to give up her belief. The policeman told her, " If you don't give up Falun Gong, we will stop your pension, suspend your husband's job, and won't allow your child to go to college, ..." Xiangfan Bearing Factory has sent six people to "help and educate" Zhao Yingfeng. In the end, she died as a direct result of their persecution against her.

On December 10, 2000, Falun Dafa practitioner Ding Ping (from No. 2 Automobile Company) was taken to the Teaching Team of the Army Division in Xiangfan City, the so-called "re-education class". There, she was under watch by two guards. Because she insisted on justice and didn't give in to those vicious people, the policemen Liang Hongyi and Yang Hongbo took Ding Ping to their office and beat her. They forced her to kneel down. She refused to do so by grabbing a leg of the table and not letting them push her down. During the struggle, a thermos bottle on the table was knocked down. On December 21, under the arrangement of Nie Xiaowu, a deputy director of Political Security Section of City Police Department brought in 10 to 20 policemen and called an all-persons (in "reeducation class") meeting. The deputy director yelled and asked, "Who broke the thermos bottle?" Ding Ping and another practitioner Mao stood up and raised their hands simultaneously. Several policemen dashed to them, pushed them outside and beat them. When other practitioners saw this, they all stood up and questioned the policemen. However, this resulted in more policemen pushing and beating these practitioners. Finally, the police tied up all 11 practitioners.

Here, we warn Nie Xiaowu and those vicious persons: The Law will punish you in the near future!