Zhao Fengnian, male, 49, Zhengding City, Hebei Province

[Minghui Net] Mr. Zhao Fengnian was a 49-year-old officer of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Ershilipu District of Zhengding City, Hebei Province. On April 28th, Zhao Fengnian went to Beijing by himself to validate Dafa, where he was recognized by the plainclothes police and brutally beaten. On that same night he was brought back to Ershilipu District in Zhengding City. Because of the brutal abuse he had received, his physical condition was very serious. Due to his traumatic injuries, he was sent back home to recuperate and was forced to live under house arrest. He suddenly disappeared on May 5th without a trace.

On May 11th, a body that had been buried for two days was excavated near the roadbed of the Beijing-Guangzhou railroad. The facial features of the body were indistinct [probably due to bone trauma and already begun decay-translator]. Noticeable also were two swollen, black-purple lumps on the back of the shoulders and the stomach area.

Zhao Fengnian's relatives recognized the clothes on the deceased person as those belonging to him. Later, the body was hastily cremated. Before and after this incident took place, the 610 office of Shijiazhuang City had sent people many times with various excuses to harass Zhao Fengnian's family. We strongly suspect they had something to do with this murder. The details of this case still need further investigation.

Since he first learned Falun Dafa in 1996, Zhao Fengnian had been firmly cultivating. The local authorities kept him under close and heavy surveillance. Zhao, a very healthy, diligent worker was widely recognized as a truly good person. He did not deserve to suffer such vicious persecution and such a shameful murder. I hope some just people can provide the names of the murderers and the detailed facts of this heinous crime.

May 18th, 2001