Exposing the Crimes of Jiang Zemin
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106 A Non-Practitioner's Commentary : Where Can You Run, Jiang Zemin? 01/29/03
105 Some Further Thoughts About the Lawsuit Against Jiang  01/03/03
104 We Hope That the US Government Will Firmly Resist Pressure from Jiang's Gang of Political Scoundrels 01/03/03
103 Several Issues Surrounding the Lawsuit Against Jiang 01/02/03
102 What Was the 16th Party Congress? 11/30/02
101 Reference: Political Persecution Under the Disguise of "Rule of Law" 10/03/02
100 Reference: Dictator Jiang - An Empty Shell  09/27/02
99 Jiang's Regime Mandates "Tracking and Censoring Software" for All Broadband Internet Users  09/22/02
98 Who Does Jiang Represent?  09/21/02
97 Whose Fault Is It that Many Chinese People Have Lost their Livelihoods? 09/11/02
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96 Jiang Makes a Mockery of the "Rule of Law"  08/17/02 34K 62K
95 Jiang's State Terrorism -- the Darkest Era in This Human Civilization 08/06/02  35K 63K
94 Commentary by a Non-Practitioner: Why Does Jiang Talk So Much About His Affinity With Buddhism? 07/03/02 27K 64K
93 Ten Odd Scenes during Jiang's Visit to Germany  05/01/02 33K 87K
92 Why is Jiang Afraid of Seeing Chinese People?  04/18/02 27K 60K
91 A New Practitioner's Warning to Jiang- Admit Your Guilt and Return Freedom of Belief to the People 04/04/02 24K 60K
90 Two Years of Deceitful Lies Disintegrate After Fifty Minutes of Truth 03/16/02 24K 57K
89 Why Does Jiang Persecute Falun Gong? 03/12/02 23K 60K
88 By Ordering to Shoot Dafa Practitioners, the Criminal Gang of Jiang and Luo is Bringing About Social Disturbance and Disaster to China 03/08/02 24K  59K
87 Urgent Call for Rescue- Jiang Regime Issues Orders to Kill Without Mercy, Each Province Given Lists of Practitioners to Execute 03/07/02 24K 60K
86 What is "Leaking National Secrets"? 02/26/02 25K 56K
85 The Persecution of Falun Gong Brings Huge Financial Loss to China 02/21/02 30K 65K
84 Jiang Regime is Building a Gestapo 02/02/02 21K 54K
83 Jiang's Regime Threatened My Graduate Advisor in China 01/19/02 21K 52K
82 China's President Blocks Media Channels to Deprive People of their Right to Know the Truth 01/12/02 26K 65K
81 Jiang Zemin and His State Terrorism 11/30/01  25K  25K
80 Common Features of Jiang Zemin's Regime- Totalitarianism and Terrorism 11/29/01  25K  10K
79 The Villainous Clique of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan Practice Violent [State] Terrorism And The Defamation against Falun Gong Escalates 10/18/01  30K  15K
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Massachusetts State Representatives Sign Letter to Congressman Condemning the Brutal Persecution Against Women Falun Gong Practitioners in China

07/21/01 27K 14K
77 Swedish Media Exposes the Killing of Falun Gong Practitioners in China 07/11/01 22K 9K
76 Self-Immolation Deconstruction Video Exposes Jiang Zemin's Elaborate Deception 06/17/01 24K 10K
75 Exposing Jiang Zemin's Lies 06/17/01 33K 13K
74 Three Dafa Practitioners in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Are Murdered by the Criminal Gang Led by Jiang Zemin 06/16/01 23K 7K
73 Practitioners from the City of San Jose Expose the Deeds of Jiang Zemin at a Human Rights Committee Meeting 06/05/01 24K 9K
72 Media Advisory: TWO YEARS TOO LONG 06/04/01 29K 12K
71 Amnesty Calls China's Jiang a Rights "Scoundrel" [Excerpt] 06/01/01 27K 24K
70 Fearful of Falun Gong's Voice of Justice, Jiang Zemin Damages the "One Country, Two Systems" Policy 05/11/01 32K 13K
69 An Outsider's Opinion: Does Jiang Zemin Really Represent the Chinese People? 05/12/01 25K 10K
68 Professor Zhang Kunlun Discloses the Fraudulent Tactics Jiang Zemin Uses to "Reform" Falun Gong Practitioners 04/19/01 32K 13K
67 It Is Jiang Zemin Who Is Violating the Law 04/18/01 25K 10K
66 Why Does Jiang Zemin Persecute Falun Gong? (Part 2)  04/15/01 24K 10K
65 Why Does Jiang Zemin Persecute Falun Gong? (Part 1) 04/14/01 35K 11K
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64 Jiang Zemin's Regime Openly Announces Lawfully Appealing Is A Crime 03/21/01 22K 10K
63 Jiang Zemin Delivers Criminal Evidence of His Human Rights Violations in Geneva 03/20/01 23K 9K
62 Another Human Rights Violation Ordered By Jiang Zemin
The Forced "Signature Campaign"
03/09/01 25K 10K
61 A Look at the Million Signature Drive: Can the "Mass Movement" Save Jiang Zemin? 03/08/01 30K 13K
60 Laws Broken by Jiang Zemin's Government 03/06/01 67K 21K
59 Jiang Zemin's Signature Book is Evidence of His Human Rights Violations of Coercion and Deception 03/05/01 29K 12K
58 Political Intrigue: The Connection Between Jiang Zemin's Self-Immolation Farce and the Two Conferences 03/05/01 34K 14K
57 Comments on Two Meetings Held by Jiang Zemin and His Criminal Group in Beijing 03/05/01 31K 12K
56 A Portrayal of Jiang's Dread of Falun Gong 03/02/01 26K 11K
55 Veteran Party Member: "Officials Have Lost Their Humanity Under Jiang Zemin's Pressure" 02/16/01 27K 11K
54 Masanjia, A Showcase for Jiang Zemin's "Golden Age of Human Rights" 02/15/01 41K 16K
53 Jiang Zemin Regards Falun Gong as Public Enemy #1; Other Officials See Corruption as the Most Serious Problem 02/08/01 24K 8K
52 Jiang Zemin Staged Self-Immolation on Tiananmen Square to pave the Way for Armed Suppression 02/13/01 31K 12K
51 Jiang Zemin Creates Social Upheaval; Zhu Rongji Calls for Meeting of the Central Political Committee 02/0601 24K 8K
50 Hong Kong Dafa Disciples Attacked as Jiang Zemin Stirs Up Wrath of the People 02/10/01 27K 11K
49 The Puzzling Elements Surrounding the "Self Immolation Incident" 02/06/01 55K 24K
48 The Police Confess: "Jiang Zemin Said No One Would Be Liable for Beating Falun Dafa Practitioners to Death!" 02/03/01 25K 8K
47 Jiang Zemin Advances the Persecution of Falun Gong in Order to Suppress It Both At Home and Abroad 02/04/01 24K 8K
46 A Suspicious Case of Self-immolation: How Jiang Zemin Shot Himself in the Foot 02/02/01 29K 12K
45 Jiang Zemin's Orders: "You Are Free to Beat Falun Gong Practitioners to Death" 02/02/01 24K 8K
44 Jiang Zemin's Government Should Be Held Responsible for the Attempted Self-Immolation in Tiananmen Square 02/02/01 30K 12K
43 Behind the Banner of "Opposing XX, Protecting Human Rights" 01/31/01 33K 14K
42 What is Jiang Zemin Crushing? 01/27/01 30K 8K
41 What Jiang Zemin is Singing on his Deathbed is Different from that of the CPC 01/25/01 27k 10k
40 A Stern Warning to Jiang Zemin: Stop the Mass Arrests, Otherwise You Alone Will Bear the Karmic Consequences! 01/21/01 25K 10K
39 Jiang Zemin, Behind the Veil of Atheism is A Man Harboring Superstition 01/20/01 26K 10K
38 "After Committing Numerous Crimes Against Innocent People, Jiang Zemin Will Have To Take Full Responsibility" -- Comments on the Xinhua News Agency Article 01/25/01 36K 15K
37 Exposing Jiang Zemin's Horrible Plot 01/0701 30k 10k
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36 The Ironclad Evidence of Jiang Zemin's Unpardonable Crime -- Comments on "Main Points of Jiang Zemin Speech in an Important Meeting" 12/13/00 39K 14K
35 Letís All Take A Clear Look at the Vicious Nature of Jiang Zemin 11/27/00 23K 8K
34 What Is True Compassion? --- Some Thoughts After Reading Articles Exposing Jiang Zemin 11/22/00 25K 6K
33 Jiang Zemin Interferes with the Internal Affairs of Other Countries 11/05/00 29K 9K
32 For Reference: The Formation of Jiang Zemin's Evil Thinking 10/29/00 36K 13K
31 The Epoch Times: Jiang Zemin Has Caught a Strange, Fatal Disease 10/28/00 23K 7K
30 Jiang Zemin Resorts to Immoral Means to Crack Down on Falun Gong 10/27/00 25K 9K
29 Ten Charges against Jiang Zemin for his Persecution of Falun Gong 11/22/00 36K 19K
28 Jiang Zemin -- Unparalleled in Treachery and Deceiving the World, Expert in Ruining the Nation and Harming the People 10/20/00 36K 12K
27 Brief Comments on Jiang Zemin's "Attention to Politics" 10/20/00 24K 6K
26 Persecution against Falun Gong Indicates Jiang Zemin's Lack of Moral Quality 10/17/00 27K 8K
25 It is Every Person's Responsibility to Stop Jiang Zemin's Crime 10/13/00 37K 12K
24 The Epoch Times: From Crimes against Humanity, Including Torture, to the Crimes Committed by Jiang Zemin 10/20/00 45K 18K
23 Jiang Zemin is not the Chinese Government 10/10/00 26K 7K
22 Letter to the World Journal: Jiang Zemin Plotted to Exacerbate the Situation 10/08/00 32K 10K
21 Jiang Zemin is Manipulating Politics and Recklessly Persecuting Innocent Citizens 10/04/00 41K 15K
20 Why Does Jiang Zemin Fear Falun Gong? 10/02/00 30K 8K
19 Unraveling Jiang Zemin's New False Allegation Against Falun Gong Surrounding the "October 1st" National Day 10/01/00 27K 11K
18 How Far Can Jiang Zemin Go to Defy the Rules of History 10/01/00 31K 14K
17 Exposing Fabrications and Stopping Evil 10/01/00 40K 13K
16 Jiang Zemin, China's Most Unstable Element 09/30/00 29K 13K
15 Stop Jiang Zemin and His Cohorts Suppression of Falun Gong 09/30/00 34K 11K
14 Jiang Zemin's Perspective on Politics and Human Rights 09/29/00 33K 10K
13 Who Brings Shame on the Chinese Government? 09/29/00 23K 7K
12 Jiang Zemin Cannot Shirk the Responsibility for the Persecution of Falun Gong 09/28/00 36K 12K
11 Jiang Zemin, a Wicked Person Who has Deceived the Chinese People and Those All Over the World 09/27/00 32K 10K
10 Looking at the Persecution of Falun Gong from the Perspective of Jiang Zemin's Character 09/27/00 45K 16K
9 No Falsehood Can Defend the Suppression of Falun Gong 09/27/00 25K 7K
8 History Will Have No Patience for Jiang Zemin's Crimes 09/23/00 30K 14K
7 Jiang Zemin Bears Responsibility for the Suppression of Falun Gong 09/21/00 30K 9K
6 Thoughts on Reading "Speech at UN Summit" by Jiang Zemin 09/18/00 31K 10K
5 When One Is Out to Maliciously Charge Someone, One Can Always Trump Up the Charge 09/18/00 26K 7K
4 Jiang Zemin - The Chief Director and Leading Player of the Vicious Persecution Against Falun Gong 09/17/00 32K 10K
3 Falun Gong Practitioners Speak Calmly With Righteousness While the Persecutor Dares not Show Up 09/15/00 22K 6K
2 Chinese President Lies on U.S. National Television 09/15/00 23K 6K
1 Chinese President Spread Lies to the World on CBS Television 09/08/00 24K 8K