Jiang Zemin's physical and mental health is, indeed, extremely bad now. When Jiang was found infected with necrosis in his leg, his doctors had suggested amputation, but he wouldn't listen. Now his life is being sustained by the gong or qi emitted by some, so-called, qigong masters.

On the surface, he cracked down on the accused-dissidents by holding the rod of atheism, deep inside, however, Jiang is very superstitious. Several years ago he secretly invited some so-called qigong masters and fortune-tellers to Zhongnanhai to treat his illness with qigong and predict his fortune. He knows deep in his heart that all the measures he resorted to in the past two years were all against the people's will, such as suppressing and cracking down on Falun Gong, indulging the corruption of his trusted followers, discriminating against those with different views from his, expanding his personal desires of power and fame, instigating government officials' proneness to boasting and exaggeration, etc. In foreign affairs, his manner of dealing with the embassy bombing and other matters has made him lose credibility with the world. He is so afraid of the punishment sent down from heaven that whenever he is about to go out or do something he will first ask qigong masters to predict the outcome for him. If the prediction bodes good luck, he will go out; if bad luck is predicted, he will stay home behind the door.

In ancient times, wise emperors administered the country with justice and virtue. Now being the President of China, Jiang does not consider the welfare of the people but rather racks his brain to maintain his power and establish his so-called personal high prestige that even he himself knows won't be redeemable by history. He tried every possible way to fabricate charges against Falun Gong to increase his "magnificent contributions." Even though he himself claims to be an atheist, Jiang worships lots of false idols in his house and burns incense and kowtows before them everyday.

Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. Jiang Zemin knows quite well that he has committed countless crimes. He fears suffering in hell, so he vainly attempts to get protection by worshipping the spirit tablet of the fox or the yellow weasel. No one could be more stupid. His doomsday is emerging.

My fellow countrymen, see clearly through Jiang Zemin's hypocritical face! Do not put more shame on China. With the hostility and fear toward the cosmic great law of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance), Jiang launched the crackdown on Falun Gong and persecuted good people with such cruelty. Now concrete evidence has shown that over 100 Dafa practitioners have died as a direct result of the persecution ordered by him. Tens of thousands of practitioners have been put into jails and mental hospitals and subjected to intensive brainwashing with injections of nervous system-damaging medicine. The cosmic great law will wash away all the evil. We wholeheartedly urged the people who are closely following evil Jiang Zemin's footsteps to think about it carefully for their own future. It is not difficult to come to the correct conclusion. Do not become the funerary objects of Jiang's corpse. Or it will be too late to regret after Jiang is dead.