A Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing was arrested by police for distributing flyers revealing Truth, in November, 2000. His family had since tried several times to negotiate with the police, each time arguing on just grounds. But the police kept putting them off without a valid reason. The highlights of their conversations follow:

December 2000

Family Member : It has been a month since he was first detained. Why don't you release him?

Police : We surely won't release him before New Year's Day. It is a sensitive day. What shall we do if he goes to Tian'anmen? We'll have to wait until after New Year's Day.

January 2000

Family Member : New Year's Day is over now. Why don't you set him free?

Police : Isn't the Spring Festival just around the corner? Definitely, he won't be released before the Spring Festival. We can't let him go out.

February 2000

Family Member : Both New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are over. You will really have nothing left to say if you don't release him this time.

Police : How would I have nothing left to say? These days, they are busy campaigning for the right to host the Olympic Games, and the international appraisal team will be coming here. Can we release him during such sensitive days like this? Let's talk about it after this period.

Family Member : After this period, are you sure that you will set him free?

Police : It's hard to say. After this, there will be "two conferences" (Note by the translator: The deputies to the National Peoples' Congress and the delegates to the Party Congress.) We have to strengthen the "severe punishment". There is no way to release him before these "two conferences".

Family Member : Then would it be after the "two conferences"?

Police : It will probably not be possible. After the "two conferences," it will soon be "April 25". Dare we let him go out?

Family Member : When on earth will you release him?

Police : After "April 25" will be "May 1", Labor Day, and then it will be the second anniversary of "Bombing the Embassy". To avoid any possible trouble, I guess we still could not set him free. After that, it will be Master Li's birthday. Then it is "June 4", which is an extremely sensitive time. We will definitely not set him free then. After "June 4", it will be "July 1." There will be no release for him then either. Following that will be "July 20," which will be the second anniversary of the crackdown. It would be unbelievable if nothing were to happen, so we absolutely can't let him go out then. Right after this is the second anniversary of legislation against anti-government religions, enacted by the People's Congress, not to mention National Day. Just look at these sensitive days all coming one after another! How can you expect me to release him? Even if I wanted to release him, Jiang would never allow it! Almost all 365 days of each year have been affected by their close proximity to sensitive days. As police officers, we are having a very difficult time.

The family member did not inquire any further. The answer had become obvious. After "October 1" would be New Year's Day again. Then it would be the Spring Festival again. As the year cycles, there is no day that is sufficiently distant from the sensitive days.

It is ridiculous how the spiteful force, headed by Jiang, has become so fearful of Falun Dafa, practitioners who are armed only with their belief in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance;" and so fearful of a hundred million kind hearted people.