Dalian Reform-Through-Education Institution is not a place for "education, persuasion or rescue" as they claim to be, but for torturing, coercing signatures, and forcing practitioners to give up cultivation practice. Fourteen practitioners are currently under what is called "restrictive detention" because they did the Falun Dafa exercises at night. While under restrictive detention, a dozen police officers beat them with rubber truncheons or electric batons. Some of the practitioners were beaten unconsciousness. All of them have cuts and severe bruises and other wounds, and the faces of some practitioners are swollen and deformed. Among the police who carried out the beatings, the following team leaders were the most vicious: Yong Mingjiu, Wang Jun, and Lin Yi.

Yong Mingjiu has tried all he can to persecute Falun Dafa and its practitioners since he was first put in charge of guarding the practitioners at the Institution. While he beats them up, he shouts: "we are the small devils in hell, and we can do what Masanjia Prison has done. Jiang Zemin has said that no one would be liable for beating practitioners to death!" Sun, another team leader, said: "we will beat you into small devils, and it is not violation of the law for us to beat you to death. We will turn you into devils so you will reincarnate into police in your next life." All the police who did the beating were sweating heavily. They put all their strength into the beating until they could not do it any more. They beat the practitioners until the batons were bent, and they had to stop to catch their breath. Practitioners were bruised all over; some were lying face down, too injured to roll over and lie on their backs. The police poured cold water onto the faces of the practitioners who had passed out. These practitioners received this inhumane treatment only because they did the exercises in jail. When the police coerced the practitioners to sign the repentance letters, they had a few male officers surround them with electric batons on the table. If any of the practitioners refused to sign, the officers would savagely beat them with the batons.

The fourteen practitioners under restrictive detention are: Zhang Fuling, Quan Xiaonan, Wu Yueju, Zhang Hua, (Wan Dongxia), Wan Jing, (Wang Hurong), Zhong Shujuan, Wang Jing, Wang Ronghong, Wang Haiying, Hu Shuzhen, Qu Huan, (Zhao Jing). The practitioners in parentheses once blacked out during the beating. Some practitioners were dragged from one end of the corridor to the other, and their blood splashed onto the walls. The police would clean up the blood so that no one would see it.

One practitioner's face was so swollen the police would not let him go down stairs to fetch some water, because the police do not want other prisoners to see his face. They got a practitioner who did not have severe facial injuries to do the chore. This demonstrates how hypocritical they are.

The above is the truth of how the practitioners are being persecuted at Dalian Reformation-Through-Labor Institution.

Reported by Practitioners in China

February 1, 2001