[Clearwisdom.net] In the wake of the alleged "self-immolation" incident in China, Jiang Zemin has dared to step up the persecution of Falun Gong, even in Hong Kong. Subsequent to an abusive speech about Falun Gong by Beijing Liaison Office on January 30, there have been two incidents of violent acts against local Hong Kong practitioners. This article presents the facts of what took place.

At around 9 am on February 2, seven or eight Falun Gong disciples were distributing flyers to tourists from the Chinese mainland at the famous "Huang Daxian" resort as usual. Although not required, a permit for this had been obtained from the police department. At about noon, a well built male approached a female Falun Gong practitioner named Zi and began to curse her while slapping her face and knocking the flyers from her hands. As Mr. Chu, also a Falun Gong devotee, intervened, the man suddenly pulled out and assembled a long police nightstick with which he hit Mr. Chu twice, forcing Mr. Chu to shield himself with his hands so as to prevent further injury. This drew the reprimand of another female Falun Gong person: "Assault and Battery is illegal in Hong Kong!" He slapped her face with such force that she staggered.

While following their attacker, Ms. Zi and Mr. Chu flagged down a police car and explained the situation to an officer. All three were taken to the local precinct station where the attacker claimed to be a security guard. Although he admitted initiating the use of force on the Falun Gong practitioners, he tried to excuse this by saying that the sight of flyers being passed out every day and supposedly having one "forced" on him had driven him to it! Ms. Zi pointed out at once that Falun Gong never forces people to take their flyers and students maintain a courteous attitude at all times. She also stated that none of the practitioners had given this man a flyer and he had just started to assault them for no apparent reason.

The next day, another female Falun Gong practitioner was verbally insulted by a man while passing out flyers at Chang-sha Bay Area. As she started to tell this man that Falun Gong is a beneficial practice, five other men surrounded her and hit with blows to her head and body!

As of yet, the residents of Hong Kong haven't been subjected to the propaganda of Jiang Zemin's campaign to snuff out Falun Gong (which is not a political movement). While Falun Gong is viewed indifferently there at the current time, the rule of law, human rights and freedom of speech are still very much valued in Hong Kong. An incident like the above "five men hitting one woman" in broad daylight is impermissible in a free society. Any clear thinking person could see from where these aggressors must have come, since such things had never previously happened in Hong Kong. Since these violent disruptions of the peace occurred at the same time as the "self-immolation" fabrication, it is no coincidence. Their purpose is to incite the masses to fight each other. Someone is trying to create a false impression of there being a "people's wrath against Falun Gong" and to foment opposition to Falun Dafa by any in Hong Kong who are unaware of the truth. This will enable Jiang's gang to find excuses to persecute Falun Gong in Hong Kong.

However, such a conspiracy is doomed to fail. With heightened vigilance, Hong Kong practitioners will tell the truth about Dafa with compassion and tolerance, taking every step well and leaving no opportunity for those who oppose them. In fact, there are many kindhearted Hong Kong residents who have called into radio talk shows and said that they are against the Falun Gong ban. According to them, outlawing Falun Gong would be the biggest threat to the ideal of "one country with two social systems."