[Minghui Net] Jiang Zemin is anxiously working to effect nothing less than Falun Gong's extinction. However, the more brutally Falun Gong has been suppressed and attacked, the more prolific and stronger it has become. Jiang Zemin wondered, "What should be done?" Knowing full well that he could never escape his fate to remain a failure, the furious Jiang Zemin gambled with people's lives, and has "played with fire....and gotten burned!" Jiang Zemin and his followers have told monstrous lies, long before this incident, attempting to generate the false impression that Falun Gong practitioners would someday commit a group suicide. This time, his wish appeared to have finally come true. Unfortunately for him, there were so many holes in the reporting of this incident, that the story behind it became more interesting than the incident itself.

Like a beginning actor, Jiang Zemin was overly anxious to put on his stage face and star in the play. Instead, he found himself ad-libbing his lines in a play that had yet to be directed. In a panic, he thought about what to do next. There was no time to take care of so many loose ends. It didn't matter that it was being reported by CNN or that it would be broadcast internationally. After an entire week of intense planning, five people appeared to set themselves on fire before the public eye. Several days later, the number of people involved was unexpectedly reported as seven, and now included a 12 year old girl. In my opinion, he can't even keep his own story straight. What should have been viewed as a tragedy, now makes people wonder whether to cry or perhaps laugh. Internationally, Jiang Zemin is cracking a brutally cruel joke to people all over the world. Is there now even a tiny bit of credibility left among the words that come out of Jiang Zemin's mouth?

It reminded me of a story of a midwife, over 80 years old, who had already made use of oxytocin, even before it was invented, and who could still clearly remember that ordinary boy, whom she had delivered on a certain date, over 40 years ago. It also reminded me of the "1400 cases" (or was it 1500 cases?) of death which were used to criminalize Falun Gong. Every one of them was an absolute fabrication, made up by Jiang Zemin and his followers. He even shamelessly paraded his campaign abroad, completely embarrassing the Chinese people. He started false rumours about Falun Gong and Master Li Hongzhi, one after another, bringing peoples' anger to a boil.

The truth is that Master Li Hongzhi has seriously pointed out that committing suicide is a criminal act. Disregarding this fact, Jiang placed the onus of the self-immolation upon Falun Gong practitioners. Where are the facts and evidence of this case? Who dares to question them? It is Jiang Zemin himself who has ordered that Falun Gong practitioners could be beaten to death and it would be called a suicide! This is what Jiang Zemin calls 'democracy', and this is his "human rights."

Since July 1999, Jiang Zemin and his followers have been savagely suppressing Falun Gong. The number of Falun Gong practitioners who have been tortured to death continues to rise sharply. As Falun Gong practitioners continued to expose these facts, the truth becomes all the more clear. Jiang Zemin had planned to wipe out Falun Gong practitioners almost overnight. At all facilities where Dafa practitioners were detained, including every detention center, labor camp, police station, and mental hospital, Zemin's vicious minions brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners. As they did so, they each voiced the same refrain, "The higher authority said that beating you to death will be recorded as your having committed suicide." Who was this "higher authority"? Quite obviously, it could have been none other than Jiang Zemin and his followers. Considering this fact, it becomes clear why Jiang Zemin and his followers created the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square. His purpose was to call all practitioners' deaths-by-torture suicides. By creating the false impression that Dafa practitioners are known to have committed suicide, he is setting the stage for continued mass murder of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Jiang Zemin's bag of tricks is empty, but what has he really achieved? His lies of alleged self-immolation and his inept performance in controlling the reporting of the incident have completely exposed Jiang Zemin's brutal nature. In fact, the voice of the international community, requesting that Jiang Zemin respect human rights, has become louder and clearer. The leaders of various countries have come to seriously question the extent to which the Chinese people have been suppressed, since the government appeared to express more concern that the self-immolation incident had occurred in Beijing, China's capitol, rather than showing any concern about the victims' identity. Can such a dictatorship last for long?

We don't need to mention that Falun Gong is gaining more and more proclamations of support from various governments each day. We merely talk about the tyrant Jiang Zemin, who appears to have shot himself in his own foot. As an old Chinese saying goes, "Whoever plays with fire gets burned!" These are the perfect words to describe that tyrant Jiang Zemin.

A Dafa practitioner from Toronto