The people of China, the world, and humankind are at a momentous turning point in history. It is of the utmost importance to every person, every race, and every nation that we understand that Jiang Zemins persecution of Falun Gong is harming China and threatening the world.

For decades now, the people of China have hoped that political reform and the economic boom would allow their nation to once again be strong, but all of the great contributions that China would have made to the international community have been lost to the selfish desires of one man ?Jiang Zemin.

  1. Jiang Zemins persecution of Falun Gong has caused a major setback in Chinas attempts at reform, halting whatever progress has been made over the past twenty years to rejoin the rest of the world

By cracking down on Falun Gong, implementing new laws in any way he sees fit, and authorizing police brutality and killing, Jiang Zemin has made China take a huge step backward in both political and legal reform, and the hard work of generations has been wiped out. By engaging in this violent crackdown, he has disregarded the rule of law and the dire need for reform. He doesnt allow the people to choose their own faith and think for themselves, he doesnt allow the people to choose their most basic way of life, nor does he hesitate to sell out the standing of the nation in the international community.

Today, when China steps onto the world stage, if it is not denounced by those who call for justice, it is looked down upon by the developed nations. Is it not pathetic how Jiang tries to use Chinas natural resources, manpower, and its markets to cover up the brutal reality?

  1. Jiang Zemins crackdown on Falun Gong is a disruption of Chinas entire history

The Chinese traditions of "Benevolence, Honor, Propriety, Wisdom, and Honesty" have nourished countless generations of Chinese people. Passed down from ancestor to descendant, many Chinese virtues such as working hard, courage, respect for elders and love for children, modesty, respect for the will of the heavens, and worship of gods and Buddhas have been maintained in the culture. These are truly the characteristics of the Chinese people; these are the characteristics of China. Moreover, throughout Chinese history, there has always been a link to the Buddhas, Taos, and Gods and a wish to return to ones true self and ones origins. No one can sever the connection between the people and the historical source from which they arose. The nature of human beings is to lean towards kindness and higher ideals, regardless of how difficult the circumstances are. This is why these Chinese traditions have lasted for some many thousands of years, and this is also why Falun Dafa attracted so many millions of good people in China and around the world so quickly. Some people say its because of the spiritual vacuum caused by many years of thought control under the current regime, but that ignores the fundamental nature of humankind and the richness and depth of the culture.

Whether it is a Western, democratic society or a feudalistic traditional society, those who have faith are always in the majority. The sincerity of faith never fades just because of the cruelty of the time or because of human obstruction. All of this is because faith in the divine is the original source from which we cannot be separated. As soon as there is an opportunity, the will to return to the heavens will gather us up and help us return to the goodness of our original selves. It is the will of the gods, and no power can stop it.

Jiang Zemins crackdown attempts to sever Chinese people from their historical origins. The madness and viciousness of the crackdown is in itself enough to expose the narrow-mindedness, cruelty, and violence of the man. This is why so many simple and honest ordinary citizens keep coming forward to selflessly clarify the truth to everyone. They dont want a single good person to miss the opportunity granted by Falun Dafa for their lives to return to their origin. Thus, we must keep our eyes open and be sure to differentiate between good and evil and be responsible for our own lives.

  1. Jiangs crackdown not only breaks Chinas domestic laws, but also violates internationally recognized regulations, as well as international agreements, on human rights and freedom of belief

Jiangs actions not only violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but they also make a mockery of the sacredness and effectiveness of this Declaration and the dignity and goodwill of the other nations that signed it. Moreover, the persecution damages the principles jointly followed by the international community. Jiang Zemin can make up illegal laws that violate the constitution and then have them implemented overnight within the borders of China, but he cannot change the concepts of rule of law and the judicial systems that have already been constructed in the rest of the world. Tolerance of evil is a betrayal and denial of good. Jiang Zemin fully represents the evil forces that still remain in the world, so he will, of course, be clearly differentiated from all of the officials and world leaders who stand up for justice, and discord between them is to be expected.

  1. By persecuting Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin is not only damaging the fortunes of a nation, he is also damaging the normal progress of the world

Jiangs persecution since last year has dragged down the nation by putting hundreds of thousands of morally upright Falun Gong practitioners into detention centers and labor reform camps where they are subject to unspeakable abuse and torture. And all of these crimes were planned, implemented, and forced upon the people by Jiang Zemin alone. At a time when history and the heavens would seem to have China making great contributions to humanity, because of Jiangs selfish interests, China has been pulled off track, which has also affected the normal progress of the world.

In the United Nations, Jiang Zemin cannot represent justice, so he can only try to gather rogue nations around him to fight against the forces of good. In interactions with the governments of various nations, he often resorts to using material goods, money, and various interests as bait to wield his power. His insincerity is evident, so he is not trusted by the people of the world. The overseas PRC embassies and consulates, too, often need to resort to rumor mongering, bribery, flattery, and lies to attain certain political and economic interests. They interfere in the domestic affairs of other nations and obstruct the freedoms and rights of the citizens of other nations. At home they use their power to send completely sane people to mental hospitals and then overseas they send out assassins and spies to harass people. All the facts only go to show the absurdity of Jiangs "gangster" politics.

  1. Jiang Zemins persecution of Falun Gong is not just a matter within the borders of China, but it is doing harm to the whole world

Apparently what Jiang Zemin hates is "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." This is the fundamental reason why he wants to spread his lies, rumors, hatred, and venom wherever he goes. If he really thought that cracking down on Falun Gong was an internal matter for China, then he would not have taken the initiative to slander Falun Gong in front of foreign reporters, nor would he have distributed material attacking Falun Gong when he met with world leaders. Good people will always understand the benefits of the universal principles of "Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance)" and wicked people will just instinctively despise them, very naturally creating an opposition between the forces of good and evil. Because Jiang Zemin hates "Zhen, Shan, Ren," he will not rest easy as long as there are people putting "Zhen, Shan, Ren" into practice anywhere in the world. He will continue his persecution, and he will continue to demand that other nations participate in his persecution.

  1. Jiang Zemins persecution of Falun Gong is not just oppression of one cultivation group but oppression of higher moral values and preventing the beginning of a new human history

Jiangs suppression of Falun Gong goes far beyond the suppression of an individual group but is a plot to prevent the birth of a new morality and the beginning of a new human history in a new millenium. As Mark Palmer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Freedom House, said in a speech on July 20:

"I think each era since the second World War, each decade, has been defined, and is identified with, a peaceful, non-violent movement?I believe your movement, the Falun Gong, is the movement that will define our time, at the beginning of the 21st century. I think that when people look back, they will say: Oh yes?there was a movement that came out of China that defined its era, and ultimately it was successful.?

The universal characteristics of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance" that Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate teaches people to become kinder and to improve their moral character, and it is a fundamental path to return to humankinds original compassionate nature. Its appearance in the world at this time is no accident. We can see the need for personal morality to improve, we can see how Falun Dafa has found its way across more than 40 nations around the world and how tens of millions have obtained the Fa in just eight short years, and how morality has improved, and we can see how millions of Falun Dafa practitioners have no fear of death. We can see the direction in which the peoples hearts are going and we can understand the need for integrity in humankind today. This is the basis on which Falun Dafa has gained the loyalty of the people, and this is the fundamental reason why Falun Dafa has become as solid as bedrock in the human realm. Falun Dafa has awakened peoples search for meaning in life and helped different races to find the nature of compassion that they have in common. It has guided sentient beings back on to a path toward the divine and to the origins from which they came. How many centuries, how many lifetimes of waiting, how much despair and struggle has been endured through so many reincarnations before the light is found? What power on earth can possibly block this tremendous drive towards transcendence and the release of such a glorious energy?

The wheels of history are turning, a new millenium is arising?

September 16, 2000