[Clearwisdom.net] Jiang Zemin issued the order to crack down on Falun Gong. What he is actually crushing is the hope of human beings and the benign human nature, which can be summarized below:1. People's trust in the government

The fact that Falun Gong practitioners persistently appeal to the government and keep on telling the truth shows that they still trust the government and believe that the government will listen to the people's voice, and will help and support them. Think about it, in face of such a cruel crackdown, if they have already lost the trust in the government, how can they appeal peacefully again and again? The government even persecuted such a group of kind-hearted civilians. Who is going to believe again, that such a government is still for the people? A government that has lost its people's support is on the brink of danger. It is Jiang Zemin that had damaged the image of the Chinese government.2. The passion towards the motherland and the nation

Falun Gong has been spreading in public for 9 years; there is solid basis for its existence in the Chinese society; even non-practitioners know the power of Falun Gong; it is the precious essence of Chinese culture, the pride of China. Abroad, nearly 50 counties have embraced Falun Gong, including people of different colors and races. It is regarded as the essence of China; many people have started to learn Chinese, travel to China, and become interested in the Chinese culture. However, Jiang Zemin arbitrarily claimed Falun Gong as anti-government, fabricated such labels as "overseas Anti-China force", and initiated a fight among the Chinese people. Fooling people, and instigating people to fight each other will only deeply hurt people's passion towards the whole nation, national culture and the country.3. Pursuit of truth and faith in human rights

People pursuing the truth should be the most respected, because they are the symbol of a society's conscience. Almost every country lists freedom of belief as the basic civil right protected by their constitution. Jiang Zemin only allows the belief of his slogan, places his personal will above the law, forbids people to have free belief and independent thinking, and forbids people to tell the truth. He has fundamentally denied basic human rights and suppressed people's pursuit of the truth.4. The support of justice

Jiang Zemin not only commits crimes himself, but also uses accomplices. His conspiracy is cruel and disguised. Using his power, he initiated an order in hierarchy by forcing officials of higher rank to put pressure on officials of lower rank, and he calls it "Supervision". The degree of success in smashing Falun Gong becomes the criterion for job evaluation and promotion, thus training a whole group of wicked people specializing in persecuting the innocent. What's more, he resorts to the practice of "associated persecution" by threatening the family and relatives of practitioners with their jobs and property, forcing them to follow his will. Under his evil power, the public dares not voice their anger, and can only hide their support of justice in their heart.

5. The awe of life

A life can be lived only once, so it is precious to every one. No one wants to waste his or her life, and all hope that their life is meaningful and valuable. So everyone is searching for and pursuing the true purpose of life. Maybe the approaches are different. But as long as they benefit society and the public, it should be respected and protected by law and no one should interfere. One word from Jiang Zemin can smash the belief and dream of millions of people, can disrupt the freedom of hundreds upon hundreds of people, and take away the lives of more than one hundred people. In his eyes, human lives are not even as worthy as grass seeds. He also fools and poisons people's mind with his evil theory that despises human rights and human nature. He talks about "sovereignty outweighing human rights", "overseas anti-China force", "Evil X", "In terms of politics" or "Fighting until the last minute" etc., and subdues the benign human nature from respecting life, cherishing life and loving life.

6. The longing for benevolence

"Human beings are born with benevolence." Benevolence is the fundamental quality of human nature. Everything leading to benevolence will definitely be embraced by the public. Everything embraced by the public must be respected by society and encouraged by the government, because it encourages harmonious relationship, honesty, and is against cheating and conspiracy. So it is a powerful momentum to stabilizing the society and improving moral standard. The rational and persistent appealing of Falun Gong has proven that it has become deeply rooted in people's hearts. The peacefulness of Falun Gong practitioners also proves that they are not "damaging stability and unity" or "disrupting social order", as claimed by Jiang Zemin. On the contrary, they are the shining models of improving the relationship between the people and the government, promoting social civilization and safeguarding social stability. Isn't the crackdown on this group comparable to burying the human basic nature of pursuing benevolence?

With their great compassion, Falun Gong practitioners have awakened the human conscience that never perishes throughout history, and will ignite the spark of justice in people's heart. A tiny spark can spread fire throughout the prairie. In the new millennium, the flame of justice and conscience will definitely burn out the evil.

January 19, 2001