More than a year ago, when Jiang Zemin utilized the entire state machine and carried out a full-scaled brutal persecution against Falun Gong under the false charges of "undermining the stability and threatening the government", people in China and in the rest parts of the world could not stop wondering: Why would Jiang Zemin brutally persecute those bare-handed grandpas and grandmas? What kind of ill intentions and motives does Jiang Zemin have to persecute kind citizens to such an extensive scale? This has been a hot topic among international communities, ordinary Chinese citizens and officials at different levels of the Chinese government.

From "The Main Points of Jiang Zemin's Speech in an Important Meeting" (referred to as "Speech"), let us see how Jiang Zemin has exposed himself by examining the wickedness hidden behind his unusual speech.

1. The wickedness of Jiang Zemin lies in the fact that he does not hesitate to stir up a large-scaled turmoil among people at the cost of the nation's future in order to take advantage of the situation to establish his personal legacy and dictatorship.

    "From the lessons that the central government have learnt from the downfall of the Soviet Union, we have determined to criticize various anti-Marxism thoughts, beliefs and theories, recapture and strengthen the frontline of the proletariat ideology and carry out a disinfections in the ideology domain. Falun Gong advertises 'Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)'. It gives us an opportunity to start 'disinfections.'"

    - From Jiang Zemin's "Speech"

Since the beginning of the crackdown, the mouthpiece (the nation-run media) of Jiang Zemin has gone all the way to accuse Falun Gong of "undermining the stability" and "threatening the government." It had created a false impression for some people in China and overseas to believe that even though Jiang was clearly overreacting, his action was somewhat "understandable." With the exposure of his "Speech", we can clearly see that since the very beginning, Jiang Zemin was very clear that Falun Gong would not threaten any government. Those so called "recapturing the frontline of ideology" and "lessons learnt from the Soviet Union" were merely excuses to deceive people. What Jiang Zemin really feared were the increasing number of people breaking away from his "mental control" and his diminishing hope to establish the image of his "great leadership" with the reality of the chaotic society. Therefore, facing the great loss in pursuing his prestige and with the power at his disposal, Jiang Zemin's reckless move in desperation becomes inevitable. It is not difficult for us to understand Jiang Zemin's crackdown against Falun Gong, and his unsurpassed ruthlessness towards Falun Gong practitioners have become his necessity to release his unbearable pain from his jealousy and to find excuses for his failure.

However, to Jiang Zemin's surprise, with unsurpassed courage and compassion, Falun Gong practitioners are unceasingly appealing to the government and the public to tell the truth and validate Dafa. In the face of evil, they never give in. Jiang's crackdown thus ended in a big failure.

2. The wickedness of Jiang Zemin lies not only in his despotic ruling and dictatorship, but is even more displayed with his immorality and inhumane ruthlessness.

    "By comparison, other Qigong organizations may not be so easy to settle. It perhaps would cause violent unrest, even assassination, poisonous gas, explosion and such kinds of terrorist activities, which will bring us tremendous difficulty and will undermine the stability of the society. Thus, it will not achieve the effect of the punishment. But Falun Gong stresses 'Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)'. We can go all the way to attack it. In the future, we can effectively use the experience of slandering Falun Gong on other Qigong organizations."

    - From Jiang Zemin's "Speech"

From Jiang Zemin's clearly revealed thinking, it is unbelievable for us to see that Jiang Zemin and his accomplices were actually not completely ignorant. They clearly know that Falun Gong practitioners have great compassion and forbearance and have no interest in worldly pursuits. They also clearly know the Falun Gong practitioners' outstanding characteristics of "not fighting back when they are beaten or sworn at." However, such noble principles and glorious realm didn't awaken Jiang's conscience and humanity, but instead triggered his unspeakable fear and insatiable desire to take advantage of it. Driven by his wicked mindset, Jiang employed all vicious means to brutally persecute Falun Gong in order to establish his individual might and cruel dictatorship.

In the wicked mind of Jiang Zemin, those real cults and terrorists who will cause "assassination, poisonous gas, explosion" can be tolerated because they are "not so easy to settle," but instead, it is acceptable to "go all the way to attack" those peaceful citizens who believe in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and "do not fight back when they are beaten or sworn at." Such a lowly act of Jiang Zemin seeking personal glory by suppressing good people is unprecedented in human history. We can clearly see that this most shameful persecution in the history of human civilization is not merely based on protecting one's authority, and neither is it a "mistake of the policy." It is the fruitless act of a wicked and bound to be eliminated individual in a frenzied attempt to cover his fear of righteousness. It is the final struggle of the chief representative of the evil force prior to his dooms day. Jiang Zemin and his accomplices may have thought of everything except one point, that is, evil will never be able to subdue righteousnessthis is the unchangeable principle of the universe.

3. The wickedness of Jiang Zemin lies in the maliciousness of his persecution, viciousness of his plots and shamelessness of his attempts to cover up his evildoings.

"Some people in the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of National Security, and some experts in language and religion studies... have written some 'articles (i.e., fabricate articles allegedly written by Mr. Li Hongzhi)' and spread them in China and overseas to undermine the determination of the Falun Gong followers. These have brought some good results. We should continue writing these kind of 'articles' and intensify the conflicts among Falun Gong followers and their key members."

"We should not take Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong lightly and we must intensify our work at all fronts. Li Hongzhi has not made any public appearances for more than half a year, but a great number of Falun Gong followers are still very determined. From that we can see how deep his influence is. Our special task force should continue moving forward and design various plans to ensure the success of assassination. When the head of the group dies, many problems will become easy to solve."

- From Jiang Zemin's "Talk"

From Jiang Zemin's words, now it will not be difficult to understand why there were so many rumors about Falun Gong appearing on Chinese state propaganda during the past year. All of them were actually well planned and organized plots to frame Falun Gong in order to provide deceitful excuses for the persecution. However, it is unbelievable that such shameless tactics have become the special skills of the highest leader of a nation.

During the more than one-year long persecution, over 10,000 practitioners were sent to labor camps without any legal procedures, over 500 practitioners were sentenced in show trials with fabricated charges, over 80 practitioners died as a result of torture and over 600 practitioners were sent to mental hospitals and ill-treated with nerve-damaging drugs. Now from the fully exposed maliciousness in Jiang Zemin's "Speech", one can imagine how vicious this crackdown has been. Assassination, kidnapping, blackmailing, swindling, robbery, violence, carefully fabricated slandering and countless tortures... any malicious and shameless means have been employed in this "best era of human rights in China" as claimed by Jiang Zemin.

Jiang Zemin is wicked. He thought that as long as he has the power and is cruel enough, he would be able to do whatever he wants and make people obey his order.

Jiang Zemin is also ignorant because he did not understand enough to awaken to his mistakes and treasure the opportunity offered by history to stop his evildoing. Those vile beings who follow him will surely be accompanies of his doom. We are exposing the wickedness of Jiang Zemin because the universe will no longer has a place for him. Meanwhile, we are hoping the kindhearted people in the world will be able to discern right and wrong instead of creating unrecoverable losses for their own future.

We wish all the kindhearted people could support us with your conscience, dignity and justice!

We wish all the people who have the goodness in their hearts could distinguish right from wrong, good from evil to bring yourselves a bright future!

We wish all the people in the world will fight against the evil!