Manhattan: New York City Residents Learn Falun Dafa Exercises at Summer Street Festival

Falun Dafa practitioners were invited to participate in the New York City Summer Streets event, and demonstrate the exercises at Foley Square adjacent to Civic Center and City Hall, for two consecutive weekends. Many people learned the exercises during the event.

San Francisco Fa Conference: Solid Cultivation and Saving People Diligently

Practitioners from Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and New York attended the conference, where ten practitioners shared their cultivation experiences of how they improved themselves, let go of their attachments, and how they talked to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. One practitioner commented, “We need to put our hearts into what we are doing, regardless of whether we are involved in a big or small project. Only then are we able to awaken people.”

California: Falun Gong Workshop Held in Silicon Valley

Workshop attendee: “I feel very relaxed. The main thing about cultivation is to improve one's moral standards. I have benefited tremendously.”

Slovakia: Collecting Petition Signatures to Help End the Persecution of Falun Gong in China

Practitioners in Slovakia held an informational event and petition drive on August 23, 2019, in Trencin, Slovakia to raise awareness of the human rights violations in China, where the communist regime has been persecuting people for more than 20 years for practicing Falun Gong.

Taiwan: College Students Gain Inspiration at Falun Dafa Youth Summer Camp

Falun Dafa practitioners from more than 20 colleges and universities in Taiwan attended the annual Falun Dafa Youth Summer Camp at TransWorld University in Douliu City. 

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