(Minghui.org) A story in this year's Shen Yun show deeply touched me. In this story, a young man staged an accident and pretended to be the victim. He blamed a Falun Dafa practitioner for being responsible for the accident and extorted money from him. The practitioner didn't argue with him and gave him money. Compared to that practitioner, I am far from having a broad heart like that.

However, shortly after that, the young man met two thugs who robbed him of the money he had just extorted from the practitioner, and brutally beat him. When he was seeking help, no one but that practitioner helped him. He was impressed with the practitioner's kindness, and thus started to learn Falun Dafa.

Touched by Milarepa's Compassion

This story also reminded me of stories about Buddha Milarepa that deeply touched me as well.

After his uncle and aunt seized his family's properties, he and his mother lived in poverty. While he was begging for food, instead of helping him, his uncle even unleashed a dog to attack him. Milarepa had no hatred towards them, instead, he made a wish to offer salvation to them.

Another story is of Geshe Tsakpuwa, where Geshe is a Tibetan Buddhist academic degree for monks and nuns. Tsakpuwa tried to kill Milarepa with poisoned cheese. However, Milarepa did not resent Tsakpuwa. On the contrary, he tried to teach him with great patience, and finally helped Tsakpuwa become a Buddhist.

As a practitioner, good and evil comes from one single thought. When a practitioner can still think of others despite enduring tremendous suffering, I believe that such compassion has the power to shake heaven and earth.

I have been cultivating in Falun Dafa for over 20 years, but I still couldn't do that. I'm very worried about myself. I hope eventually, I can eliminate my selfishness and become a truly selfless person.

There are some practitioners I am associated with who have cultivated very well. I was touched by their stories and how they truly lived by Dafa's principles, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

Compassion Changes Abusive People

One female practitioner's husband was against her practicing Falun Dafa. He divorced her and married another woman after she was arrested for her belief. After she was released from the detention center, she had nothing left. Her husband gave all their money to his new wife and didn't take care of their son. The practitioner never complained. She found a job and started her life anew.

Later her husband became seriously ill and was abandoned by his new wife. With no one willing to help him, he turned to the practitioner.

Her son said, “Mother, don't let him come back. He treated you like that. You shouldn't let him step into our home.”

That practitioner said to her son, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I can't turn my back on him when he is asking for help.” She persuaded her son and let her husband live with them. She took care of him with great patience, yet he still picked on her and used abusive language against her.

She said, “I would not have helped you if I didn't practice Falun Dafa. Don't you feel ashamed of what you've done to me and to our son?” Her husband felt ashamed and never verbally abused her again.

Touched by her kindness, he gradually understood the facts about Falun Dafa and also joined her in studying the Fa as well. They sometimes went out together to distribute Dafa truth-clarification materials.

Another practitioner's daughter-in-law had an affair and divorced her son. She felt ashamed and dared not enter the practitioner's house to see her son. She always waited outside for her son to come out. The practitioner never complained about her. Instead, she always invited her to come into the house. “Come in please, let's have lunch together. I made your favorite hot-pot meal,” she once said to her.

The daughter-in-law was deeply touched by the practitioner. She always told others, “My mother-in-law is the best person in the world.” Later she remarried the practitioner's son.

How Should We Treat Perpetrators

After the Minghui website published the notice about collecting information of perpetrators against Falun Gong, I heard that many police officers became very scared. Some removed their photos from the wall in the police station, fearing being reported by the practitioners.

I think that as a practitioner, this is also a chance to improve ourselves. We shouldn't bear hatred or resentment against the police, but should act with kindness and compassion towards them. The heavenly principle is right there, and no one can escape from it. But whatever we do, we should align ourselves with the principles of Dafa, and think about how to use the opportunity to change these people's thinking. Aren't they victims of the persecution also?