(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in November 2008 in order to heal my illnesses. Prior to cultivating Dafa, I suffered from diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic skin problems, hemorrhoids, renal deficiency, uterine fibroids, deafness, foot deformities and frozen shoulder.

In October 2008, I was hospitalized due to abnormal uterine bleeding. Doctors encountered difficulty stopping the bleeding. Because I was in danger of losing my life from blood loss, I was given a blood transfusion. Eventually, I underwent surgery to remove my uterine fibroids and ovary. One month after the operation, doctors discovered more polyps growing out from the cauterized area. They recommended a laser ablation procedure to remove the growths. A single procedure cost four hundred and ninety yuan and my doctor could not tell me the number of times I would need to repeat this procedure in order to be fully cured. I could not afford the continued treatment on my salary of only a thousand yuan a month, and decided not to pursue the treatment. Instead, I resolved to return home and learn Falun Gong from my neighbor.

My neighbor had previously told me the health benefits which came from practicing Falun Gong. I believed her words as I had never seen her fall ill. I contacted my neighbor upon reaching home and told her of my intention to practice Falun Gong. My happy neighbor instantly took it upon herself to teach me the exercise movements and even presented me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun.

Soon after obtaining the Fa, I determinedly threw away all my various medications. My son wholeheartedly supported my decision to cultivate in Dafa and he advised me to also dispose of my blood glucose meter. Eventually, we gave the meter to my cousin.

From then on, I spent all my free time studying the Fa. I also made it a habit to practice the exercises at 3:50 a.m., and sending forth righteous thoughts afterward.

Over time, I got to know several other fellow practitioners. When I joined their Fa- study group, they advised me to try and sit in the full-lotus position. Initially, the pain was so bad that I could not even fold my leg in the half-lotus position. After much effort, sweat and pain, I was eventually able to achieve the full-lotus position. Now I can sit comfortably in this position for a prolonged period while studying the Fa. Though the position looks uncomfortable, in actuality I feel very relaxed and warm.

Because I had severe cervical spine stenosis, I had trouble controlling my legs. Often, they felt so weak that I was forced to rely on my son for support. Soon after becoming a Dafa practitioner, my cervical vertebra began to make cracking noises whenever I read Zhuan Falun. I was especially happy, as I had not expected Master Li to take me under his wing so soon and work on healing my illness so fast.

Whenever I sent righteous thoughts, Master Li would seize the opportunity to clean up my body. Once, I felt an invisible hand reach into my ear canal, twisting and poking it internally. I knew that Master Li was fixing my ears. My eyes too underwent a variety of sensations. Sometimes it was as if someone was polishing my eyeballs with sandpaper. Other times, as though someone had cut my eye with a sharp knife. Yet other times, it felt as though an invisible hand was pushing and pulling at my eyeballs. In this way, Master healed my eyes.

I was diagnosed with pulmonary hemorrhage when I started spitting blood in my twenties. After practicing Dafa, invisible needles started pricking my lungs, causing slight pain. Medical specialists had previously examined my heart and given me a clean bill of health. However some latent illness was probably present, as I soon felt my heart vibrating like a cell phone a few times a day. Both feelings stopped a while later and now I can climb the stairs with ease. For over twenty years, I suffered from an itchy rash on one leg. Then in a dream, Master Li pricked my leg with a needle. The following morning, I awoke to find six small needle holes on my leg. The rash disappeared soon after.

One day in the spring of 2013, I suddenly began spitting blood. I knew that Master Li was cleansing my body. However it also happened to be the day we were scheduled to move to a new home. I asked Master to let me stop throwing up blood long enough to locate our new, assigned quarters. The nausea stopped immediately and I was able to head out. Though I continued to throw up blood after we returned home, I ignored my symptoms and continued to pack and move items as planned. Later I realized that my body had probably been getting rid of the foreign blood, which had been transfused into me during a medical procedure in 2008.

I also benefited much from reading Minghui Weekly articles. In one article, a fellow practitioner described how she sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate an unnatural state and found her body immediately restored to normal. I recalled this advice when I was woken from sleep by a painfully numb feeling in my right arm. I ordered the evil beings causing this unnatural state to be destroyed and my condition was instantly resolved. This situation repeated itself on yet another occasion. This time, my right arm, side and leg developed a painful numbness, which disturbed my sleep. I again sent forth righteous thoughts and the numbness vanished.

Despite having undergone a procedure to remove my uterus and left ovary in 2008, I found myself experiencing a menstrual cycle in 2017 and 2018. My life was saved by Master Li. In contrast to the many illnesses I was plagued with before practicing Falun Gong, I now count myself exceedingly fortunate to be both physically well and mentally happy.