(Minghui.org) I am 76 years old. I have had lots of tribulations since I was young. My left eye was punctured and blinded when I was half-a-year old. I grew skin ulcers on my body when I was six years old. The doctor accidentally cut my tendon when performing surgery to remove them. My heel could no longer touch the ground.

Then, I had measles. An elderly lady helped cure it by burying me in dirt. It did make me feel better and I recovered. However, I could not walk normally since then. My parents took me to school because they felt I was too smart not to. The other children bullied me because I had only one eye. They pushed me against a rock and hurt my head. I could not stand their bullying and quit the school. Discrimination of different degrees never ended in my life. I just withstood it.

I was married when I was 20. I married a person who was very poor and was six years older than I. We had five children. My husband injured his back and has been paralyzed. I supported our family. I cannot describe all the pains and difficulties that I have gone through.

My health deteriorated due to over working. My right eye developed cataracts. My husband urged me to see a doctor. But I felt that we were too poor to do that. We already were 8,000 yuan in debt.

I finally went to the hospital and the doctor told me that I was sick in each and every part of my body. “Which illness do you want me to treat first?” the doctor asked. “You only have 6 grams of hemoglobin in your body. Your health cannot get worse. There is no part in your body that is good. I know your financial situation. But what are you going to do?” he asked.

It was hopeless. What was I going to do with this family. I had 80-year-old parents and five children to take care of, and my husband was paralyzed.

Practicing Falun Dafa

Our neighbor learned of our situation. She suggested that I practice Falun Dafa in February 1996. I said I would do it as long as it was free. So I did. I felt much better after practicing it for an hour.

“This is the Buddha law,” I said when I watched Teacher’s Fa lecture video the first time. I began to have diarrhea after I listened to the fourth talk. It lasted for a day. I didn’t feel like to go to the lecture in the evening. My child urged me to, telling me that Teacher would stop my diarrhea when I was listening to the Fa.

After the lecture, I wanted to use the restroom again on my way home. I felt so comfortable after I went to the restroom.

I did the exercises every day. One day a couple of months later, when I was doing the first exercise, I felt the scar from removing the skin ulcer on my leg was cut. But the pain disappeared right away. I knew it was Teacher curing my leg. From then on, I was able to walk normally. My injured eye could see things. All my problems were resolved.

Seeing this, my husband also wanted to listen to the Fa. After he did, he said: “Teacher’s Fa is wonderful. I will never scold you again. Otherwise I will be giving you virtue. I will quit drinking and smoking.” He was able to stand on his feet in a matter of days.

After doing the exercises for a month, he felt that his back ached suddenly one day. It was so painful that he sweat profusely for four hours. The neighbor suggested that he see a doctor. He said no. He said it was Teacher cleansing his body. There was no need to see a doctor. With this thought, he overcame the tribulation. His back no longer hurt from then on. He could walk and work normally. He looked like a new person. The new neighbor thought I had been remarried.

This way, all our friends, relatives, neighbors, and the village officials who knew us were aware that we recovered from our illnesses by cultivating in Falun Dafa.

We followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to become good people. We did not care about self-interest when dealing with friends and neighbors. Neighbors said that we became truly great people after we had begun practicing Falun Dafa. People all said that we were live advertisement that demonstrated the greatness of Falun Dafa.