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Image for article Austria: Introducing Falun Dafa to Tag des Sports Attendees

While Falun Dafa practitioners held a booth and demonstrated the exercises at a popular sports event, one attendee said, “This booth draws me the most. It exudes a calm and peaceful atmosphere.”

Image for article Queensland, Australia: Introducing Falun Dafa at the Cairns Festival

Many festival-goers learned the exercises at the Falun Dafa booth. One attendee said after learning the movements, “I feel an inner peace and both my mind and body are one. I feel full of positive energy.”

Image for article Yunnan Woman Serving 4 Years for Her Faith Allowed First In-person Family Visit in Two Years

Ms Liu’s son recalled, “I felt so sad upon seeing my mother. She was emaciated and her eyes were swollen. She initially hesitated to tell us what she had endured...the guards had sprayed her eyes with some kind of spicy water.”

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