(Minghui.org) The person mentioned in a previous editorial has said things against Dafa and Shen Yun, publicly gone against Master, and collected so-called “evidence” from practitioners in the name of “the media.” Videos produced by this person have been used by secret agents to transform practitioners (turning them against Dafa) and stir up trouble. Some practitioners have gone along with it based on human emotions, contributed to its negative effects, and used human notions to evaluate the challenges and conflicts that appear in Fa-rectification cultivation.

There have long been people who do things and measure things based on human emotions. All the chaos and negative occurrences are caused by such human emotions and ordinary people’s attachments that stem from them. At the critical moment before the impending elimination, do not stubbornly hold on to human emotions or ordinary people’s notions; Dafa disciples should not become those to be picked out for elimination by the old forces.

Righteous thoughts come from Dafa. Only by letting go of human emotions and human attachments can one develop pure righteous thoughts and evaluate problems based on the Fa. Only by solidly cultivating in Dafa and carrying out one’s mission to save people does one truly cherish oneself and cherish Dafa.

Minghui Editorial Board

Published September 5, 2023
Updated October 4, 2023