(Minghui.org) Due to Liang Hanguang’s health condition, Xie Miaolong will serve as the president of the Malaysian Falun Dafa Association starting today. Chen Zhigan will take on the role of vice president. Members of the Malaysian Falun Dafa Association include Liang Hanguang, Situ Lijuan, Zhang Yuemei, Zhuo Baoxuan, Chen Chunqin, Chen Chunlian, Zheng Zhiping, Cai Jiajie, and Guo Yanling. 

In addition, Master and the Falun Dafa Association do not acknowledge various organizations established by Xie Liguang and his symbols that do not belong to Dafa. As the Fa’s rectification of the human world will soon arrive, Falun Dafa disciples need to follow Master closely on the progress of Fa-rectification and make the best use of time to do the three things, cultivate ourselves well, and save people.

Falun Dafa Association
April 19, 2023

Any behavior that undermines the Fa is dangerous. Let go of human notions and cultivate based on the Fa. I hope everyone will cooperate with the local coordinators’ work.

Master Li Hongzhi
April 19, 2023

(Translation by English Minghui)