Master’s publication of “How You Should Regard and Act Toward Master’s Family Members” points out a type of chronic behavior among practitioners that severely deviates from the Fa.

Flattering Master’s family members and treating them the same way as Master directly interferes with Master’s family members’ cultivation, and the interference can even reach Master. We ask Dafa disciples to remind one another and rectify their actions in a timely manner.

At the same time, we should also avoid going to the other extreme. Dafa disciples should respect Master’s family members. This is not only basic human politeness but also a manifestation of a cultivator’s respect for Master. Owing to human attachments, some people had conflicts with Master’s family members on certain issues, and they took Master’s new article as an opportunity to vent their grievances. Actually, Master’s family members are in a difficult position, and Master has never given his family members special treatment in cultivation; Master’s goal is to have them progress toward consummation. So, we should not go to the other extreme and create unnecessary difficulties for Master. Master’s article is to guide everyone’s cultivation, and we should not approach the matter with human attachments.

Minghui Editorial BoardSeptember 15, 2023

Yes, some people need to pay attention! Put away those human attachments!

Master Li HongzhiSeptember 15, 2023

(Translation by English Minghui)