Treat Master’s Family Members Properly

Cultivation in Dafa is serious. When Master first came to the world, His only purpose was to save all beings from destruction. He came to the vicious world alone, without any relations or ties. He incarnated among humans, then divided himself into countless beings who spread out to every corner of the world and to every ethnicity. From kings to commoners, from deities in the Three Realms to positions in the netherworld, there’s nowhere He has not been. In this way, He has formed extensive kinship with beings in all realms, and thus, lifetime after lifetime, has formed relationships with countless parents, wives, children, and brothers and sisters in every world and every realm. On the one hand, this is to safeguard morality in the human world; on the other hand, it’s to develop sacred ties with all beings, which are then used when it comes time for the salvation of the human body. During the long, drawn-out history, most beings and the world’s people have established various kinds of predestined connections with Master; especially the world’s people—most have had a kinship with Master. Most Dafa disciples, in particular, have been immediate family to Master over many lifetimes, and this is also the main reason why they have a predestined affinity to become Dafa disciples.

At this time, the cosmos’s Fa-rectification has begun, and some people have come here to be Dafa disciples, some have come to be sentient beings to be saved, some have come to be relatives, friends, classmates, and colleagues, and of course there are some who have come to be a brother, sister, wife, or child. Other than Master, they are all cultivators in Dafa, and all have the mission of saving themselves and others as well as assisting Master to save all sentient beings.

Yet at the end of the end times, the human heart is not righteous, morality is low, people’s thoughts and conduct have deviated, and, in particular, the evil Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) damage to the human heart and morality is especially insidious. Saving people and cultivating in this chaotic world, it’s impossible for Dafa disciples to not be influenced by the current environment, and once they slack off in cultivation, they will use an ordinary person’s heart and an ordinary person’s notions to look at things, and this will be dangerous if it continues. This is why Master tells everyone to not slack off in cultivation.

What I would like to address now is the issue of how to treat Master’s family members of this lifetime—it has become a prominent issue that fully displays “human attachments.” Sometimes even Master’s words are ignored. Are you still my disciple if you don’t listen to me? Whether you treat Master’s family members favorably or badly both will affect their cultivation. Have you thought about that? Improper flattery, in particular, actually harms Master’s family members. There are also those who treat Master’s family members as they would Master, and there are others who give them money and other things. What’s your motivation? No Dafa projects can raise funds from practitioners. All Dafa projects, when they receive more than a thousand dollars under special circumstances, must seek permission and get approval before they can accept the money. For those who give money of their own volition, this is harming others and harming themselves. You are defaming Master’s family members and Master! In fact, some people want to gain something from Master’s family members, and some others want to seek shortcuts in cultivation—there are all kinds of ridiculous human attachments. Still others think that Master will give them special consideration after finding out about it—what do you take Master for? Actually, even if they accepted anything, they wouldn’t dare tell Master. And then there are those who give money but don’t get any benefits, so they feel upset, and some change their minds and start to cause trouble. These are all things the red demon behind the evil CCP wants to do!

The cosmos is undergoing destruction, and a being’s only chance to escape the destruction of the end times is to obtain Dafa. With something as big as the cosmos, how can you not take it extremely seriously? In the past, even the gods in the cosmos didn’t know the cosmos had Fa, and yet it is now provided to humans to practice cultivation. What a predestined affinity! What magnificent mercy! What kind of heart should you treat it with! From the moment Dafa began spreading, it has taken into consideration that the world’s people, including the gods, have committed countless sins throughout the long history of the cosmos, lifetime after lifetime—especially the world’s people. For beings like that to be saved, the only way is to disregard their past sins. What a blessing of salvation from Dafa this is! What enormous mercy! What a holy blessing! How many have considered this? Those who use human attachments and human notions to treat Dafa and Master—are their hearts worthy of this tremendous mission and divine grace?

In fact, to allow a multitude of beings to be saved, in the course of salvation, completely disregarding their past sins cannot be done entirely without limits. In the cosmos’s Fa-rectification, the hearts of the world’s people and the hearts of the various gods do matter. To practice cultivation in this unprecedented, chaotic world, one can have a process of understanding; there can be those who are diligent and those who are not diligent for a while, as well as those who can comprehend and those who don’t comprehend temporarily; after all, the wisdom of humans is limited. But as a member of today’s humankind, especially as a member of Dafa disciples, there are two things you absolutely cannot do: one is to deceive Master! And the second is to interfere with the salvation of sentient beings! Because this is the ultimate demarcation, determining whether a being stays or goes. Even just touching the line isn’t allowed!

Lastly, let me tell you that Master’s mercy is almost infinite, but the requirements for whether a being is saved or not, and the standards for Dafa disciples, are extremely strict!

Master Li Hongzhi
September 13, 2023

(Translation by Team Blue)